Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...and the giveaway goes to...

My sister and I took Mom to see the "Festival of Trees" at the Empress and we were most definitely impressed.
I thought you might like to see the pretty trees...

The lobby of the Empress with a grand tree...very "Empressive!"

Love the white lights on the tree outside the hotel.

The Crystal ballroom.

I've never considered decorating a tree with shoes...

a little window shopping...

I think this coat is sumptuous.

Cashmere makes a great gift for those on your Christmas list...
socks, a scarf or perhaps a sweater.

Oodles of luxurious gifts...
and speaking of gifts it's time to draw for the giveaway.

I chose our Finel modernist bowl which is made in Finland.

Wrote out the names of those who entered the draw...

All the names went into the bowl and after a good mix up of the entires 
I pulled out this one.

Congratulations to Madame La-Bas, the author of the blog New Year New Dreams.
Please email me your mailing address at

Hope you are all keeping cozy and warm...
we awoke to a dusting of snow
which is so pretty
but cold and icy.
Winter coats, cashmere socks, down vests, lined boots, gloves and wooly scarves are required 
when we venture out for a walk and we need to tread carefully as the ice is very slippery.

I'll be back soon.



  1. Ahhh...the Empress Hotel--such a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing the photos. And, I think it's very cute how you wrote out each name and showed them to us. We are feel like a part of your blog now.

    1. above should read: We are feeling like a part of your blog now!

  2. I really hope to get back to visit the Empress Hotel someday. Your pictures make me think it needs to be in December! Lovely pictures, and I especially enjoyed the sea-themed ornaments. Congratulations to Madame Là-Bas!

  3. I always do my annual lobby tour in early December of the old grand hotels with their Christmas Décor. This one was quite lovely and that coat is sumptuous.

  4. Congratulations to your winner! I love that coat, too; would feel quite glamorous wearing it. I wish wish wish I could wear cashmere, but just too itchy for me.
    Beautiful trees; I do like the shoes.

  5. A walk through the Empress is a holiday tradition we've developed in the past couple of years. Such gorgeous trees. Congratulations to Madame La-Bas!

  6. The trees are beautiful...I think my favorite is the first. I love the tulle laying on the floor underneath. It looks magical. I hope you are planning something wonderful this week.

  7. How wonderful this must be. I love Victoria and all of the Pacific NW but have never been there at Christmas time. The hotel must be glorious. Thank you for sharing. xx's

  8. I haven't been to the Empress in years....I can only imagine how beautiful Victoria is at Christmas time.



  9. How lovely and festive! Definitely putting me in the holiday mood.