Sunday, November 2, 2014

Shopping in Vancouver...

Mr. HB had a conference in Vancouver last week and asked me if I would like to tag along...
I said 'Yes!"
He said "Will you be able to amuse yourself while I am at the Conference Centre?"
Smiling broadly...I say "Absolutely!"

We boarded the BC Ferry and enjoyed a relaxing scenic cruise under sunny skies.

I met up with my friend Cheryl Fortier, the talented artist who lives part time in False Creek on a boat with her husband John and part time in Auvilar France.

We met up for coffee at Cafe Artigiano (tea for the Hostess) and caught up on the news from France.
Thankfully Cheryl is over the worst of the jet lag.

We shopped along Robson before enjoying a delicious and healthy lunch at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

I spied a Lamborghini in my favourite colour.

an environmentally friendly Tesla which I would love to own...

West Elm on South Granville had some great merchandise...
this cheery red Smeg fridge and toaster are gorgeous.

A trip to South Granville would not be complete without a browse in Eileen Fisher or Anthropologie...
I loved the clothes in EF especially the soft black leather jacket which retails for $1200.00
(approximately the cost of a return flight to Paris!)

How cute are these?

Boboli had some high end clobber...
(Faux Fuchsia would love their sequins and sparkly frocks)

The weather was rainy but it did not dampen our spirits.
Mr. HB and I met up for dinners and walks with our friends over the course of the weekend.
 I did get into some mischief...

She reminds me a little of Dame Edna...
this image is the "speak no evil" in one of the three elevators in the hotel.

A wee bit embarrassing...
"conspicuous consumption."

Mr. HB and my sister both needed their scents...
I am always happy to oblige.

I needed a new case for my new IPhone.
  Holt Renfrew had a Kate Spade case with my name on it.

I couldn't decide between these two candles so Mr. HB said buy them both...

Jamie Cat Callan mentioned that I might want to pack an expandable bag for the return trip from Paris next spring.
Being a rookie at international travel I am happy to get expert advice so I found this travel bag La Pliage by Longchamp that is light but strong and expands to a large sturdy tote.
It comes in many shades but Mr. HB and I agreed that I should opt for it is my go to colour for bags!

I love this bag from the Vancouver Art Gallery
it fits into a small pouch...
an eco friendly light weight shopping tote. 

Sephora on Robson opened and they were giving away umbrellas with a $25 purchase...
we needed one and I love Fresh Sugar lippy and our lovely DIL introduced me to Caudalie Divine Oil and I have never looked back!

That's it for book is calling my name...

I'll be back....
Hope you've had a fun weekend.


  1. Sounds like a fun time! Your purchases don't look exorbitant at all, rather they seem to be good choices for your life.

    1. I agree but that Eileen Fisher leather jacket was so incredibly soft and lovely!
      Do you have one?

  2. Sounds and looks as if you had a lovely weekend. Was especially envious of the visit to Vij's (I read about that on your FB page) -- haven't been there in far too long! And I'm wondering now how long the new Sephora will be giving away those umbrellas -- I'm heading over next weekend. . . ;-) BTW, you look wonderful -- you've obviously not only kept the weight off but you've built tone into your overall look, and vitality as well!

    1. Oh I think I will need to do another post...Vij's was over the top! We had such fun and the food was amazing.
      I don't know how long the Sephora umbrella offer is was packed on Saturday and it was pouring rain so a great incentive for many wet shoppers!
      I try to walk to balance any indulgences...and Vij's lamb popsicles were worth many kilometres! Thank you mater and I really want to meet up with you might be May in Paris or can we arrange something sooner?

    2. My schedule frees up mid-April -- plus my son and his wife are moving back to Victoria, and they're expecting a baby in February, so I'm guessing we'll be down your way pretty regularly! A meet-up would be fun.

    3. Great news...your family is growing so fast!
      I look forward to meeting up with you either in Paris or on our island.

  3. What a great time you had in Vancouver! Such a fun place to shop. Your purchases will do you well in the long run.

  4. You will fit right in in Paris with the Pliage. I've always wanted one myself. We'll be in Paris in June--for the whole month.

    1. How wonderful that you will have an entire month in Paris...the weather should be warm and sunny by then.

  5. You look terrific! I love Vancouver, and the shopping is great.
    You will never regret buying that Longchamps bag. I never leave home without it.

    1. The shopping is rather fine in Vancouver...all conveniently located so close to our hotel!
      The Longchamp bag is quite light but feels very sturdy...I think it is a good choice for a personal carry on as my handbag and extras will fit right inside.

  6. The Longchamps is a perfect travel bag. And I agree about the Tesla!

    1. The Tesla is a bit pricey but I would feel less guilt using electricity than fossil fuel...

  7. I really like the Art Gallery bag!

    1. Thank you It's a great little tote that fits inside a purse or a pocket...they are available in a myriad of colours and patterns too.

  8. Longchamp is a great choice. It will become your new best friend!

  9. I am SO jealous!!!
    I absolutely LOVE the Pacific NW and have spent many wonderful times in Victoria at the Butchart Gardens and on that ferry. I would move there if I could, seriously. Great post, and it looks like you guys had a great time. BTW, I have those double-sided PEARL STUD EARRINGS on my website: and they are all excellent quality for a really good price. xx's

    1. Hi Marsha,
      We are very fortunate to live in such a pretty place...despite the grey rainy days our weather perks up for spring and summer making it a great spot to have a garden.

      I am going to check out your website...I do love pearls!

  10. I really like your shopping outfit. The scarf looks great on you.

    1. It's a soft cashmere Pashmina which is really warm...great for a damp or chilly day.
      I saw Etro scarves at Holt Renfrew and noticed how intricate the weaves and patterns were...they look cozy too.

  11. Hostess you are looking great. I'm trying to walk as much as I can I do so enjoy it .I've decided to walk to shop if I haven't got a lot to get. Good for me and the environment. Loving retirement.

    1. Thank you...I did gain a few pounds on our trip despite all the walking! Will be upping my pace and counting my points this week!
      I like to walk to the market for a few groceries during the week too...we have the time now :-)
      Happy to hear that you are enjoying retirement!

  12. Agree with LPC - your shopping outfit is great, love the scarf and the brown (as opposed to the expected black) cross body bag.

  13. The brown cross body bag is from the Roots Tribe line...I love a hands free bag for shopping and I think I will use a cross body for travel too as it makes sense to have one's hands free to pull a carry on...when I return from Paris I'll be able to put the Longchamp tote over the handle of my suitcase which will also be convenient.

  14. What a marvelous shopping trip. I like your husband's solution for indecision over the choice in candles!! Vancouver is such a fun city, and do beautiful. You look fabulous. I love your scarf!
    That's a terrific tote you chose for your trip to Paris. I've had it on my wish list for years!!

  15. Again what lovely pictures, oh the sea, or is it a lake? The sea is my passion!
    You bought some good loot, I was sure when I saw the Hermes bag that you had bought a scarf!

  16. Love the Rosie Project ! Love your posts, your photos are amazing. My daughter spent some time in Vancouver last year ( we live in Australia) . We were charmed by her stories and photos on her return and now we all want to visit . Are you just a short trip away from the city?

  17. What a fun shopping day! Lovely purchases.