Friday, December 12, 2014

Storms, rum balls, an OOTD...nothing special.

We have had stormy weather for several days and there has been a deluge of rain which has resulted in flooding in some areas up island. People have been evacuated from their homes and businesses.
It must be horrible to have to leave one's home and belongings and seek refuge in a shelter.

There have been a few patches of sunshine and a brief respite from the rain,
but as I type there is a gale force wind blowing outside and the cats are nervous and huddled together.

I managed to sneak in a 5K walk.

Kelp and driftwood and debris blown ashore...

Ribbons of kelp that look like skeins of wool litter the beach.

Quite pretty actually...when you get up close and really study the mix of colours and textures.

Almost sunset...

Clover Point 

It's a beautiful sky tonight.

There has been a lot of activity in The Humble Bungalow Kitchen.
My linen apron has been my trusted companion for the past several days...
(and will be for many days to come)

Mom's rum balls are a Christmas tradition.

Easy to make and very tasty...
I've shared them before but they are worth repeating.

Rum Balls

In a food processor grind a 312 g. box of vanilla wafers (3 cups)
Place in a large bowl.
In processor grind 1 cup pecans and add to the wafer crumbs in bowl.
Add 1 cup sifted icing sugar, 1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder,
 3 tablespoons Caro syrup and 1/2 cup of rum.
Mix well and roll into balls using your hands or a small scoop.
Roll in icing sugar or cocoa powder.
Place in covered containers and store in a cool spot.

These make a great Hostess gift!

Sherman vintage rhinestone pin, 
a gift from lovely daughter...
thank you darling!

dinner out in the evening.

Simple LBD 
it's my favourite by Elie Tahari
Sherman pin
fishnet hose in black
Calvin Kelin kitten heels
diamond studs

Fresh sole on a bed of mashed potatoes garnished with spinach served with a butter leek sauce...
So delicious...
I ate half and brought the rest home.

Beets, kale and goat cheese on the side.

Zambri's serves up some pretty amazing entrees...

I will close for now...
Tatiana De Rosnay's book Sarah's Key was so enjoyable that I reserved 3 of her other books at the library.
 They all came in on the same day so I have a lot of reading to do.
 I am off now to read my book.

What are you reading right now?


  1. You look simply elegant in your black dress and brooch. And the dinner looks yummy...I'm a fan of beets and goat cheese.

    1. Thank you Pseu...
      I read and enjoy your fashion posts everyday but don't always comment.
      You are a very devoted bloggess!

  2. Love the combo of fish and mashed potatoes, not a common thing in Los Angeles to see on a menu. I'm reading "All the Light You Cannot See" right now, and enjoying it. Love your brooch.

  3. We are finally getting some rain down here too...and it is wonderful! Unfortunately it does cause some flooding in the mountain areas but precautions have been taken.

    Right now I am reading a biography of the Empress Josephine, I just finished one on Chanel, both fascinating women.

  4. Such a lovely slice of life. It's been pouring here, and freeways are flooded. So we're sitting tight, and feeling happy for the earth.

    1. Flooded freeways must bring traffic to a standstill...I remember a road trip to Palm Springs and on the day we left there were torrential rains so we thought we'd go through the Mohave desert...BIG mistake...we got caught in flash floods and had to drive fast to stay one step ahead of the storm!

  5. I copied your recipe, can't wait to try them. I haven't been to Zambri's in quite a while but your dinner looked so good. I think we need to go.
    I just finished reading Jodi Picoult's new book and really enjoyed it. I love your book recommendations. I am going to try some of Tatiana's other books as well

    1. The House That I Loved by Tatiana is wonderful...I am reading it now.

  6. Gorgeous pics and I can almost smell that kelp and crave your mother's rum balls. Is that beach within 5K walking distance Hostess...that is one thing I desperately miss is...nothing like the smell of salt air and the ocean lapping at the shore...even a Great Lake can't come close.

    1. GSL,
      The beach is about a 5 minute walk from The Humble it makes sense that we take advantage of the salt air and the lovely scenery.
      Mother's rum balls are so easy to make...perhaps you'd like to try your hand at making them?

  7. Beautiful brooch that looks so well with your black. The rum balls sound scrumptious and easy to make. I'm all about easy these days.
    Haven't had much time to read, but I have The Rosie Effect (sequel to The Rosie Project) on my table and I'm eager to get to it.
    Isn't it nice that the sun is out? So very welcome after the wind and rain.

    1. I read The Rosie Effect last month and have passed it on to friends who have read The Rosie is quite amazing how the author can replicate Asperger's so realistically...both books were fun reading.

  8. What a lovely area you call home. I love where I live, but it's not very walkable. And nothing beats an Oceanside stroll. I've never made rum balls. One of my friends makes them and I do always make lots of jokes about them. My humor can easily be brought down to a ten year old's level.
    I'm sampling a bit of the soup I made for tonight. My brother is finishing his semester as we speak (or as I type), so my family's usual Friday night dinner has a little more pomp than usual. I'm making turkey club sandwiches and a cheddar potato soup. I used to love club sandwiches but not since I learned about nitrates (or nitrites?) in processed deli meat. So tonight I'm doing an ultimate sandwich with slices of turkey breast I'm roasting, bread I made, and homemade mayo. I think they'll be very good! I also made a salad (no chance my brother will touch that) and he requested a "heavily frosted grocery store cake" for dessert. Less work for me! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Oh your sandwiches sound delicious!
      There is something so satisfying creating good food in the kitchen...
      sounds like your brother has a sweet tooth!

  9. Your pictures are lovely! It is such a pretty area. I make rum balls this time of year as well...they are so good! Have a wonderful weekend. Bonnie

  10. Love that brooch, and I envy your walk along the beach.

    We had rough weather here in Oregon, too. These are the times that we know we live on the edge of the continent!

  11. I make bourbon balls and the recipe is similar but you start with crushed chocolate wafers and roll them in the crushed pecans. The smell when you open the cookie tin is extraordinary! I'm sure your rum balls have the same impact :)

    We are having a warm spell in Winnipeg and it is it +1 right now!

  12. The last book I read was The Searchers ( It is a real page turner--and encompasses both history and popular culture. It is a thoroughly researched account of the kidnapping of Cynthia Ann Parker by Comanches in Texas in the 1800s. The latter part of the book is a fascinating account of the movie "The Searchers" starring John Wayne. This book is not fluff. It is a riveting historical account and one of the scariest books I've ever read.

    1. Can you imagine how rugged Texas would have been in the 1800's?
      I am sure it would have been dangerous to say the least...I avoid scary books, as I have a vivid imagination and my sleep can easily be disrupted if I read this kind of novel before bed!

  13. Looks like a lovely walk Hostess, although we imagine it is quite cool outside. I am reading Leaving Time, by Jodi Picoult and have a big pile waiting for me at the library for over the Christmas holidays.

    julie Q

    1. I have never read any of Jodi's books...I must add her to my list of author's to read.

  14. That was some storm, wasn't it? Here we had a ton of the plastic baubles blown of the wrong-place-katsura and distributed all over the garden...and the neighbour's. You look lovely in your lbd and Sherman pin. I also love to collect sparkly, vintage jewellery and wear it here and there. Thanks for the hint on the book. I'll look it up on goodreads. Right now I've stumbled on a little, nondescript book called "The call of the farm, an unexpected year of getting dirty, home cooking, and finding myself" by food writer Rochelle Bilow. Only just started it, but enjoying it. :D

    1. Food writers have a way with words...I must check this title and see if the local library stocks it. I am trying not to buy books right now as the Paris trip fund has not been topped up yet!

  15. Your dinner looks delicious! Just about every restaurant meal can be split in two as they are always so large. I am reading a book called The Tortilla Curtain about illegal immigrants to the US. It's not a pleasant read but my reserve on Louise Penny's newest book is available at the library. I am looking forward to it.Your brooch is so lovely. I have a vintage piece from my mother-in-law but the clasp is loose. I should repair it. The package arrived (merci) and I shall enjoy afternoon tea with my book. Bon week-end!

    1. I am reading Louise Penny's books in order and have a few to read before I catch up...taking my time though as she is such a fabulous writer.
      A jeweler could fix the clasp...I'd love to see your brooch.

  16. From Margie in Toronto - it snowed for two days straight and then today the temp went up to 5C so of course now it's all a slushy mess! I am on a serious diet (and will be for a few months) but one of the things I'm looking forward to is a new LBD - your's looks so smart and I love your brooch - just the right amount of glitter.
    I am reading "Paris at the End of the World" about Paris during WWI - it's a social history more than battles and dates interwoven with the authors search for his grandfather's personal history in France as a soldier from Australia. Paris was certainly unique!

  17. There is nothing as simple as wearing a LBD...I'd suggest that you look for a second hand one to wear over the holidays before you shed the weight that you want to lose...I relied on thrift and second hand shops to keep up my spirits on the weight loss weight loss took almost a year.
    Good luck.