Monday, November 24, 2014

Wardobe oxygen ~ Orange you glad you tuned in?

Let's just get one thing straight...I love black, grey and white.
I have considered that there may be some "merit" to inviting a wee bit of colour into my closet.

A bright bold and vibrant shade...
Orange Crush,
my current fave
that may have been influenced by Hermes boxes

or perhaps my need for Vitamin C.

Fasten your seat belts...

Cashmere cardigan
from Lands' End

Ribbed sleeve detail
a longer length which is cozy with skinny jeans.

Getting "friendly" with the fridge!

The cardigan might be just what I need to grab on a cold rainy day.

I can think of pairings with my classic Lanvin scarf...

or with some beautiful roses!

or a lily

I will be wearing this cashmere cardigan to French class...

I forgot that this Coach scarf had orange in the pattern
it was a lovely Xmas gift from my son and his wife many years ago.

 If you could only see how chic my French instructor is you'd understand why I am studying not only the language but her Parisian style.

She wears simple understated clothing...
tosses a scarf on in a way that one might think she just "threw it on"
wears a minimum of jewelry...
(a wedding band and beautiful pearl or hoop earrings)
she wears flats...and not just the iconic ballerinas...loafers too
her trench coat looks vintage as does her Max Mara wool coat...
she is not reed thin, she has womanly curves
she's a brunette in the style of much younger Catherine Deneuve.

I am most impressed by her haircut...
it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina when she returns from Paris...
it looks like she didn't do a thing other than wash it
but I am sure that cannot be true.

She exudes Parisian Chic...
I am learning a lot in French Class...
much more than I signed up for!

She tells me that our trips to Paris will overlap for a few days and that we should meet up for coffee!

A bientot.

Don't forget about the Humble Bungalow giveaway...
details are in the previous post.

Bonne Chance!


  1. It really IS a very striking/vibrant color...You are lucky to be able to wear it well. I'd sure love to see a photo of your instructor. She sounds sensational.

  2. it may be true about doing nothing to her hair. I noticed that the Sephora shops in Paris have only a tiny section of hair products, where in the US there are shelves upon shelves. I myself do nothing to my hair--and it doesn't look that good. In France, the messy hair looks great. I'm sure it's a question of attitude...or something.

  3. Bravo for your foray into orange! I was really in love with all shades of orange, coral and rust but have stepped back a bit since I went grey. Isn't that insouciant look wonderful? I have found that freedom from hairdressers and styling product a great thing and my hair is much healthier for it. I picked up the Under the Wide and Starry Sky in Fort Lauderdale airport yesterday and I am enjoying it. It sounds as though you are having a French experience rather than just language lessons.

  4. My favourite colour is orange along with green. I must admit I love colour either wearing it or living with it. I do keep my basics neutral but love a coloured handbag or top just something to add zing.

  5. I recently received a lovely blue and white striped cashmere sweater from Lands End. They are hitting the mark this season. Your cardigan looks fabulous on you.

  6. I've really taken a shine to orange too Hostess...especially more of a tangerine shade. Can't wait to hear how your Paris trip went .

  7. Wonderful sweater, and that color will be so cheerful through the winter months.

  8. Oh, orange you gorgeous in this citrus colour!

  9. Orange is just so darn cheery and good to hear you are getting good value in your lessons!

  10. I think orange is a great complement to that citron green you also favor. They are similar colors - although not to be worn together in great quantities:). So glad you are enjoying your French classes so much.

  11. je suis la petite française qui vous lit de temps en temps st j'aime beaucoup votre enthousiasme envers mon beau pays....
    je viens d'une petite ville nommée SAUMUR une ville avec beaucoup d'histoire derriere elle...

    I thought I would give you a few phrases to help further your studies!!!

    Bonne chance...

    Annie v.

  12. Oh wow I love that color on you and with the Coach scarf fantastique!

  13. Love the orange, gorgeous color.

  14. So happy to see you adding color to your beautiful self :) Excellent choice.

  15. How wonderful, I hope you can meet her! What a delicious colour.

  16. Your orange pieces are great. Recently I bought a scarf with a large orange dragon print. Love it. I agree, black and white are my favorites too. Lately, dark navey has been added. The skirt, pants or jumper in a base color then add the punch of color always works well. Your French teacher sounds quite fashion aware. The French sense of style is generally very classic and under stated, but always lovely. Your trip to France should be fabulous.

  17. You had me at Hermes orange. Just looking at those boxes makes me happy! XO, Jill

  18. I don't think I own one orange item, except an Hermes scarf box! It looks terrific on you. Your French teacher sounds oh so chic!! Good luck with your lessons.

  19. That orange cardy with the Coach scarf looks wonderful! So wonderful you are learning French language and style both, but I'm sure you had some to start with. Orange and I don't go together, except I do love orange roses (and Hermes boxes).

  20. I have a Hermes scarf in their orange that was a gift from my daughter. It works very well with navy or charcoal grey which is just as well as I wear mostly black and navy. It really dresses up jeans and a t-shirt. I love the citron green that you sometimes wear - so flattering. I would suggest replacing the clutch with something in a chic new colour as a good accessory lasts forever and can brighten up any outfit. And accessory shopping is always fun. Amusez bien !

  21. I can't say that I like the colour orange, the colours you have chosen though, are lovely,more vibrant coral I would say, than vivid orange.
    I was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting not to like things, just goes to show....never assume!

  22. Think that's going to look fab on you!
    I love the Hermes orange but it does not suit me, so we have done a similar colour in the mudroom.
    For an orange to wear I can only do a creamsicle shade or a pinky one....

  23. hi....I love Hermes orange. Can I ask a silly question ? what comes in the very small boxes you have ? I assume the square ones held scarves ? What is the grey(?) H on the boxes ? P.S I hope one day to buy something well as get the box! Thanks Carolyn

  24. Hi Carolyn,
    It is not a silly question, those little grey Hermes H embossed pieces are actually a rock like carrier for put a few drops of your perfume on them and they absorb the scent and then you can pop them in a lingerie drawer! They were in a package of Hermes perfume and I think they are a great novelty item. The square boxes indeed hold the scarves...hope you enjoy dreaming about your future Hermes shopping splurge.