Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last Weekend's round up...a bit late but I've been busy!

Walking affords leisure time to soak in the scenery and often I see things that are rather strange...like this!
I wonder who put this here and is there a message?

A spooky stuffed toy perched atop a crypt in Ross Bay Cemetery...

Red Geraniums planted on a vintage cannon at the corner of St. Charles St. and Dallas Road...
the house is in the mission style and we have always referred to it as "The Cannon House."

Sunny yellow dahlia the size of a dinner plate...

White tipped Red Dahlia, only one in a garden full of blooms...
situated on Hollywood Crescent...
you may know this home as it has the most amazing showcase of flowers at any time of year.
People frequently stop their car to take pictures...I have overheard the double decker tour bus operator's comment on this too.

Walking everyday is key for me to keep healthy and although it is not always easy
to be dedicated and motivated I just do it.
When the weather is sunny and warm it is ideal,
 but soon the gale force winds will blow and the torrential rains will fall.

My knee has been troubling me these past few days...
not sure why
 or what I've done
 so I have walked gently taking notice of my knee.

Walking does give one an appetite for food.

"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"
where does that expression come from?

Ina Garten does it again...
I've been watching her series on TV.
She has the MOST beautiful home in a spectacular location...
I think I'd love the Hamptons!

Fall colour and wintry root veggies...which will be roasted to maximize their flavour.

I've been reading up on Paris and French Femme style lately...
getting ready for my trip to Paris next spring.

Following on the heels of Jennifer L. Scott's Madame Chic book is this book
which practically fell off the shelf into my hands at Ivy's Book Shop.

It's insightful, funny, very honest and totally entertaining.
I think the authors are rather self deprecating in their admissions of their total "Parisian Femmes Confessions."

We served French style radishes last Sunday from the Moss Street Market 
they slummed a bit when served with seven layer dip and baked chips for appies.
Emma Bridgewater held the bar high.

Delicious and low in calories, they impart a delicate flavour that was not as hot as regular radishes.

The weekend is now a distant memory...
I have some French homework to attend to, a date with Mom and Sis, and the garden is in transition which requires some attention...

Will be back when time allows...
please excuse me if I have been remiss but life is full and I have been busy
plus I like to live in the moment and savour all the joys of the day.

Thank you for popping by and visiting Our Humble Bungalow.


  1. Always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for the photos of the lovely flowers. Cheers!

  2. Hi Hostess, wow, those flowers are gorgeous! By the way, for when the bad weather sets in, have you ever tried Leslie Sansone's walking DVDs? I came across one in a bargain bin, decided to give it a try and ended up buying more and using them last winter. I really like them - she is very motivating; I thought she'd be annoying after a while, but no!

    1. I haven't tried any motivational DVD's but have the walk meter app for my IPhone which in addition to measuring distance, speed and calories burned has that capability...I prefer to walk in silence unless I am with a friend and then we chat constantly!

    2. Leslie - Leslie Sansone's DVDs are ones that you use at home! You are basically walking on the spot, or moving around the room a little. There are different 'distances' and steps. It's amazing, but you can really break a sweat. They are great for when it's really too cold to go outside - but perhaps where you live it never really gets that cold?

  3. Hi Hostess
    Well I've retired can't really believe it. Apart from the pure joy of leaving a very awful job with no fanfare or goodbye's. I'm so ready for a new beginning. I've been reading your blog and feeling so envious now it's my turn. Swapped my wardrobe over today for the new season . It's spring down here in Aussie.
    Kind Regards

    1. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new lifestyle and remember to have fun!
      Enjoy your spring...today we are officially in Fall.

  4. The dahlias are so beautiful. The rains will soon wash away the last traces of summer. My walking buddy and I took the Canada Line into the Mount Pleasant area for a walk. Much more interesting than the suburbs.How is the French coming? I just got an e-mail and I will be a "writer-walker" escort for 4 different French-speaking childrens' authors at the Writer's Festival. Quelle chance! Today's walk will be in the shopping mall which is open for exercise before opening. I am going to roast veggies today as we are concentrating on Power Foods this week at WW. Aren't the French books fun? Do you read Paris Breakfast blog?

    1. The French classes are fun and I am enjoying them but feel like I am going to need tutoring at some point! Yes I do read Paris Breakfasts and I read numerous other French blogs
      I have just picked up a mystery by Cara Black at your recommendation...Murder in Pigalle. I will try to reserve the Paris Architect from the library and appreciate all your Paris tips.
      Enjoy your walks :-))

  5. I think radishes are having a moment, as well they might!

    1. Ina Garten has a recipe for some in her Paris Cookbook...
      they grow so well in our climate that I am tempted to put in several varieties next year.

  6. Your appies look healthy and delicious. I do enjoy radishes that are not too hot.

    Things have been busy around here, too, and I've been missing reading blogs. The sun is beginning to shine and it's time to get out for a walk between raindrops.

    1. You have been busy and adventurous! I like that you are stretching yourselves and exploring opportunities further afield. It's nice to read on your blog.

  7. I love walking and spotting strange or unusual things to photograph.
    Still going to the beach every day but as soon as the weather changes I'll be back to my daily walk..
    That crispy chicken looks tasty, might give it a try.

    1. Beach weather is fading here...we are into Fall.
      The chicken is easy and delicious.

  8. Love dahlias - must check and see if they'd grow in LA. As for radishes, I could eat them forever. I remember my grandmother serving them cut into rose shapes with sweet butter for appetizers.

  9. Oh they must grow in LA...but they may like to be planted early in the Spring before it gets too hot. Our seeds were up within a few days and we were able to harvest them in about 21 days if I remember correctly. Oh sweet butter sounds delicious...and a beautiful image of rosey radishes.

  10. Hi Leslie! I really enjoyed our walk last week! I forgot to thank you for the post you did a while back recommending the Louise Penny books. I am loving them! Also, the French class that I took on Monday was great- I think it will be interesting to see how far we progress over the next several months. Who knows? Maybe we can parler en francais

    1. I have a few of her books still on my reading list and look forward to some rainy afternoons when I can sit and lose myself in her mysteries...I have discovered a new series set in Paris by Cara Black...Aimee Leduc is the investigator in the series and I am enjoying her writing...you might enjoy her too.
      Happy to hear that your French class is fun.

  11. Not related to this post but thought I would let you know that I was influenced by you to buy a lovely denim jacket today and I got the light as recommended by your daughter. I paid quite a price but the fabric is really lovely and soft and the fit is nice so I reckon it will be worth it (plus I’m still working at the moment). I’m beginning to think about my wardrobe post career and buying a few investment pieces. I also got some white jeans, some leopard flats and grey loafers and a handbag/tote which will match the leopard shoes (but is not leopard). I thought very carefully about each piece and where it will fit into my existing wardrobe, Next I think I need a couple of silky t-shirts or tops which look better on me than cotton. I find the cotton a bit snug in the upper region and I’m self conscious. Thank you for all your wardrobe tips and posts. Imagine - I was thinking about you all day as I shopped on the other side of the world! Tonkath x

    1. Hi Tonkath,

      Your new jacket sounds great!
      I have an Eileen Fisher linen top which is an amazing shape that skims the bosy and the fabric is cool in the heat. I love her clothes...a bit of an investment perhaps but well worth trying.
      Once you start shopping for clothes with an eye for fit, details like fabrics become so much more important...if you find a line of clothing that you like buy several pieces at a time and take good care of them and you will feel wonderful getting dressed each day...above all have fun with fashion!

  12. I love all of Ina Garten's recipes. Thank you for pointing us to this one!

  13. Do you have all her cookbooks? I have 3 on my shelf and they get used a lot!

  14. I’ll copy that chicken recipe – using moutarde de Dijon will make it very tasty I am sure. I have never bought a book on how to be a Parisian – maybe I should so I won’t forget. You know, in Paris, it is like in New York, there are not so many true parisienne – so many women come up from the provinces to Paris to work, and many foreigners too. Last May when we were in Paris I made a point to listen to several woman who were well dressed in Paris – two were Russians, one sounded like she came from Marseille, another one was from East Europe somewhere, and the girl at my bank, who is from Paris, was wearing a pair of jeans and sneakers ….. My mother was born in the 14th arrondissement of Paris and was always very proud to be a “native” parisienne. Anyhow, usually around here I don’t tell that I am from Paris, even with my accent, because I know people don’t like the French that much, although I don’t tell any longer that I am from Switzerland, or French Canada, like I used to during the Iraq war … I got scared after being pushed off the road and my car was keyed, so I took my little French flag off my car.

  15. That chicken recipe looks fantastic! I just bought that book and can't wait to dive in.