Friday, March 2, 2012

Say goodbye to that grumpy Hostess!

Gosh I feel like a new woman.
(Would that be something my husband might say?)

The skies were bright blue and there were puffy cotton white clouds as far as the eye could see.
The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, it was warmer and I felt a huge weight lifted off....
if only the scale would agree!

I bought flowers and went shopping and I didn't break the budget.
Exercising frugality has become a way of life.

Primulas are plentiful at this time of year
they are cheap and cheerful
"good for what ails you"

their sunny little faces remind me of pansies
the edges are delicate 
as if a water colour artist had painted them by hand...

the yellow variety have a scent
they are the only ones to have a fragrance

a trio for the front porch
can you see the sunshine in those wee flowers?
I can.

a rather nautical hooded top
with a blue tank underneath
(both pieces are from Joe and cost $22)
Joe Mimran of Pink Tartan designs this clothing line 
sold at Superstore 
the Weston family's retail giant.

a soft blush of pink
tank and sweater
both from Joe $26

I spent $5 on 5 primula plants
less than $50 for 4 pieces of clothing
I'd have to say I feel like a new woman!
So say goodbye to that Grumpy Hostess and Hello to Happy!

I wonder what Mr. HB will say when he reads my blog opening sentence!

I'll be celebrating my birthday this weekend and dining with friends.
What will you be doing?


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! Wishing you a year filled with lovely things.

    Isn't it amazing what little things can do? Love the striped hoodie--an amazing price.

  2. I'd say you've done very well! That little pink ensemble will see you through any dull March days as we wait for a little more sunshine. We'll be celebrating a birthday at Pondside too, on the weekend. As we raise a toast to the Birthday Girl, I'll tip my glass in your direction too.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! Will those flowers survive outside in Canada? Its snowy and cold here in MA. Love the bright yellow to bring some sunshine in the house on these last few dreary days of winter! Hope you have a great day and may all your b-day wishes come true!!!

  4. happy birthday leslie! have a wonderful weekend and yes those flowers make me smile too~

  5. Happy birthday, Leslie! I love the pink pieces -- such a pretty spring-like colour!

  6. Bright blooms and some cheery pink duds -- good preparation for a birthday weekend. Have a fabulous birthday!

  7. Perhaps your " grumpy " and less happy thoughts had something to do with your coming birthday.
    I know, that birthdays, meeting with friends is nice, but realizing that once again, you are one year older, might raise some sort of sadness or anxiety?

  8. Happy Birthday Hostess,amazing how a sunny day raises the spirits + a little retail therapy. Enjoy your special day have fun. Ida x

  9. Leslie, Happy Birthday! I'll be celebrating one too!

    1. Mine is on the 3rd, when is yours? Happy Birthday to you!

  10. Happy Birthday, Leslie!
    I agree on the primulas - can you imagine how I felt when we were living in Winnipeg and my DH visited Victoria and carefully brought me back a little pot of yellow primulas! True love - both for DH and the primulas.
    You know, I just might have to make a visit to Superstore today. Every piece of clothing does not have to be 'forever', does it?
    Peg - Up Island, where I think the snow from Mt. Washington is keeping our air cool!

    1. I have had good luck with Joe clothes. I usually buy their tops and tanks for boating season as they are bright and inexpensive so if they last just one season It's not a lot of money down the drain.

  11. Happy Birthday. There is nothing like a little shopping therapy to cheer one up. Love the Primroses they are one of my favorite flowers.

  12. Dear HB,
    Many happy and prosperous returns of the day.
    No infractions cited on your recent purchases so long as you're doing the Happy Dance to "Everybody Dance Now", C&C Music Factory.
    Party on,
    Sgt. Blk. Slashacrosstheeyes
    U.F.P., 5th Pct.

  13. Happy birthday!!
    I too love Joe Fresh. I must go there and check out that stunning blush
    top and matching sweater.Such beautiful flowers that adorn your very cozy home.

  14. Happy Birthday - it was my birthday this week too (the 29th), so we're out for dinner with new friends tonight and old friends tomorrow.

    Just love Joe Fresh. I was shopping today too - bought some pussy willows (not real unfortunately) at the dollar store to brighten up my planters. Still too cold here in SW Ontario to put anything real outside - snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

    Have a great birthday weekend.

  15. Happy Birthday and Happy Cheer Up!

  16. Your primulas and new clothes just scream spring days.

    I hope you have a very happy birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely weekend and that the sun shows its shining face again for us soon!

  18. The soft pink tank and sweater combo is pretty Hostess. You certainly have a knack for choosing quality garments.
    Happy Birthday and enjoy the celebrations!
    Last night Mr red roses and I dined out at a swish restaurant to celebrate a milestone. He has clocked up 35 yrs with his company. Where did those years go we wondered!

  19. Happy birthday! Enjoy your weekend :-)

  20. Happy birthday, Hostess! March is the best month for birthdays! Mine is on the 5th!

  21. A very Happy Birthday weekend to you Hostess. I buy primulas for inside my house this time of year and have a beautiful pottery bowl they sit in on my coffee table and then out to the garden they go. I bought four more yesterday and I also have a pretty one in my bathroom too. Your new clothes from Joe are very nice too . I love that store , I love the housewares in there. I hope you get treated very well this weekend and enjoy your birthday. Donna

  22. Great buys fashionwise and those pink primulas are so beatiful they look like they're made of porcelain ! Happy birthday !

    1. Welcome Christine I just now popped over to visit your new blog. Looks like you are having fun with it!

  23. Oh I love those little yellow guys on the front porch.

  24. What a lovely post! Those pretty primulas are a sure way to chase away the grumpies. I wish you a very happy Birthday and weekend. :)

  25. Happy Birthday Happy Hostess. Wow, those plants are beautiful and inexpensive. For some reason, plants are expensive here. Looks like you found some excellent clothing too!

  26. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. We just celebrated my youngest turning eight this weekend as well. I am so glad some sunshine came your way to celebrate too.

  27. I hope you had a lovely birthday looks like you are on the right track with these purchases. :) I also want to thank you for your very kinds comments this week on my posts, they were much appreciated...

    Jeanne xx

  28. Thank you all for stopping by and for all those cheery birthday wishes
    I really appreciate you being here.

  29. Happy birthday! Your primulas look beautiful everywhere, but those on your front porch...looks like spring is in the air. Love both your new wardrobe pieces too!

  30. I love, love, love primroses.....