Sunday, December 14, 2014

Out with the old and in with the new...OOTD

I culled a few garments last week from our teeny tiny closet...
they were Tees that had pilled and were looking faded.
I hang most of my clothes to dry so pilling is not usually a problem but those Tees were quite cheap and I think they were worn so often and were layered with vests and sweaters perhaps that is why they were badly abraded.

I did not replace them as I have two long sleeved Tees still in the closet.
Instead I opted for one new top...and a scarf.

Lands' End tunic top in a black and white stripe.
I wore this to the Winter Harp Concert with black leggings and Mee Too ballet flats.

Lands' End did a great job matching the stripes when sewing this top.

I snapped this picture from the car when driving home from the concert...
(I was in the passenger seat)
the legislative buildings in Victoria are lit up for Christmas.

This patterned scarf folded in half ~ black, grey and creamy beige shades.
The fabric has a felted texture and was purchased from the Oak Bay Avenue Pharmasave.
It has no tag to say what the fabric content is or who or where it was made...

As it mixes and matches with almost everything in my closet it is going to get a LOT of wear...
it may even come with me to Paris.

I spy with my little eye something that is silver...

I found a carry on that meets the strict requirements of Air France...
an early Xmas gift to myself 
purchased at 60% off regular price AND I used my senior's discount!

It's good that it expands,
just in case I buy some things in Paris and need to check it on the flight home!

Mimi Thorisson author of the blog Manger has a cookbook out and it is full of fabulous French Country recipes.
This would make a great gift for the foodie on your Christmas list.
I have been drooling over her seasonal menus and cannot stop staring at the beautiful, sensual and sumptuous photographs in this book...
 artfully captured by her talented husband Oddur.

I whipped up a couple of loaves of fruit bread
read most of  "The House I Loved"...

I caught up on some much needed sleep...

Darling grand daughter Isla has been ill and my mind has not been able to completely turn off worrying about her.
She is on the mend thanks to antibiotics and I am looking forward to my "Grammy Day" this coming week.
I hope that Henry doesn't come down with the bug.

I was surprised when I recently got a thank you from Hermes in the mail.

I must admit that I am very impressed...
"Good Manners are Always in Fashion."

Must close for now 
as I need to get dinner organized.

Thank you for your comments and book suggestions...

until next time...
Be Well.


  1. I am really loving lands end. I ordered a striped cashmere sweater and a scarf a month ago. Love them both. Finding the right bag for travel can be tricky...I hope you get a lot of mileage out of your new suitcase. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Some retailers still know how to do business. The top is wonderful and the concert looked perfect for this season (my mother plays the harp and it's such a pretty instrument.)

  3. Great top and that scarf will go with so many things! So glad your granddaughter is doing better. Antibiotics are what separates us from our pioneer ancestors!

  4. That's a nice striped top, and I really love the scarf! You'll be so happy to have good really does make a difference.

  5. Hoping for a continued recovery for little Isla. And the top is perfect.

  6. When I was studying in Paris, I did a class presentation on Baron Haussmann and how his projects changed Paris. T de Rosnay's novel certainly depicted the upheaval of the time. The construction of Grands Boulevards (shopping streets for the emerging bourgeoisie) displaced thousands of residents. The Paris that we love came at a price. That scarf is a great addition. We have a Pharmasave near us and I am always amazed at the inventory. I hope your little ones are well for Christmas. It's such a fun time for them.

  7. I know you are relieved that little Isla is feeling better.

  8. Matching the stripes is a wonderful sign of a quality garment!! I haven't checked Lands End since we lived back east, where is was sooo cold. Must pop over for a look.
    I never found anything so chic at the Pharmasave!! EVER. I bow to your shopping excellence. I couldn't agree with you more that manners never go out of style. What a lovely card to receive. Wishing little Isla a speedy recovery.

  9. Lovely bits and pieces of news in this post. I hope your granddaughter will soon be up and about. It's a wonderful time to drive through the downtown, isn't it? All the lights are so pretty.

  10. Love the look of your new suitcase but I can't understand the fascination of carry on luggage! Living in Australia when we travel to the northern hemisphere we always go for about six tp eight weeks to make it worth while. I always travel light but always check my luggage . How do you get all toiletries and electronic equipment chargers etc all in one small bag plus of course clothing! Why not check your bag? I take a small bag on the plane that holds my ipad, noise cancelling headset( the best thing for long haul flight), small wash bag ,pashmina and a few other personal items. I feel that I'm not taking up all the overhead lockers and don't have that heavy weight to try and throw into the locker. My husband and I had two amazing weeks in paris earlier this year . It was beautiful. Then we had six more weeks in Spain ,up to Norway and then two weeks driving around the UK. Fantastic. All done on about 18 kilos of luggage. Enjoy your trip. Ann

  11. TravelPro make such good cases -- my daughter has one that was a work-leaving gift at least 15 years ago, and it's held up beautifully.

  12. Love the look of the fruit bread. Could you please post the recipe. I'd love to make some for Christmas--no pressure at all.

  13. I think it was Nordstrom who led the way with those thank-you notes. In the '90s, many stores picked up the habit but with staffing cut to the bone, or worse, the stores closed, they are rarely sent.

  14. I hope your grandchildren are in tip top shape for the holidays!

    I think the Hermes staff must take calligraphy, or handwriting lessons; as I have so many 'hand written' cards from corporate events, that look indistinguisable from yours. Crazy. lol.