Thursday, September 4, 2014

Walk the Walk...OOTD

My walking partner and I ventured out on our bi-weekly 10K walk.
We planned to walk in between the rain and got caught smack dab in the middle of a thunder and lightning storm.
The torrents of rain came down so fast we had nowhere to take shelter and we stood under the canopy of trees hoping not to get the full force of the storm.
I was worried about lightning strikes though and suggested maybe we make a dash for home...
which we did but it took us about 30 minutes to return.

We got totally soaked right through our coats, shoes, and socks.
Walking with a squeaky squish squish sound on each step.
We were complaining to each other loudly and laughing rather hysterically at how wet we were...
and it was of some comfort that we were not the only fools out in the path of the storm.

Think of two people jumping into a pool with all their clothes on and you'll get the idea of our dampened state!

This is how I looked before I left...
my Mondetta jacket was layered underneath my "water resistant" jacket with a tee underneath
 Gap jeans rolled up twice with Lands" End trail shoes and padded cotton Hanes sports socks.

My hair was presentable before the deluge...

This stone sits in the Humble Bungalow garden.

Boot weather is a' comin...
my Sperry boots are ready by the door.

Puddles await...

~ I'm so grateful for ~
soap and hot running water.

bath salts

fluffy white towels

No music will be playing for awhile...
One of the cats has been very naughty and chewed through several of the wires of the cord to the plug.
We think it was Pepper as she likes to bite on cords and yarn...
several years ago
she pulled on her stitches after her spay surgery
I stayed awake two nights with her trying to keep the cat "cone" on her head so she would be safe.

She looks quite innocent here...
appearances can be deceiving.

My radio is on most of the day tuned to the CBC but all is quiet and will be until my new adaptor arrives.

I've got my eyes on a pair of red shoes for the fall...
I am going to be very very frugal and buy very little so that the Paris account will be growing and ready for next Spring.

I find it much easier to save when I have a tangible goal...
these would be fun to wear on the streets of Paris with a pretty scarf knotted at my neck.

What is on your list of things to buy for the fall?


  1. Hello Leslie,

    Gosh, a 10 kilometre walk is impressive to say the least. It might be a once in a lifetime experience for us, but to accomplish this bi-weekly is truly amazing. However, it us jolly good exercise and must make you feel wonderful afterwards.

    When one us out in the rain, there comes a point where one just has to give up all hope that one can avoid being soaked through. Thereafter, like you, one just has to give in to the elements and try to find it funny! This, we have found in our own experiences, is totally possible provided that one does not encounter anyone who usually sees one in a pristine state. They can be overcome with shock! Still, a long soak in a bath of bubbles sounds the perfect way to restore the equilibrium. Perhaps you treated yourself to a glass of bubbles too.....that would have been fabulous!

    Oh, the red patent shoes. Absolutely wonderful. One can surely be like Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road in those....pity that the Tin Man would not get to wear them! They woul be Paris perfection! Oooohhhh la la!

    1. Jane and Lance,
      You'd be surprised how easy the 10K walks are when you share them with a friend...lots of chatting and we usually stop for a cup of tea halfway before turning around and returning home.
      Red shoes are such a cheery way to add a spot of colour to the basic black and grey wardrobe I own and I always feel more energetic when wearing red shoes.
      Your new painting is an absolute stunner!

  2. a website you might find useful is Environment Canada's radar information - I see they have a station in Duncan the radar shows approaching storms, you can track their path and see how heavy the rainfall is going to be. I use the radar all the time for a more detailed guide than a general "rainfall expected this afternoon". Perhaps you know of this website already for your boating, sorry if the suggestion is redundant.

    I'm with you on the need for new shoes this fall. The red patents look lovely - perfect for a stroll in Paris!

    1. Mr. HB checks weather Canada's site before we plan a boating trip and when we are aboard our boat we listen to the radio forecast before departing...we do not want to be caught in a storm on the sea!

  3. The rain is definitely here. I will have to look at longer regular walks as I'm varying .2 or .4 at WW. I am still down but not moving very quickly. I really like that turquoise colour with your hair. A warm bath after a rain shower is restorative. The red shoes could go to Paris. I would like to buy grey jeans when I am down a size.

    1. Grey jeans would be a great basic for you...a nice reward for your WW efforts.
      My WW leader suggested I just eat power foods for a few days to give me that extra nudge...oh a no wine for a while. It works.

    2. Keep going - .2 or .4 soon adds up. I lost 13kg just that way. Long walks are quite easy to do with a friend to chat to. They actually become quite addictive and fun with a coffee halfway and then return trip. And when beginning, find somewhere to have a sit along the way to revive. Good luck with the WW. Tonkath

  4. You got to play in the rain! get the shoes so they are nicely broken in before Paris.

  5. I would never even consider taking new shoes when I knew that I would be walking a lot...I plan to buy a nice looking walking shoe for the daily treks and wear a nicer shoe for dinners in the hotel and a reataurants.

    1. Yes, I was a bit worried about the shoes. I vividly remember a similar pair that I assumed would be comfy, rubbing blisters on my heel and making me miserable. I had to buy some comfy Italian walking shoes to finish the trip. These will be lovely for special walking in the city and lunches and dinners where you are walking from hotel to venue. Exciting planning and saving for a trip. Love your photo pre-walk. My sister and I once got caught similarly on a bushy track with nowhere to shelter. Also about 10k. Likewise we were soaked through to skin and there were mutterings of whose idea it was (mine) and why couldn’t we ring for help (I was saying no, lets tough it out). Thing is with family you don’t have to be quite so polite. We ended up drying out at the cafe at the end of our journey and then walking back as it had stopped raining. Still laugh about it together. Tonkath

  6. Just found your blog and am now following. Look forward to reading more :-)
    P.S. I love my Sperry boots too - I am ordering a new pair very soon and was happy to see the style I like is now available!

  7. Well done Hostess! That's a pretty good hike 10K and twice a week will keep you fit as a flea.

    Regarding Fall acquisitions, I have in mind a pair of boots and a fedora that will posted on when finances permit.

  8. Well, you looked very nice before the rain came anyway! We are getting rain tonight -- hope it cools things down. Today was the hottest day we've had all summer. You kitty does look super innocent, but they always do. Planning for Paris must be so fun!

  9. We are saving for our next trip also--though we're not sure yet of the destination. We walk from 5 to 12 miles a day when in Europe. I've missed walking so much. Tonight was the first night cool enough for a walk.

    For the first time, I have nothing on my shopping list. What a blessing! I'm sure I'll pick up some thrift shop items on my jaunts, but nothing is pressing.

  10. I'm with you on hot soap and water after being caught in the rain.

    Paris! How exciting.

    SSG xxx

  11. Glad to see that you're adding one of my favourite colours to your black & white :)

  12. How impressed I am at the thought of a 10K walk, I would be exhausted! A good long soak in a hot bath with white fluffy towels to follow are the most cheering things, and very well deserved in your case!
    Red shoes - lovely. I'm trying not to buy any more clothing at the moment, at least until I've cleared some space in drawers and wardrobes. But Boden has just sent me a £10 token so I think I might squeeze in another cropped cashmere cardi!

  13. Ah! Red Patent shoes. I bought a pair to go with my navy suit with a red trim. My 3year old daughter Cathy was with me and wanted to carry the shoe box home. As soon as we arrived she opened the box and was walking around in them. They had a small kitten heel and sling back. She was so upset when I said that they were not for her! Now grown up she still has a love of pretty shoes!

    1. I love red shoes...and have worn out several pairs in the past few years and feel the time is right to invite another pair into my world!
      I love your story about your young daughter and the shoes.

  14. Wasn't it wild!? We don't often hear thunder here, so everyone in my building ran to the windows to see the storm.
    I love your hair cut - your stylist is a 'keeper'!

  15. I am very envious...rain, what a blessing. I have almost forgotten what it is. Maybe it will wend its way down here. We had a house bunny that chewed cords but never one of our cats, naughty Pepper, but so cute!

  16. Hello!
    Regarding your naughty cat munching on wires...
    I had a similar problem with one of my cats. I solved it by applying hot pepper sauce on all the wires in my house. You must wear protective gloves to do this. And it takes a bit of time. But it was well worth it. No more chewed wires. No risk of a cat electocuting itself!
    Love your blog - Reta Kenter Columbia Maryland AKA MsKatieo@AOL.COM

    1. I am going to hide the wires so our cat Pepper cannot get close to them...she only gnaws on thread like wires not the thicker electrical cords...the adaptor has a skinny wire so I may even put it into a tube to disguise it!
      Your thoughts of "pepper" sauce do sound inetersting and effective...thank you.

  17. Love your cat photo! At the risk of sounding computer and texting challenged; what does OOTD mean?