Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ross Bay Cemetery...

We live quite close to historic Ross Bay Cemetery.
It's a lovely spot for a walk...
if you ever get to visit our city I would suggest that you put a leisurely stroll in Ross Bay
on your "things to do in Victoria list."

Heritage trees, mausoleums, monuments and graves dot the landscape.

Walking in silence in a place of great beauty and peace gives one a sense of serenity.

I felt like I was alone...
but not for long.

A deer was grazing nearby

A carpet of leaves crunch beneath my feet.

someone has lost Sophie the giraffe...

It's mossy in this place...
which is situated just below Fairfield's Moss Rocks.

I was captivated by the gnarly wood on this tree trunk.

I think that's yellow lichen growing on the bark.

A film crew were at work

I was curious what they might be filming but didn't get too close.
The cool ocean air was chilling me to the bone so I cut my walk short taking note that next time I venture out I'll need to wear gloves and a scarf.

If you'd like more information on Ross Bay Cemetery you can check out this link.

Thank you for popping by...
I really appreciate your comments and emails.


  1. That looks just as a cemetery should look, calm, tranquil and peaceful.
    How lucky you were to catch a photo of that sweet little deer and somebody must now be very sad about losing Sophie the giraffe.
    I wonder how old that tree is?
    I will take a look at the website, it looks such a charming place.

  2. What a beautiful place and what a peaceful setting for eternal rest. So lovely.

  3. You are a wonderful photographer. This seems like a good time of year to walk in a cemetery - there can be a sadness to November.

  4. That's a wonderful place to walk. Coat with collar turned up, gloves and a hat are surely needed on these chilly days, especially by the water there. I wonder what was being filmed?