Sunday, November 9, 2014

Slowing down ~ Weekend Style

Today we awoke to a beautiful cool crisp autumn day.
Mr. HB is outside repairing a defective door sill which has allowed rain to seep in onto our kitchen floor.

It's a day to cocoon and keep I am making soup.
Easy Peasy Salmon Chowder to be exact.

Salmon Chowder

Saute several strips of cubed bacon until crisp.
Add in diced onions, celery and carrots and cook until soft.
Add about 2 cups of water and a large peeled diced potato.
2 cups of leftover salmon ~ you can substitute 2 cans of sockeye salmon
Simmer until potato is soft and add in a bottle of V8 juice.
(You can use a tin of tomato paste instead if you prefer.)
Season with pepper and about a tablespoon of dill weed.
 Simmer on low for about 45 minutes and serve.

I use low sodium V8...
(the maid needs to clean that ring off the silver tray)

"The Maid" has been busy elsewhere in The Humble Bungalow...

I've been de-cluttering and reorganizing the bench seats in the dining room...
these seats have a habit to be a catch all and it was time for me to get on with the job.

I took everything out, vacuumed inside and then went to Target, "the Red Store" as Isla likes to call it, and purchased some bins.

Not very glamorous but they do the trick.

Life is ticking along here, nothing out of the ordinary...

I'm feeling content as I watch Mr. HB work his magic
 wearing a cozy wool sweater while the door is off it's hinges.

Mr. HB  will have worked up an appetite for lunch.

I've got a mug of hot tea and a copy of my favourite magazine...
I'm planning on a quiet afternoon.

How about you?
What's new in your neck of the woods?

There are new fall plants in the planter boxes that line the sidewalks.

 Love this frothy frilly plant

I hope you find some beautiful moments in your day.


  1. That is my favourite magazine as well. I snuggled down with the December issue this afternoon. A chilly day here in the North of England though back to wet and windy tomorrow. Looking forward to a weekend in Scotland at the end of the week. I have leek soup ready in the fridge for tomorrow. I'll add a squeeze of lemon juice to perk it up.

    Loving the tour of the bungalow. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I would love to be reading my Country Living in the UK! Your leek soup sounds delicious...
      the Bungalow Tour was completely Mr. HB's idea and it turns out to be extremely popular...he is very clever.

  2. A perfectly cozy way to spend your day!!! I love making soup on cool days. Your words draw such a pear, beautiful image. I love it. Enjoy your day!
    I'll be coming up to Vancouver in February and hope to get over to the Island. More notice this time and I really hope we can get together. xo

  3. Beautiful here in NH too! A lovely Sunday walk, a little pizza and a little wine for lunch, an afternoon spent finishing up tasks that need to be done before The Winter arrives. I also have been enjoying your bungalow restoration pictures. Have a happy week.

    1. Your afternoon sounds perfect...winter must be coming soon. Our prairies have had a snow fall already.

  4. I'm bookmarking this for your salmon chowder recipe. Must give that a try; it looks delicious!

  5. I like your curtains! Looks like a William Morris print. Maybe?

    1. A Sanderson fabric and yes very much in the William Morris style...of course!

  6. I've never made salmon chowder. I will have to try it! It DOES look delicious.

  7. We woke up to snow this morning,winter has arrived in Wisconsin.Your recipe for
    salmom chowder sounds perfect for Sunday supper.

    1. I'd love to visit Wisconsin...we have friends who have family there and it sounds delightul.

  8. I also love the fabric and was wondering if it is a William Morris. Just beautiful.

    1. It is a Sanderson print, I am confident that it is a William Morris design/pattern.
      It was a major investment/splurge at the time but well worth the cost as I made the drapes myself with the generous guidance/help from a friend, who is also a heritage expert/writer in win!

  9. The fabric in your dining area is fabulous. Such wonderful colors and design, epitome of Arts and Crafts. Beautiful!

  10. Thank you Adrienne!
    I think we were fortunate to have found a great fabric to enhance the room...

  11. Love your blog, just found it. Make cabbage soup with turkey sweet Italian sausage in it. And spent half the day helping my brother put cables on my roof to help with the ice damming this winter here in Michigan.

  12. Still summer in the Bay Area:(. Some day, we hope for cool weather....

  13. Just found this blog--love your humor, and I do love a bungalow, so this will be a great stop for me!

  14. Hostess, Your home always looks so cozy and pretty. Love your drapes and cushion fabric! Hope you enjoyed your tea and soup. It's getting cool here and I'm loving doing the same especially when new magazines come too! x Kim