Tuesday, December 2, 2014

OOTD and a few tidbits...post # 1111

What can I say? I have been too busy to post on the blog.
Living life fully in the moment supersedes time spent sitting at the computer.

Here we are hamming it up in front of the camera...
we both bought the same T shirt at Aritzia in Mayfair Mall.

(on the Hostess)
Wilfred black tee
g21 skinny jeans
Timberland short boots

We stopped for a bite to eat at Pure Vanilla in Oak Bay to refuel on our Christmas shopping mission.

Skinny decaf latte for the Hostess

Lovely daughter has been helping me choose Christmas gifts for the family.
I love a second opinion and she has a great eye for fashion.

On December 1st
 I lit a Diptyque candle.
Nothing like a fragrant festive aroma to put me in a happy mood.

I've been trying to stay one step ahead of the house keeping as our cleaning gal is vacationing in the warmth of sunny Mexico and I really miss her help.
She takes such good care of the basic domestics allowing me time to polish the silverware, tidy up the drawers, cupboards, wash and iron the clothes and generally enjoy "fluffing" our space.

The weather has been freezing with a dusting of snow and the sidewalks have been icy.
Walking has taken a back seat and I have been focusing on indoor activities.

I like to have hostess gifts on hand so I made a batch of marmalade...

Seville oranges water and sugar.

I like looking at the fruits of my labour...
if you want to see my recipe for Scotch Orange Maramalade go here.

Chester has been spending too much time at the window watching/scaring the resident hummingbirds
while they drink at the feeder...
Mr. HB and I have tried to keep him from pestering them as they need to keep their strength up in this frigid weather.

I really enjoyed this book and thought that Betty was particularly honest about her shopping habits.
I loved reading about her life and am so impressed that she continues to work as a personal shopper at the ripe old age of 86!
(I give it 5 stars)

I might be the last person I know to read this book.
 Better late than never...
a well written book which is keeping me up late as I cannot put it down!

I'll be back soon to show you some of the highlights of the Gingerbread Houses on display at the Laurel Point Inn.

Hope you are getting into the festive spirit and not getting stressed...
remember to take it one day at a time and don't forget to breathe.



  1. Your kitty is gorgeous! And I can almost taste that delightful "Pure Vanilla" latte

  2. Love the photo of your daughter and you, so charming. The marmalade looks great.

  3. Hi there, hostess, looking good in your skinnies and black t and love the boots, a great look for young and a wee bit older, I love black can do it all the time, I never apologise for black.
    Thanks for the 2nd book review, will check it out...Happy Christmas and New Year, look forward to the next blog, Lyn

  4. You ARE a busy woman :) And with what significant activities! It's always interesting to hear/see what you're up to....You are looking great, too, by the way.

  5. What a cute picture! You look tiny. I just read a Tatiana de Rosnay book that I found in the casita. If you are in a "Paris state of mind", you will enjoy A Secret Kept and The House that I Loved by de Rosnay. The hummingbirds here are quite bold and will swoosh by my head as I sit reading. The Betty Halbreich book sounds interesting. I would love to shop for others.

    1. I plan to read Tatiana's other novels as her writing is so enjoyable...
      those hummingbirds are really fearless. The years that we visited Mr. HB's parents in their Rancho Mirage home we could be assured of many sightings and "near misses" as they had a bougainvillea bush with many red blooms on their patio.

  6. What a cute picture of you and your daughter! I may have to take a stab at making marmalade one of these days.

  7. You're not the last to read that book...I am. It's sitting on my shelf, lent to me by a friend who kind of insisted that I borrow it. Maybe I'll give it a try and the two suggested by Madame Là-Bas...since we are in a "Paris state of mind." We're going in the spring.... first trip there for moi!

    1. Susan if we are to be in Paris at the same time we could meet up!
      Perhaps you can email me and we can chat offline?

  8. You two are so cute together, your daughter and you! I'm stuck marking for another ten days, at least, so I'm feeling envious of your wonderful variety of busy-ness! Way to get in the spirit of the season. . .

  9. You and your daughter look like you're having so much fun!

  10. What a fun time you are having. The marmalade looks delicious. I enjoyed both of these books, you might want to follow Halbreich's book with the film: Breakfast at Bergdorfs...it was quite interesting. Tell Chester that he has to be good or Santa won't bring him anything!

    1. I am trying to find that film...I know it would be interesting.
      I will mention to Chester that Santa is watching...

  11. Oooh your marmelade glows like jewels! What a satisfying feeling.

  12. You and your daughter look like you're having a lot of fun! The marmalade looks amazing!

  13. You are looking good! A fun picture of you and your daughter. Enjoy "Sarah's Key"....I really enjoyed it. I hope you are having a grand week. Hugs!

  14. Home full time, grown children and you have a housekeeper so you can fluff and polish silver? LOL!

    1. It may sound extravagant anonymous but I assure you it is all Mr. HB's idea.

  15. Not only that, but a housekeeper who can afford to vacation in Mexico too (all the way from Vancouver Island)! Wow!

    1. I don't know where you got the idea that she could not afford a vacation...
      FYI she drives a gorgeous BMW convertible...

  16. You and your daughter look like you're having so much fun!! I love the idea of Marmalade for gifts. I also loved the Betty Halbreich book. She's an interesting gal!

  17. What a cute picture of you and your daughter!! So much fun.
    Marmalade is my favorite; I'll be checking out that recipe, thanks. And the book, too. Sarah's Key is very good; haunting, though.

  18. How silly to comment critically on hiring someone to help around the house. Sure, if you were posting on your blog asking for donations, there would be a problem. As someone who depends on people to pay for his service (makes me sound like a gigolo! Ha), it's wonderful that you support a community member's business. Leaves you time to enjoy your favorite bits of housekeeping. I'm sure there were many days when you did it all and then some. Glad your daughter can lend her eye!

  19. From Margie in Toronto - I've had my eye on that "I'll Drink to That" so thank you for the review - I'll definitely pick it up.
    Trying to take things just one day at a time and actually enjoy the whole holiday process. First big party tomorrow night with dinner out for 16 on the following night - but - everything is bought and wrapped and I only have a few cards to write - so doing well.