Sunday, December 7, 2014

Folly and the Wisdom of Women

Wisdom's folly...

"The unexamined life is not worth living." 
~ Plato ~

Folly definition as it appears online on  Merriam-Webster's dictionary...

fol·ly noun \ˈfä-lē\
: the lack of good sense or judgment

: a foolish act or idea : foolish behavior

: a very unusual or fancy building that was built in a garden for decoration or amusement in the past

On my 10K walk along the seafront today thoughts bubbled up....
and I am still digesting them.

(The firm's annual staff party and what I wore to a penthouse suite overlooking the inner harbour)

Banana Rebublic tweed dress
Susan Bristol black sweater jacket
black fish net hose
Calvin Klein kitten heel pumps
gumball pearl necklace

My choice is rather pedestrian, nothing out of the ordinary...

Reminiscent of what Emma Thompson wore to her husband's staff party in "Love Actually"
(one of my favourite holiday films)
I am dressed for comfort
not looking for attention
with greying hair
laugh lined eyes
progressive glasses
a slacking jaw
a sense of humour
life experiences
a humble life
a wonderful husband
many blessings
good friends

I am happy to be mingling with the guests 
sipping wine and sampling the hors' d oeuvres...

I feel comfortable in my own skin...
the French have a saying for that...
~ "Bien dans sa peau: being comfortable in your own skin" ~

I might have waited almost 60 years to feel this way.

It is a wonderful feeling
and I feel immense gratitude.

I am reminded of a lovely woman that I worked with for 17 years who lived her life honestly 
she has had a huge influence on how I view life.
( I have never told her and I really must!)

She is an older woman who dresses to please herself
reads voraciously
attends many art and cultural events in town,
is on the pulse of what is "happening about town"
keeps fit by walking
spends time with her family and grandchildren
gives of herself to the community
tends her garden
is enthusiastic about life
is fully present in her daily round
loves tea
(owns many beautiful china teacups and saucers)
has struggled with her health and never complains
she is dignified
is calm and centered
and she meditates every day.

I think if we pay close attention to women of this calibre that we will be able to pass on some of this wisdom to the young women who are following in our footsteps...

I'm looking and listening to the wise women in my midst...
I hope to keep learning.

"A wise woman wishes to be no one's enemy; a wise woman refuses to be anyone's victim."

~ Maya Angelou ~


  1. I'm happy in my own skin I've stopped thinking negative thoughts about myself. Probably in the last 5-6 years. When I think back to when I was younger always wishing I looked prettier and thinner I think what a waste wishing and hoping those things didn't work and what a waste of energy. I always tell the young women I know love yourself and make the best of what you've got.

    Kind Regards

  2. Great post. Lovely words about that friend of yours.
    A smile and a great sense of humour are the most important things you can take to any event AND I think your outfit is far from pedestrian. I'd call it classy..

    I really enjoy your blog (this is my first comment) and read it from the other end of the earth - in Australia where it's extremely hot at the moment and we are all counting the days until we can finish work and dash to the beach for Christmas.

  3. So lovely - your outfit, your writing, and especially your thoughts. I see you as wise indeed...

  4. I have been reading your blog for awhile, this is the first time I have commented. Lovely post and speaks to how I would like to age (with class).


  5. The woman/role model you describe sounds very much like yourself! ;-)

    1. Just what I was thinking! I haven't considered the wisdom of women, per se, in a very long time. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Oh, I think you are describing yourself for sure! You are the only woman I know that this description fits to a T!.

    I went to a firm party last night dressed very much like you were dressed--also not looking for attention. I wore a simple black knit dress with a scarf/shawl that was black and ecru with silvery threads for a tiny bit of sparkle. Yes, I was in kitten heels.

  7. Ageing with wisdom and self-acceptance is an fine goal. You are always an inspiration to me and I was showing your blog to visiting relative who is afraid of growing older. I really like your outfit and will be wearing something similar during the holiday season.

  8. Thank you for such a wise post. My heart says yes to all you have actually, is all around! I wrote a post with that title a few weeks ago and then removed it. One of my favorites too. So I love your choice of clothing for the party. I do not even attend my husbands Christmas work parties any more. I reached the point in my life a few years back that I realized I do not have to go, it is okay to say no, and he is completely fine with my decision. They caused me a lot of unnecessary stress. There are very few women in my life to look at and learn from but I do read and learn wisdom from women I admire that way.

  9. Finding a wise woman as an unofficial mentor is a great way to look into the future. I've had a few in my lifetime. As others have written, you might have been describing yourself!

    Have a wonderful Monday, L. I hear the wind is going to be picking up today so I hope to get out for a walk earlier rather than later.

  10. Such an inspiring post! Your outfit is understated and classy. I am going to make note of the qualities you ascribe to your friend as a code to live by. Lovely, and timely at this time of year. Thank you, Hostess. Violet.

  11. I had the good fortune of growing up around several wise women. I'm a big Emma Thompson fan and really liked 'Love Actually'.

  12. I think about these things often. It is so important to provide wisdom and be a role model for those following. Growing gracefully is a true gift to others, thank-you for the lovely post.

  13. Wonderful words of wisdom. Thank you.

  14. Very profound thinking and I am willing to bet this will serve you well. I agree, there is nothing better than ""feeling comfortable in your own skin." So many, want to please others and in so doing "please nobody."

    I also practice guided meditation and find this extremely beneficial. Being whole. Being centered. Accepting things just as they are, because they are already here. Trying not to be judgemental. Total mind and body relaxation is wonderful.

  15. You are who you are. It's amazing that it takes until middle age to,realize this.

  16. A really lovely post.
    thank you. Linda C.

  17. I love this post. It's so true, that need to have older women to gather wisdom from, and the need to pass that wisdom along to the next generation. And there's nothing more freeing than being comfortable in your own skin.

    Love Actually is one of my very favourite movies. :-)

  18. This is a wonderful and wise post. I am not quite there, actually. I am still fussing about the lines around my neck and my sagging jaw line, trying to get used to the signs of aging. I'd love to be like the woman you describe; I hope I am on my way. Thank you for an inspiring post.

  19. A wonderful, wise and inspiring post. You remind me of the woman you are describing:)

  20. Nicely said. My Czech grandmother used that expression often, and also the opposite; as in: not feeling good in my own skin. So many lovely saying for expression in Czech which can't be easily translated into English. Thank goodness I taught my children Czech so we can all understand one another. I just bought the Country Living mag. It's my absolute favourite. I get a bit spoiled living in Oxfordshire and having the great mags right at my doorstep and then having to wait a month to get them here. Tell you what; the raspberry and white chocolate meringue recipe in this issue is wonderful. I'm going to miss Christmas in England this year, but it's a Vancouver year.