Monday, September 1, 2014

MIssing in Action...

Hope you have enjoyed a great week...

Mr. HB and I took a wee bit of time off to gunk hole in the Gulf Islands aboard our Sea Ray.
The weather was stupendous, the food delicious, the pools warm and the books divine.
I bet you never even noticed my lack of posts I was totally offline...MIA.

Gowland Point Beach a 30 minute walk from Poet's Cove at Bedwell Harbour, on Pender Island.

Our summertime custom, 
which quickly became a habit was to sip a cocktail, nibble some food and play crib.

Do you know what this is?

We got in a few long walks to "help negate" happy hour cocktails and the appies that we munched with gay abandon.
I gained 5 pounds even with the swimming and walking so will be back and vigilant on the WW points system and pounding the pavement when I can see above the pile of laundry in the basement!

It's a car stop...with no transit on the island and one taxi this is how the non walkers get around.
No need to hitch hike just stand and wait for the next car to stop.

Darling daughter and I did this a couple of years ago and were picked up by the most eccentric woman I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with...
oh and her very shaggy wet and drooling doggies shared the back seat with us!

There were a few wildlife sightings at dusk.

Some seaweed encounters...

A fascinating read which BTW is the third book I have read in 10 days!

I wish that I had invented Zip Loc bags...
they are a galley slave's best friend.

Our salmon is marinating in garlic, diced ginger, green onions, soy sauce and a pinch of sugar.
I usually use maple syrup but had none on board so I had to be creative.

"One Pot Wonders" 
are the name of the game on board with one burner.
We are fortunate enough to have a microwave and a BBQ.
 I try to keep the meals simple.

My pedicure is still intact but many of the crystals have fallen off my flip flops...
(too many salty beach walks)
 I will be replacing these before next summer.

We celebrated Henry's first birthday this afternoon and he is the most adorable blond boy in the entire universe...
I am feeling very mellow despite the fact that I am dealing with a mountain of laundry.

But you all know how much I LOVE doing laundry!

and dishes...using pure linens.

Will be back in jiff...
thanks for stopping by.


  1. Welcome back! It looks like you grabbed the best of the end-of-summer and had a lovely time. Hasn't it been a beautiful August? I am back to counting points after partaking of some 'caloric gay abandon' over the past month. I'll wave if I see you pounding the pavement as I power walk by!

  2. The five pounds will fade away very fast . . . the memories will be worth it!

  3. I can't believe that little guy is one already!

  4. So glad you had some relaxing time! I love boat's been too long since I've really enjoyed spending time on the water.

  5. What an idyllic week you had! And yes, I noticed that you were MIA!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Time does fly. I am going to marinate my salmon like that.

  7. I am glad to hear you had a wonderful time. And I'm only just starting to come around from my England trip, so am wholly forgiving of blogger breaks!

  8. What a wonderful trip! Reading three books and gaining 5 pounds just tells how great it was! I too, was away but I have not had the courage to get back on the scale. I put off WW for another day!

  9. Marvelous relaxed trip! Flip flops are disposable, memories are not.

  10. Hasn't it been the most beautiful summer? Your time on the water looks so relaxing - and delicious!
    We're currently in Canmore where it's 9 degrees and the drizzle in town is showing up as snow not very far up the mountains. Planning to hike tomorrow, so we'll see.

  11. Glad you reminded me of "The Fishing Fleet." I put it on my to-read list some time ago. Book reviews from the Brit news, such as the Financial Times, are always good sources for new books, but then one has to wait for it to arrive on our shores. Your wonderful little "cruise" sounds like ideal reading time. :-)