Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Same Old Same Old...

My energy is a little low, partly due to some recent sleep disruptions,
which I hope is not going to become a pattern,
plus I have been busy shopping and baking.

I was so grateful that my walking partner was free to walk our 10K route this morning.
I needed to get outdoors and really "wake up" and jump start my day.
The weather was chilly but we bundled up in our Lands" End down puffer coats, gloves and scarves and struck up our usual conversation and time passed quickly. We stopped at The Breakwater Cafe for a jolt of java...before walking back home. I was hungry by the time I got home and so I heated up the dinner leftovers and brewed a pot of tea before sitting down to check my email and read up on the blogs that I follow.
It seems that everyone is busy these days,
many are writing that they are too busy to write new posts and others are too busy to keep up with their blog reading...and so it goes...

I totally understand...
there are only so many hours in a day and one must be careful not to overdo it.

Let's give ourselves a gift shall we?


We have the right to say no to things that demand or zap too much of our energy, things that we do not enjoy, and things which put us teetering precariously on the verge or the thin edge of the wedge...
sounds like good advice,
perhaps I'll take it,
will you?

Time to sit quietly at the computer and type what comes...

I like wearing a light spritz of perfume...
my winter scent is Mitsouko by Guerlain.
It is a heavier fragrance that feels like it is made for colder weather.
I am very fond of scented candles in the chilly weather...
I like the glow that they cast inside our Humble Bungalow and the scent is so sensual.

I wore a vintage beaded sweater to my French class this week.
I like to wear it with jeans and a simple tank top...
because it has so much going on I keep accessories to a minimum.
Classes are over until the New Year.
I gave Madame a jar of my homemade marmalade and some chocolate bark.
She oohed and said "Merci beaucoup j'adore confiture et chocolat!"

I found a modernist designed silver ladle at the consignment shop Good Things on Oak Bay Avenue.

It will look beautiful in our vintage punch bowl.
There is a stamp with three crowns on the back...it is an American maker.
Three Crowns Silversmiths from Pennsylvania.

I like the simple lines of this piece...

The Amaryllis has started blooming and more flowers are on the way.

One of the cats has nibbled the flower...

I welcomed the opportunity to sit for a bit and type up a post this afternoon.

It's a luxury not having to push myself when my energy wanes...which it does on occasion.
Recognizing when I am fatigued and accepting it without fighting the urge to press on has taken some time to come to terms with...
It surprises me that I can still discover something new about myself.

~ ~ ~

Clara, a reader, asked for the recipe for the fruit loaves that I made so she that she could make some for Christmas.
This is a super simple loaf to make.

It is lovely to have on hand as it keeps well if you wrap it in cling film and then a tight layer of foil.
I like to cut a few slices to serve with a cup of tea...
you might even like to spread a wee bit of salted butter on it!

~ Humble Bungalow Hostess Tea Loaf ~

All ingredients need to be at room temperature.
Sift into a large bowl:

2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup white sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt

Melt and cool 2 tablespoons butter

Beat until light 1 egg then add in 1 cup milk and beat again.
Add the melted butter to the mixture.

Beat liquid ingredients into the dry mixture.
Add in 1 cup dried fruit.
 (raisins, currants or crystallized ginger)

I used a combination of dried cranberries, dried cherries and dried blueberries.

Place in a greased loaf pan and bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
Test with toothpick to make sure it is cooked before removing from oven. 
Cool on a rack before removing from pan.

I doubled the recipe and made two loaves.

Hope you like it Clara.

Mr. HB and I recently watched a delightful film.
"The 100 Foot Journey" starring Helen Mirren and it was filmed in France.
I highly recommend it.

I'm feeling sleepy so I am going to close for now...
I am going to read my book and climb under the duvet.

Be Happy and Stay Cozy!


  1. Lovely post. So cozy and inspirational. Thank you for sharing this sweetness and gentle reminder to slow down and savor the small moments of joy in our lives.

  2. I am trying to learn to take better care of myself Leslie. I've always had a problem saying no to people. I'm still not good at it but better. I love this calming post. Thank you!

  3. You always find such beautiful things.

  4. I truly need to learn to take your advice. I just keep pressing on...so many depending on it, or so I think. Enjoy your evening.

  5. What a lovely post. Your photos are beautiful.

  6. We also watched "The 100 Foot Journey" this past weekend, on our son's 8 foot projection screen. Of course, it made me think of you!! Wasn't she cute? So French :)

  7. Your beaded cardigan is lovely and that silver ladel, what a beautiful find.

    When I scrolled down to your amarylis I recoginzed those marks immediately - my cats like to sample the flowers too!

    1. Aren't they naughty? But we love them just the same...

  8. The 100 Foot Journey is on our list to watch during the next week or two. It's good to take time for self-care - a walk, a cup of tea, a nap, or reading a book. Lovely post, Hostess.

  9. Honestly Hostess, first you tell me that your energy is low and then you inform me that you've just been on a 10k walk!! I could wish! Everything on your post looks so elegant, what a lovely cardi, and the white watch strap so nice with it. Such style!

  10. "things which put us teetering precariously on the verge or the thin edge of the wedge..." - loved this quote from you! Such a perfect description. That sweater looks lovely on you. Thank you for the movie recommendation, I have not heard of that movie but will look for it.

  11. Oh Mitsouko ... such a lush scent!!!

  12. Holiday Cheers Hostess!

    I have tried to post several time in the past weeks, and had my posts vanish into the atmosphere whenI hit 'publish.' This time of year is always a whirlwind, and I've been so excited. I'm about to become a "Grandee" (my official grandmother's handle- her mother is officially Grandma ) to my youngest stepdaughter's expected baby.
    I never imagined I would feel this excited. I'm doing more preparation for this baby, than I did for my own. lol.

    Now I will catch up on your previous posts!

    1. Congratulations! I hope you will get lots of grandee time! It is a wonderful experience...

  13. Mrs HB as we move towards the end of 2014 and we go off on holidays I want to say thank you for your lovely blog entries, I have enjoyed sharing in your journey...have a wonderful Christmas and as we soon enter 2015 may yours be full to overflowing.

  14. It is good to take the time to be still and to listen to our bodies. I had a lovely cup of tea and a homemade scone with an old friend yesterday. I really enjoyed The 100 Foot Journey. I saw it twice. I should find a hardy walking partner so that I can do more 10 km walks. When I am at home I miss the walking. Will you be taking your French classes in the New Year? The teacher sounds as though she is wonderful! Each year that I visit Paris, I meet my former teacher for a glass of wine. I feel that I have learned much more from her than just the French language. I wish you peace and calm throughout the busy season. I am compiling a list of special places in Paris and will send it to you in the New Year.

    1. I will be taking more French classes in January and continue until I leave and will keep up with them when I return from Paris as I am enjoying them so much! I will look forward to your email, thank you so very much...wish you were coming to Paris so we could meet up for a cafe creme...or a glass of bubbly!

  15. Love the beaded sweater, beautiful. And I forgot about amaryllis bulbs this year! duh . . . they are so gorgeous. Going to French class with homemade confiture et chocolat sounds so chic.

  16. Love your beautiful beaded sweater and white amaryllis. Thanks so much for the recipe. I'm making it tomorrow. I'll let you know how it works out. I'm more of a cook than a baker, I'm afraid, but I'm very hopeful.