Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Behind the scenes...I lead an very un-glamourous life!

Life here in The Humble Bungalow seems to revolve around washing up...
are your hands always in hot water?

"The Glove" is back!
It has been MIA on the blog for quite sometime but that doesn't mean that it was not playing a high profile role in the day to day home keeping tasks helping The Hostess with her domestics.

I spend a lot of time at the sink and in the laundry room tending to the laundry.
I admit that I am a bit obsessed about the laundry and have developed respect for the stalwart LG workhorses that work overtime in the basement.

It pays to have the tools on hand.

A great product that I recommend highly...

Ecologically and environmentally friendly.

Not everyone is a fan of "the glove!"
Chester punctured holes in the thumb...
well I guess that's just the high cost of doing business.

These domestic "helpers" are revered here...

Up the creek without a paddle?
Not this Hostess.
I can sit and gaze out the window...
but only AFTER I do the ironing.

Pepper keeps me company...

as does Chester!

I like to hang a lot of my clothes to air dry.
I think it keeps them looking new longer...no pilling.

The LG washing machine has a fine woolen setting which is wonderful for my cashmere sweaters.

Having a designated work space is essential to my domestic regime.
Some of the on going tasks required are dirty jobs...
and no one really notices them but me.
Yet they are important for me as I prefer keeping on top of things.

Look who is on the job as we speak!

Someone is purr-fectly content....

Well no more dilly-dallying I must get back to the tasks at hand...

Hope you are having a fabulous week.
Thank you for stopping by my blog...I really enjoy your comments so don't be shy to share your thoughts.



  1. This post amused me because it describes a life much like my own. I am cooking dinner now, but running upstairs to fetch another load of laundry. I just remembered that I washed the whites earlier today--but never went back for the darks! While I don't have a cat to keep me company, I do have our miniature long haired dachshund. Thank goodness for our little furry helpers!

  2. At first I thought I spotted a typo with your 'regime'(n) but after considering your Spartan discipline, Teutonic efficiency, and with Chester and Pepper on hand to dispatch would be dissidents now I know 'regime' is quite appropriate....Heil Hostess !!!

  3. I have poor housekeeping skills (except for cooking), so I am in awe of your aesthetics--the art of domesticity. Everything is beautiful, even the gloves.

  4. I have great intentions but then fail to sort properly and end up with cashmere sweaters that only fit the dog. I admire your organizational skills.

  5. Taking notes on the laundry room as we contemplate making such a space in the new/old basement!

  6. As always, you are an inspiration.

    Thank you, Hostess.

    Happy Long Weekend to you and yours,
    Honey Bee

  7. What a nice laundry room, mine is a very tacky place out in the garage I always mean to fix it up but so far I haven't gotten to it. Like you I air dry just about everything I wear and it does help to make things last longer. Ironing...oh dear, I am reluctant to do much of that...only when completely necessary.

  8. Brave you to put a cashmere sweater into a washing machine. I find they are inveterate liars when it comes to saying what their settings are meant for. :-)

  9. I love this post since I spend SO much time doing dishes and laundry. I'm coming to your house to do laundry, what a gorgeous laundry room you have and with two feline helpers to boot. Lucky lady! I always think of you when I see Bon Ami, I know how much you love it. I hope you were able to get a good supply of it once again! XO, Jill

  10. I hate to admit it but I quite enjoy domestic bliss, but like you - only when I am on top of it. I have an airing cupboard to air dry the clothes too. I don’t use a dryer at all, in fact I don’t own one. Nothing pleases me more that a shiny, clean house with fresh flowers and the washing and ironing done. Your laundry looks very comforting and functional. Tonkath

  11. You have just read my mind across the seas. Why won't the table just clear itself? It's 8.30pm in sydney on a Thursday night and I prefer reading your blog to doing the dishes. Oh and it's ranking cats and dogs for the past week and you can't get into the laundry.... Den x

  12. Thank you for the smile, it was needed today.

  13. I'm so glad The Glove has its friends, The Scrubbers, over to tea:)

  14. All the tasks I ca identify with . . . I agree, hanging blouses, tops and things to dry seems to keep that new look freshness . . . I do the same!

  15. Lol, I too enjoy doing laundry,and have a stackable steam LG set in the upstairs laundry. Crazy as it sounds, I have five washer and dryer sets. My favourite is the Electrolux pair in a bright peacock blue.