Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Shopping agenda ~ a cozy top

It's cold and drafty here in this old heritage home.
The Humble Bungalow has single paned windows which let the cool air inside
so I wear several layers to keep warm. It's been snowing for a few days and we have had the furnace going full blast!

My go to outfit for home days is a tee shirt worn under a cashmere sweater, pants or jeans and warm wool socks.

For my walks I wear a puffy down coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.
I look like the Michelin man...but at least I am warm.

Inside the change room at Marshall's.

On my shopping agenda:
Black Yoga pants and a cozy top.

Great long sleeves with a thumb hole to keep the hands warm.

A wrap style on fleece with an asymmetrical hem detail.

You can see my Eddie Bauer Michelin man coat on the left 
and a small peek at my Petrusse scarf from My Stylish French Box on the right.

Fabulous fitting Yoga pants were found as well as the top
both made by the company 90 Degree.
I wore them today on my walk.

Doubling up on pearls...maybe a fashion faux pas...like The Canadian Tuxedo
aka double denim!

Speaking of My Stylish French Box
I use and love all the things that I have received over the years...
if you follow me on Instagram you will notice that I occassionally
 post pictures of what I use from the boxes.

The Petrusse scarf is one I wear throughout the cool weather...
it is made of soft wool which is warm and cozy on the neck.

The boxes are a real splurge and there is an element of surprise.

Speaking of surprises...

Sharon Santoni and her team are hiding a Golden Key in one of the boxes and if you find that key in your box you will receive a generous and luxurious gift 
from one of the partners that supply goods for the boxes.

If you want to learn more click the link here and see for yourself.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Love your top, it looks so cozy. And the pearls are very elegant, just the right touch and really compliment your hair color.

    1. Thank you Adrienne...We have a ton of snow here today! Schools and many businesses are closed and there is more snow on the way! It sure looks pretty out there but I am staying inside keeping warm and cozy.

  2. The top looks great with the jeans. I have a winter uniform too of tshirt with jeans, ankle boots and a long cardigan, and a puffy jacket for outside. We don't get too cold here, so it lasts me 3/4 of the year. I struggle more with summer clothes but usually stick to 3/4 jeans, a tshirt, sandals and a light cardi. Boring but easy to manage.

    1. Keeping our wardrobes simple makes it easy. Sounds like you have a signature look too.
      I have a lot of black garments that go together so with the addition of some accessories I can get dressed for most occasions.

  3. That looks like a cozy top and the wrap detail is nice. Stay warm!

    1. It's cold again here today and we had a lot of snow overnight...schools and some businesses are closed! I am staying indoors...made some veggie soup, banana bread and will sit later and read my book mabye even build a fire in the fireplace to stay cozy...we are not used to this type of weather and our city has few snow removal vehicles so it does make it difficult getting around...especially when the buses aren't running!

  4. That top looks cozy. Double pearls can be a signature look. I like your hair pulled back. You still look impish but more impish Nana.

    1. I see what you mean about me looking impish...double pearls are quite popular here...at the recent bridge luncheon fundraiser I saw numerous women wearing pearl earrings and necklaces. (as did I)

  5. Cozy tops are certainly needed these days! My what a lot of snow there is. I went for a walk earlier and was glad for a scarf and gloves. I like the asymmetrical lines in your new top.

    1. The weather is much milder today and the sun is shining which should help to melt the snow.
      The top has some interesting details...I think they add interest and maybe is a wee bit more dressy.

  6. I think double pearls look great. I never understood the double denim no-no - is this like you shouldn't wear jeans with a chambray shirt? But I love that look and always did! Finally, I love your hair pulled back - it's really becoming.

    1. Double denim was frowned upon by many in the fashion industry.
      I assume wearing a pair of jeans and a jean jacket might be like a "suit!" It has been considered the Canadian Tuxedo!!!
      I like keeping my hair out of my face especially when I work in the kitchen and garden...so I purchased some velvet scrunchies and the rest is history!

  7. Your hair looks great pulled back, very school girl/elegant. Also love the double pearls.
    Great cozy outfit too.

    1. Your MIL had double pearls on in a recent picture that you shared and they were so pretty...I like how they lit up her face she's so elegant.

  8. Pearls, the perfect dress up dress down jewelry, look wonderful on you. I would not have even thought "double pearls". I had to go back to your picture to understand that a combination of pearl earrings and necklace might be something someone would question. Currently reading about the Cartier family and much is said about pearls and their desirability through the years.

    1. Pearls are timeless...they go with everything from jeans to satin and silk.
      The book about the Cartier family must be an interesting read.
      Hope you have a great week!

  9. You are looking very lovely with those pearls. :-)


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