Friday, July 25, 2014

Black Day in July

Do you remember Gordon Lightfoot's song Black Day in July?
You can listen to it here...

It's a black day in July in The Humble Bungalow when it comes to clothing.

New Yoga capri length pants from Costco.

New Lands' End trail shoes for marathon walks.

Slip of a dress for summer time heat...
a Gilmour of Vancouver Bamboo creation.
It's a soft way to breeze through a busy day of errands, lunching with the ladies and it's taking me to a funeral.
I'll wear a light sweater over top and wear my Born sandals.

Polartec jacket by Lands' End...
warmth without weight.
Great for a chilly evening on the boat or a walk in inclement weather.

I've been doing a bit of shopping lately at the thrift shops...
I found a new to me "almost new" pair of Gap jeans.
Great straight leg style in a short ankle length.
Love the $5.00 price tag too.

Life is not all black here...
there is some sparkle and highlights.

Darling daughter and I had a wonderful day this week getting together for lunch and some thrift shop adventures.
We enjoyed a delicious Thai chicken noodle salad at Bubby Roses in the Cook Street Village which is always a busy place to go...such good value, with healthy choices and two size servings available.
We opted for the small salad and it was ample.

Hand hammered vintage silver is very near and dear to my heart.
I think it must be my crow like tendencies as I am drawn to shiny things...
diamonds and crystals and icy sparkles.

"Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world."

~ Mary Shelley ~


  1. Black and a bit of shinny and sparkle works just fine in my book!
    I would love a sassy fun hair style like yours too . . .

  2. I'm wearing black today too--Eileen Fisher black slouchy pants and a sleeveless black top with a bit of a an ethnic weave. It works for me--and is so practical when it comes to wearing other choices with both of these items.

  3. I wear black year around, it is my go-to color and for me makes dressing so much easier. Your hair is adorable...very, very chic and suits you wonderfully.

  4. Gordon Lightfoot !! Be still my foolish heart!
    But your thrift store finds are true gems! Especially the LBD ! If you ever want to re-sell,just give me a call.
    By-the-by . . black is your colour. You look fabulous!

    1. The LBD is a keeper and I will wear it until it is a rag!!
      You can buy one for a reasonable amount...about $80 Canadian if you google Gilmour retailers or contact Mercedes Lane on Cook Street in Victoria.
      Hope you can find one.

  5. Beautiful post, Hostess. And I love your hammered silver candlestick.

  6. I bought my first consignment store purchase today. Blue and pewter skirt and jacket with a blue tee. You look very chic in black and a bit of sparkle is always a good thing. Your salad sounds tasty and I am finding that smaller portions are just enough. Have a happy week-end!

    1. Shopping in thrift and consignment shops helps you appreciate the transitional wardrobe benefits when on WW. Looking great while losing weight is a very important part of the journey...happy to hear that you are doing so well.

  7. I keep trying to move away from black because it isn't the best with my coloring. But it is so classic, so classy and so easy to style. I should just stop fighting it. I'm going to Switzerland, Germany and Austria in the fall and was trying to build a travel wardrobe around gray and beige. But black keeps sneaking in and I am going to go with it. Wish I had your consignment opportunities here. It would save me a ton of money.

    Vancouver is on my life list, partly because of your blog. It looks like such a lovely place to visit and live.

    1. Vancouver is a beautiful city and if you find your way to the west coast please hop on a ferry and visit our fair city of Victoria. It is a little bit of Old England and we have a lovely harbour with beautiful gardens and seaside walks.Let me know if you plan on a visit and maybe we can meet up.

  8. I do so love all your lovely photos. They are absolutely enchanting and stories that accompany them. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us. I wish that you would visit my blog to view some of my oil paintings.
    Kindest regards, Carolina Elizabeth

    1. You have a lovely blog and those pretty floral paintings are beautiful.

  9. Your hair is really looking fabulous these days. I'm also enjoying my "summer black" this season.

  10. Hello fellow Canadian, West Coast blogger. :D I also love to wear black. Robert tells me I should live in New York. In Van it's fine, but here in Oxfordshire I really tend to "stand out", especially in the summer when everyone seems to be wearing all sorts of ghastly, floaty layers of fuchsias, greens and yellows. (OK, marginal bit of exaggeration going on.) But yesterday I was in London where there was a fair bit of sensible black going I read down some of your posts and realised that we both have Isla red-haired granddaughters, love thrift shops and are part crow/magpie hoarding shiny glittery things. Lovely to get to know you a little. Hope the rain has stopped for you and the sun is shining. Big hugs from me over at the far side of the pond, (for another couple of months).

    1. Oh we are lucky to have our red headed grand daughters...the sun is shining today.
      Enjoy your summer holiday in the UK.

  11. What great finds! I wear a lot of black and white, though I do love color. Your hair looks fabulous. I have been toying with the idea of cutting my hair short. Your photo is taking me closer to giving in. Sending best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

  12. It's funny, you blogging about black, and me about white on the same day. I do think black looks so chic on you, just not for me. But I love that we are all different, makes life more interesting. I love your hair, it looks great on you. And yes, a little sparkle is always a good idea!