Thursday, September 25, 2014

Antidote to stress ~ I'm going to Paris!

Do you ever have a day that just about sends you over the edge?
How do you react?
Do you melt down and cry?
Do you scream?
Do you get raging mad?

I think...

I just need to go with the flow and remember to be flexible...
there's no point getting my knickers in a twist.

Everyone has those days when there is some unravelling...

when one feels a wee bit droopy from the weight...
you can still put on a pretty face and put yourself out there for all to see....

So here's what happened that gave me a run for my money...

the car broke down on the way to an appointment 
in the middle of a busy street and would not restart despite several tries...a cab was called
(I ran out in the street NY style, waved my hands and yelled cabbie)

Dealing with misinformation, miscommunication, and incompetence with various health care agencies = frustration

"Code Red" in the imaging area of the hospital where we were in a room with other people waiting for an X-ray with not enough seats for all the clients which meant standing room for a few folks
 = noisy alarms, agitated clientele and wondering why the staff were so relaxed and complacent?

Code Red means there is a FIRE!...
the doors were sealed off, the elevators stopped, the alarms were ringing loudly and constantly until the fire was extinguished before we could leave...
why would we not be evacuated?
(I guess we would lose our place in the queue!)

the bundt cake I was baking at 6 am when I could not sleep overflowed it's pan in the oven and made a huge mess

the 3 litre can of olive oil spilled on the counter and ran down the front of the cupboards onto the floor...
can you imagine dealing with an oil slick of that magnitude?

so in the whole scheme of things it's really not that bad

I get that too...

I could sit around and feel sorry for myself but that is not my style...

I get busy...

BTW this Method cleaner is a serious work horse in the kitchen.
I love it for cutting through grease and grime.

Beauty is out there just waiting to pick up your spirits when they flag, you just have to look.

Happy is just one dance away...

there is a special place in my heart for pink

I love the pink roses that we have in our Humble Bungalow Garden.

I love wearing pink when it rains...

When I am feeling low I put on my linen apron and get busy in the kitchen.
I cook for others and it helps me regain perspective, 
gives me something positive to do,
 and before long any negativity has dissolved like butter in a hot pan.
(picture from the archives)

(I think that working in a soup kitchen would be such a rewarding volunteer job.)

sipping coffee while working over a hot stove gives me a much needed boost

You've got to love simmering a large batch of soup to freeze for a rainy day.

All the chopping is great exercise and if you can lose yourself in the process you've won!

You can light a scented candle...

sit and knit for a bit...

put on a pretty shade of lipstick

spritz a bit of your signature scent

indulge a wee bit...
(but be careful!)

read some of your favourite blogs!

go for a walk somewhere scenic...

listen to some music....

read a good book

and guess what?

I received an email today that made my heart soar...
I am going to be on Jamie Cat Callan's Ooh La La Tour in Paris next May.
I am doing a happy dance!

So dear reader I am going to need help figuring out the best carry on case to buy and any packing tips that you care to share...

I feel a little bit like I just won the lottery...

I sincerely hope that your weekend is full to the brim with good stuff and that the nasties stay out of the way...

Thank you for stopping by...
merci beaucoup


  1. Sending love and light your way too, Hostess!

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you SSG...always a pleasure reading your blog.

  2. Bonjour, Bravo je suis ravie pour vous. Je suis certaine que vous allez vivre des moments incroyables, inoubliables dans ma ville. Bien cordialement, a reader of your blog from Paris
    France. Julie

    1. It's nice to have you along on this journey.
      Perhaps we will meet up in Paris!

  3. Sometimes it takes all of our ingenuity and effort to be upbeat but if we surround ourselves in beauty, undertake a project or lose ourselves for a while helping someone else, the black clouds disappear. Eh bien sûr, on peut penser à Paris! I have a really good web site that I use with my student for French practise, I will send it to you.

    1. Looking forward to that email...our French instructer is from Paris and I love her style of teaching and she dresses very simply but is oh so chic.

  4. le voilà:

  5. I start cleaning and cooking when I'm overwhelmed too, it's been that kind of week but getting busy is a good cure!
    I bought a new carry-on this summer, brand name Antler, it's really excellent. They are a British company:
    I found mine at my local luggage shop on the day they came in, they were literally flying off the shelves, it's a very popular brand with travellers.
    Very excited about your trip!

    1. I checked out their website and love that they are available in bright colours...will be looking for a local supplier...thank you for the tip.

  6. Well I was going to be in Paris for my birthday this October but it just didn't work out. My husband was too sick to risk booking flights and then not being able to go. So I kept my head done and working at my awful job . Then a light at the end of a very dark tunnel he's slowly getting better. We both got to retire and you never no if he manages to get a lot better we may get there any way.
    I'm sure your going to have a fabulous time so excited for you.

    Kind Regards

    1. Karen,

      I hope that your husband's health improves. I know what a concern it is when a loved one is ill. My husband had cancer many years ago and I am so grateful for modern medicine and science and that he is still here on this earth. There is nothing like a health crisis to cement one's relationship although we did have some incredibly rocky times, we put everything on hold until he was well.
      I hope you get to travel to Paris sometime soon.

  7. Ah, doesn't it seem like the universe throws you curve balls all at once? I would love to know what type of soup you made.

    1. Curried vegetable soup...if you check out the subject "recipes" on the sidebar of the blog you will see the Curry in a Hurry and all you do is saute veggies that you like, add a tetra pack of veggie stock and the spices from that post and voila you have a big batch of soup to warm those chilly Fall days ahead!

  8. What great news and even better after a such a difficult day. Off to Paris ~ wonderful!

    1. Oh it was such great news....
      and what a huge difference in how I felt after reading that email!

  9. Thoughts of Paris will surely drive away all those frustrations. Hooray!

  10. We have some things in common! The same signature scent and going into the kitchen to chop and dice and stir when the going gets rough. I love the process of cooking something with many ingredients.

    Wonderful news about your trip to Paris. My carry on bag of choice is by Tumi. It's super tough, meets international carry on standards too. I also have their tote and I use it weekly. I bring it out to the farm with me too. It was pricey, but after two plus years, it is my go to travel tote.

    1. I'll look into the Tumi line of luggage...thank you!
      I love the scent of Mitsouko and wear it in the fall and winter, in the summer i like Voyage d' Hermes a fragrance that is much lighter...

  11. So glad to hear the news of your Paris trip. Congratulations!

  12. Thank you for all the ideas to de-stress. I'm having one of those days and need to do several of them when I get home from work. And how wonderful, Hostess -- a trip to Paris next year, and seven months to look forward to it! Felicitations! from Elisabeth in Elgin, Illinois, USA

    1. Hope that you are feeling less stressed as your weekend is here.
      Seven months to plan might be necessary because i am such a rookie at packing and international travel is going to be a first for me!

  13. What a day! I'm glad you found a way to manage the stress. I'm so excited for you about your trip to Paris! How much fun that will be.

  14. I am a french woman who has been following you for a while, if you need to have any french translated will be glad to oblige.

    Annie v.

    1. Merci beaucoup Annie...that is a vey kind offer.
      I am happy that you are reading my humble blog across the seas from France.
      Do you have a blog by any chance? I have been avidly reading lots of French blogs lately.

  15. That day does sound like your stars were not cooperating, or the planets. But for sure reading a great blog and/or a great book, looking at some flowers will help with many little troubles.

    Et maintenant il va falloir apprendre beaucoup de vocabulaire pour faciliter votre voyage en France. Quand on parle un peu la langue du pays cela aide toujours. Bonne chance !

  16. I love all the ways you cheer yourself!! That kind of day would bury many people but you have amazing tenacity, which always inspires me. I saw your wonderful news about the tour on FB. exciting. I'm very happy for you. Happy weekend. xo~Jennifer

  17. We can't control these unpleasant, stressful experiences but you have found your own antidotes. One of my friends has a sign in her kitchen that says, "A lump in your oatmeal, and in your throat and in your breast are all lumps, but they are not the same lump." (She survived breast cancer.) I like her whimsical reminder re perspective.

    1. I like your friend's must have stood her in good stead during the course of her treatment.

  18. Obviously some underlying problem still to reach resolution for you. However excellent news about your Paris trip, something to look forward to. Take care of yourself as well. Jenny

  19. There are things beyond my control that are percolating in the periphery...
    it will take some time before things are resolved.
    In the meantime I will press on and grab all the happiness and joy that each day brings...
    you know that expression "Keep Calm and Carry On"
    Take care Jenny.

  20. Leslie, It was a delight to meet you last February when we were in Victoria on our way to Europe. I hope you are enjoying the cookbook! I will email you with my Paris tips - I had some real eye-openers in terms of shopping. Kris in Courtenay

  21. I see you enjoy long walks. Start exploring some long walks to parks or scenic areas from your Paris hotel. Be ready with some routes to take. I recently took a jog from my hotel in London through the streets of London to Kensington Gardens in the early morning and it was one of the highlights of my trip. It was a great break from the normal sightseeing.

  22. What lovely news re: Paris after your wobbly day. Was hoping you would make it to the final list! Thanks for sharing your methods of coping with life's little hiccups...I have needed suggestions lately! Look forward to hearing more about plans for Paris...hoping that you have more better days than upsets. Smiles...Susan

  23. What great news. I enjoyed her books and I'm sure she will make a marvelous host. It's nice to have something bright on the horizon!