Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Cheer...

Christmas is a few days away...
We are busy here in The Humble Bungalow, decorating, baking, wrapping and delivering gifts.
 I love the buzz and energy that is out and about in the community...

This couple were suitably attired in their green finery.

Love the pops of red with the greens.

Mother Nature has a lovely hand when it comes to colouring our world... 

I found these cute seasonal pop outs at Finn and Izzy on Oak Bay Avenue.
Isla and I assembled them last week on "Grammy Day."
Grammy Days are about the best gift I could ever wish for...
spending time with the grandchildren is such a precious time and I love it!
My heart swells in gratitude...

This little snowman is perched atop of this wee green tree and it sits on the table in their kitchen.

Mr. HB hung the Christmas Wreath in the dining room...
it is one of my favourite Christmas decorations.
His Mother had it made by a woman that she knew many years ago.
It is made with glass baubles, pine cones, ribbons and assorted vintage rhinestone brooches...
It's my kind of family "heirloom."

I took a break from baking and wrapping and toddled off to the thrift shop...
I find browsing the aisles for bargains is so much fun.
These two cheery red birds grabbed my attention and although the mugs were grimey beyond belief I took a chance and bought them. 
They cleaned up perfectly with a little soap and a massage with baking soda...
lovely daughter has them now.

These Dansk and Rostfrei teak modernist cheese boards with built in cheese knives...
practically leapt into the cart!

I plan to keep the Dansk IHQ board (on the bottom of the photo)
and will possibly sell the other one in our case at Vanity Fair Antique Mall.

New tea caddy by an English company, Hornsea.
I keep my teas in these to keep them fresh.

I found a vintage silk scarf that is huge!

I've not heard of this company before and there is not much information on the internet about it...
it is in mint condition and was only a couple of dollars.
  I wore it out today with a white Tee, jeans and my Barbour vest when we went out and bought our traditional  teeny tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree...
Our annual Xmas tree decorating and pizza party are planned for tomorrow.

I'll be back with some photo after we have done the tree.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting...
I hope that you are happy and taking good care not to get too tired at this time of year...
we are only human after all so let's leave (delegate) some things to Santa!


  1. Yes that couple is fabulous, well done neighbors. But I'm over the moon for those cheese boards!

    That was quite a find,

    Where do you live again? Might have to come and visit.

    xo J

    1. We live in Victoria BC on Vancouver's a friendly city so please do come for a visit and let me know when you might be here so I can meet up with you!

  2. Where did you manage to find the Hornsea tea caddy? I have a coffee set that I bought years ago from the Hornsea pottery store when I visited it in England (fabulous place that I must get back to on a visit). You don't see Hornsea very much over here in BC. Lyn

    1. The Hornsea tea caddy was at a local shop called Super Chance...I have seen quite a bit of Hornsea for sale lately. Victoria has a lot of English expats so that might explain it turning up frequently.

  3. It looks pretty festive there! You really scored some great finds at the thrift shop. Love that scarf!

  4. What a unique Christmas display with the "Green" couple! Love that tea caddy, and the pop-out Christmas decorations look like they were fun to create. Wendy

  5. Love the little cut outs..and yes, Grammy days are the best gift ever!!

  6. hmmm, I've tried twice and both comments got eaten. . . loved the post, though!

    1. I am glad that you perservered and sorry to hear that there's been a happens to me too.

  7. That couple are a work of art, some folk are so so talented.

    1. The clerk mentioned that they dress the woman in floral impatiens or pansies come the spring... artsy creativity not unlike The Chelsea Flower Show.

  8. You have the best thrift stores in Victoria!! Great finds, especially that cheese board.

  9. I love that wreath - just splendid. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  10. It sounds like you had a perfect week. I am looking forward to my first Christmas as a grandmother. Merry Christmas! Bonnie

  11. You found such great things...the scarf is lovely. The couple is adorable, so cute and festive. Enjoy your tree decorating party!

  12. My comment was eaten also! I wanted to say Merry Christmas to you Leslie and to all your family. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for sharing your preparations.

    1. Sorry to hear that there is so much gobbling going on...Gobble Gobble Google Style.

  13. I love the tree people - how fun! You got some wonderful finds in the thrift shop, Leslie!

  14. Love those pop outs! The wreath from your MIL is really stunning, a piece to cherish, as it seems that you do. You found some great things at the thrift store.

    I see another Lorrie commented - it's an uncommon spelling and I had to check to make sure I hadn't commented and then forgotten about it! Glad to see that it was someone else and not me. Whew!
    Merry Christmas!
    (fabricpaperthread Lorrie)

  15. That couple is fabulous. How clever! I couldn't agree more about Grammy time being the best gift! Grandchildren are such a blessing and joy! I love your wreath. Simply gorgeous! I haven't heard of that scarf brand either, but quite a score for you. Merry Christmas!!