Friday, January 24, 2020

Five things Friday

Five things Friday

Gorgeous wee daffodils that were a gift
they are especially cheerful on these rainy grey days.

Colour and flowers can make a big impact in elevating our flagging spirits.
I know I seek out bright pops of colour at this time of year.

Shopping the trends...
I went to the mall to check out the newest straight cut jeans.

I tried on several pairs but don't think they flatter my short frame.
Too heavy and make my legs look like tree trunks!

I much prefer the skinny silhouette which I find makes me look taller and slimmer. I hope that they will continue to be available as mine are all several years old and will need to be replaced at some point.

I don't usually follow the trends as I prefer a classic look 
with a touch of vintage
like this Coach bag 
which has many miles on it and some signs of wear
but it ticks all the boxes for me.

Quality, versatility, classic style and streamlined shape.

Did I mention that Vintage is a big fashion focus in Paris?

Eileen Fisher dark denim jeans
Timberland Tobacco coloured short boots

Large square silk hand rolled scarf
in a leopard pattern

Found at a local thrift shop for under $10
Love a bargain and it is in mint condition.

Citrine earrings made by my darling daughter they pair well with the scarf.
Eileen Fisher black vest.

This weekend we have several casual events planned...
I will make every effort to add a pop of colour and a touch of vintage to my basic outfit.

Do you LOVE vintage?
What is your best thrift shop find?

My best "score" 
 a pair of arts and crafts bookends 
copper with sterling silver inlay birds
I sold them so I could buy a strand of baroque pearls. 
 I literally ran across the street to a dealer who specialized in arts and crafts items 
(He purchased the bookends for $500.00)
then I skipped happily back across the street to snap up the pearls.

Hope that you have a fabulous weekend.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. What great finds! You have a very good eye. I've bought a lot of paintings from consignment stores. I've had some lucky finds. And I found a great modern piece on a curb in Rosedale 15 years ago on junk day. I brought it back to my house atop my daughter's stroller! It's from a decent artist. I have some vintage Vuitton and Chanel that I love. It's eco friendly and always feels like a treasure hunt!

    1. I had a similar experience on a junk day with a wicker loveseat! I had to put it on top of the pram and balance it all the way home!
      I'd love to see some of your art must be pretty savvy to find gems in the consignment shops...keep looking !

  2. Replies
    1. My daughter is the real thrifting queen...she's recenlty found a super soft leather Chanel bag and a beautiful Bulgari bag as well as hundreds of other fabulous finds.

  3. 2nd hand clothes and bags are expensive here in NZ but if you search online sometimes you come across some good stuff. I got a dress that retailed for $320 for $70 new with labels on.


  4. Those bookends were a jaw-dropping find! Love your outfit. And those little daffodils are so cheery this time of year. Thank you for continuing to post, as many blogs fall by the wayside these days.

    1. I was really fortunate to find those bookends! I have noticed many blogs are no longer active...I find it a creative hobby and I feel like people are reading it when they leave comments! :-))

  5. When I was in high school in the late 60's, I used to stop every day after school at the Salvation Army and St. Vincent DePaul as I walked home. In those days, no one knew about antiques, jewelry etc. I still have many of the treasures that I acquired during those stops.

    1. Treasure hunting is so much fun!! You've started your acquisitions at a young age so you must have honed your eye for gems a lot over these years!