Thursday, July 3, 2014


We recently took out boat out for an extended weekend and I captured some snapshots that I wanted to share.

We are headed north of Maple Bay and have been under way just over an hour when I took this shot.
I am quite pleased with my new Tommy Hilfiger watch which is water resistant.
Mr. HB got water in his "good" watch and we had to have it rebuilt which turned out to be pricey so...
we both have new watches as we didn't want to risk it.

We decided to go up to Thetis Island as we have numerous friends and acquaintances there which we like to visit.

The Marina has been in business for a long time and Mr. HB remembers going there as a youngster.
He found a picture of himself on the dock wearing a captains hat when he was sorting out his parents photos...

Telegraph is a favourite spot for us too as we have spent many a week tied up to the dock relaxing, reading and walking on beautiful and pristine country roads.

There is a Farm Stand quite close to the Marina where fresh produce and frozen island grown lamb is sold.

Howling Wolf Farm 

We eat very simply onboard...
salads and meat or fish make up the bulk of our dinners.

Our cockpit area is cozy and snug.
Keeping everything ship shape is important.
We are having Berber carpet installed on the deck as it is easy to snap into place.
You can see two of the snaps near the right side of the door.
It is much cooler underfoot than the fiberglass and will be easy to vacuum to keep it tidy.

The weather was good for the most part but we experienced several squalls bringing warm showers.
I chose one of these periods of downpour to take my walk!

The Pot of Gold Coffee Company has been a Thetis Island institution...
we used to buy our coffee from them and they shipped it to us.
Memories of chocolate covered coffee beans and roasted peanuts still hold us...

The cheery entrance beckons...
you can visit here.

I was surprised and delighted to see a heart shaped puddle on my walk...
a beautiful reminder of the rain.

Next the waterfront Thetis Island garden estate that I was fortunate enough to tour with a friend...

~ Finding beauty in the ordinary makes life much richer. ~


  1. I have never been to Thetis Island, but you make me want to go there. Lovely pictures, L!

    1. Sheila it is a gorgeous place to visit. There are B&B's on the island, no public campsights but with a regular ferry service you could easliy spend a day there and take the late ferry back to Chemainus if you didn't want to stay overnight.

  2. Hello Leslie,

    We do like to hear about places that we have absolutely no knowledge of and Thetis Island is certainly somewhere new to us. Wonderful to be able to take your boat and then to talk walks in the beautiful countryside. You must feel as if you really have escaped all the hustle and bustle of the city and moved into a slower pace and rhythm. Perfect!

    1. The peace and solitude are certainly factors in our choice of where to moor and stay.
      The rhythm is slower and one easily falls into pace with this relaxed way of life...exactly the kind of holidays that we desire...especially restorative for Mr. HB who has a very demanding job.

  3. What a beautiful area to visit. I have never been to Canada but your stories and pictures make me think I should include Victoria in my next trip. Please keep up the travelogues.

    1. Victoria is a small city with lots of gardens and old world charm...there is a rumour that we are more English than the English! If you decide to venture north please let me know.

  4. How beautiful. A number of my friends are sailors and I envy the boating lifestyle. What charming places you visit. Lovely!

    1. We owned a sailboat when the children were younger and have many fond memories of our adventures at sea. We never tire of the Gulf Islands and to the south our American neighbours offer the lovely San Juan Island chain which we have explored before and plan to visit again sometime in the future.

  5. The islands look so green! Your home away from home looks cozy!

    1. Living aboard a small vessel requires that we store the gear and keep things tidy but it is a quick task which offers more time for reading and walking!

  6. Charming photo journey . . .
    What fun times you must have cruising the waters . . .
    I enjoyed visiting . . .

  7. What a wonderful trip and it is all so lush, green and lovely and the marina is so charming. What a great way to get away for a while.

  8. Ah, you're living the life . . . great pictures!

  9. Beautiful pictures!

  10. This is my first visit to your blog. Your photos are great! We just moved to Mass. and from the first day my Mister has been bugging me that we should get a boat. I was dead set against it but after reading your post, I am softening... I'm your newest follower.

    1. Welcome Katie! Nice to have you aboard...
      Mr. HB has been boating since he was a toddler and I have been on boats since I was a teenager. You might like to charter a boat before buying one to make sure that you are comfortable on the water. I took the Power Squadron Course to help me understand the rules of boating but have forgotten most of what I learned although I would encourage a novice to take the course.

  11. Your post makes me wonder why we ever travel away from the island -- so much to discover here, right in our back yard! Our boat is only a commuter, no good for overnights, but at 17-feet, aluminum-welded, it's skookum enough to get to more of our little islands. I feel a resolution coming on . . . ;-)

  12. You live in paradise mater...I can understand your wanderlust.
    We have waterlust and enjoy a quiet relaxed holiday. Often we do not go far and we take stacks of books with us when we go. Sleeping soundly, the walks in nature and making simple meals feeds our soul.
    Sounds like you might be ready to venture farther in our waters.

  13. That was a treat, Hostess. It sounds like your weekend had all the right ingredients.
    We haven't done much exploring around the islands - I think it really takes a boat to do it right. Maybe when we've moved..........

  14. What a lovely little virtual escape for us to read of your adventures. Our July plans include an overnight at Thetis Island, and some walks on those peaceful roads.