Sunday, September 7, 2014

Picnic memories...a tonic on a stormy Tuesday in September.

When I awoke on Tuesday morning I was so hoping for a sunny day so that I could get out in the garden and tackle the weeds and mow the lawn...the garden has gotten away from me in the time while we were away.
It was chilly and there was torrential rain...and the not so usual thunder and lightning!
A day to cocoon for some perhaps,
but I have decided to get busy inside and do some tidying and cleaning before, fingers crossed, a 10K walk.

When I feel a bit unsettled or disappointed I need to be active and be attending to some job or task that requires concentration. Distraction is a great mood changer.

On a cold stormy day like Tuesday after months of hot weather I was drawn to thoughts of sunshine...
those lazy days of summer, walking, pottering in the garden, summertime picnics...

Willows Beach has lovely white sandy shore and a long Esplanade to walk along.
The picnic tables in the park are a perfect spot to enjoy an al fresco dinner.
Tea is transported in several stainless steel thermoses and the food in simple plastic containers and zip loc bags.

Mother, my sister and I had several dinner picnics over the course of the season and Mother was especially keen. Our Father never cared for dining outdoors or eating off a TV table, he liked to be seated comfortably at the dining table with a proper place setting with linens so Mother deferred to his wishes...

Mom always respected Father's preferences and put her own on the back burner.
I think many women did in those days.
(you have to pick your battles)

I often wonder how different things might have been if she had insisted that they compromise on things.
Perhaps they would have parted their ways...who knows?

My sister and I were allowed to dine on Swanson TV dinners on the nights when Mom and Dad went out!
(we loved sitting in front of the TV eating)
Mom often packed us up wee hampers of sandwiches and juice so that we could toddle off to the local park and sit at a table and have a picnic of our own...
such an adventure and excitement for two sisters on their own a block away from home!
(Mom could go upstairs and look out the window and see us if she so desired!)
 When Mother took us to the lake to swim while Father was at work we always enjoyed a picnic lunch on our towels amid the sun and sand...
(I recall gritty sandy sandwiches on occasion!)
she would remind us, like all the Mothers would, 
that we needed to wait an hour before going back in the lake to swim.
That hour was the longest hour EVER.

Nothing in my picnic set matches...
I actually prefer to use a variety of patterns and pieces.
Call it whimsy or bad taste, whatever it is, I subscribe to it.

Cheap and cheerful silver plated flatware.

Lately I've been digging deep into the cupboards and storage areas of our basement
I've been busy stocking our shelf at Vanity Fair Antique Mall...

Darling daughter and I are selling some of our modernist pieces.

Modernist Teak, Jewelry, Danish and Finnish Glass, a variety of bits and bobs await.

The Robert Larin Cubist Smash brutalist bracelet in it's original box was the first item to sell...
perhaps the matching necklace will be next!

Guy Vidal a Canadian modernist jewelery designer crafted this pewter double shadow box pendant.

It's a statement piece that would look fabulous on a simple black dress or top.

The Tennesmed modernist pewter "alien" pin is for sale in the case.
 I am keeping the baroque pearl and ebony one as I love it so very much.
If you visit Victoria and like antiques and collectibles, Vanity Fair is the largest Mall in town and is situated on Fort Street near Cook and they open at 10:00.

My messy make up tin has been wiped out and organized.
I do love order.

I keep my make up hidden from view.

I plan to slough on this polish...

then I'll wrap myself up in my cozy robe..

after a sugary scrub and a hot shower...

I've even shampooed my brushes...

It turned out to be a very productive day.
The post arrived while we were away...and in it was a parcel!

Jennifer L. Scott author of Lessons from Madame Chic and blogger at The Daily Connoisseur has sent me her advanced reading copy of her newest book and I am so honoured to be able to read it and tell you all about it in an upcoming post.

Thank you Jennifer.
What a lovely surprise!
 Now it's time to put the kettle on for a delicious cup of tea and get my nose in a new book!

Thank you for stopping by our Humble Bungalow.

Be Well and Be Kind.


  1. Hello Leslie,

    The weather can be so annoying and rarely fits one's gardening plans. The trouble is, when the day is really glorious, one does not always want to spend it gardening. Your picnics sound far more preferable!

    We love eating outside. When one has delicious food and something chilled in a glass, whether one has matching knives and forks does not matter a jot. And, if it can all take place by the sea, then that is truly perfect.

    What an enterprising pair you and your daughter are. You look to have a wonderfully eclectic collection of things for sale, the perfect way to make some room in the house and earn a little money too. Recycling at its best since one can then put the money to a favourite cause! Perhaps your Paris trip?

  2. Jane and Lance,
    The profits are destined to pad the Paris account.
    If we thought that we could sip some wine or bubbly we might be tempted to take some along on our picnics but here it is illegal to consume alcohol in parks and public places...and we are rule respecting citizens. In our backyard and on our porch that is another matter...

  3. It is interesting how Maman would have always deferred to my dad about mealtimes and preferences. I do wonder! It seems that having those "givens" and roles made life easier. I was on a cleaning spree after reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and I really require active tasks to keep my spirits up. You will appreciate your extra money in Paris and feel happy to have "lightened your load" of excess belongings. It looks like we will have a sunny week coming up so there can be more picnics. Bonne chance with your table sales!

  4. What a busy day and you are so right, when you cannot go outside, it's best to keep busy inside; otherwise for me, it's TV, a piece of cake and lots of self-loathing afterwards ! I have been thinking of selling a bit of stuff as well but cannot resolve myself to it although there are pieces I never wear. I admire your sense of enterprise !

  5. This was a delightful post Leslie! Like you, I enjoy Jennifer Scott's book(s) and her blog. I have preordered the new book and look forward to October 7th. This last spring, my mother in law had to spend some time in rehab in Dallas due to an auto accident. I took her several books to read--and the only one she felt like reading was Jennifer's book! It was light, informative, and fun. Nothing better when you are not feeling your best.

    Good luck on your sales at the antique mall. I know you are having fun divesting yourself of former treasures.

  6. Oh, I love popping into Vanity Fair! I've seen the alien pin, I think. That bracelet and necklace are gorgeous.

  7. That stormy Tuesday made it more tolerable for my students and I to be back inside after our glorious summer...seems you made very good use of the indoor time as well... Many lovely images to enjoy here, thanks!

  8. The stormy weather here translated to snow at higher elevations in the Rockies where we were hiking. Just a taste of things to come. I haven't been down to Vanity Fair for years - methinks it might be time for another visit.
    Summer picnics are lovely at the time and lovely to remember when the autumn rains begin. But isn't this current weather gorgeous?

  9. I'm anxious to here how you like her newest book!
    I love your picnic basket!! I have vowed to copy it's contents lock, stock and barrel :)
    You bring back such memories...I remember as a child thinking Swanson dinners were such a treat!! My how tastes and things change.
    Your day looks perfectly cozy and lovely Thanks for the reminder, I need to wash my makeup brushes out too! Enjoy your week.

  10. Storms here in Melbourne Australia tonight too, When I arrived home from work there was hail piled up like snow all around. Quite a lot of it too. Lots of trees down and some power outages but not in my abode thank goodness. Off to bed to the sound of rain on the roof. Tonkath

  11. How fun, to read an advance copy of your friends book! I'm going to check this author's blog out; her books look very interesting.

  12. I'll have to take a walk along Fort Street to Vanity Fair when the dust settles on the move. Packing up all my collections has made me think that a booth in such a place might be a very good idea!
    It sounds like the stormy day worked in your favour - very productive!