Thursday, July 17, 2014

OOTD ~ circa 2014 and circa 1974.

After much deliberation and a wee bit of anxiety I caved in and bought a pair of shorts...
I don't know why I feel so silly about wearing shorts, they are really not much more than a divided slim skirt.

Jumping on and off the boat docking in a skirt or dress just didn't make sense from a safety standpoint as there was too much fabric to get hung up on the rigging and made for a safety hazard....
Big Splash!  Hostess has gone overboard!

 Santana black denim shorts
Tribal black and blue top
Born sandals  

This is as good as it gets 
 with my distinct aversion to shorts...

This Tribal ribbon top is actually one of my favorite tops.

I've got several other white tops which I can wear with the shorts.

We pack lightly on the boat in the summer time and use our large Lands' End totes.
I throw in a few pairs of pj's, bathing suits, pants, tee shirts and a few cool cotton dresses.
Polartec jacket, a sarong and a rain proof jacket round out the gear.

Speaking of shopping I did a quick turnaround in Sears and picked up a black one piece bathing suit so that I would have a second one on board.
I found that my bathing suit did not dry overnight and so I was squeezing into a damp suit for the morning swim...
not as easy as I thought it would be and much huffing anf puffing and wriggling was required!
I enjoy swimming in the outdoor pools in the heat and find two swims a day quite refreshing.

I love Audrey's writing and her novels are unusual and unique...
this one did not disappoint but I was not prepared for what would transpire...
I suppose the surprise is refreshing even if it is a bit strange.

My BFF loaned me this book when we were at Poets Cove on Pender Island this past weekend.
We enjoyed several lazy days of swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub...
a walk and dinner out squeezed in between sun bathing and reading rounded out the trip.

The funny thing was that when she showed it to me I said "Oh I am reading one of her novels right now!"

Niffeneger and Diffenbaugh...two distinctly different names and yet I thought I saw the same letters in the same order and yes I was wearing my sunglasses but I have no excuse as they are prescription Maui Jim's!

Sweet Peas
 a fragrant flowery fantasy in a vase...

Buying shorts might not seem like a big deal to you but for me it was a huge leap...
I have my fingers crossed that the Fashion Police are out of the country on holiday.
Shorts are what most boaters are wearing these days...
perhaps I have just come to the party late which is no surprise as that is my usual modus operandi!

July 20th, 1974
Our wedding day under the rose arbour at Government House.

I cannot believe that we are at year 40 as husband and wife but it's true and yet it feels like yesterday 
when we stood in the church in front of over 100 of our friends and family saying I Do.
So young, so naive, and so completely in love.
With many dreams in our hearts for a future together.

My husband is a wonderful partner, a great friend and I am so grateful that we met.
I might call it fate how we met and my husband might refer to it as a mere coincidence.
We met when we were out boating.
 I was a guest on my BFF's family boat in the late 1960's...
so we've actually been a couple longer than 40 years.

We will be celebrating this weekend.

"Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose
beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity."

~ Kahlil Gibran ~


  1. Happy Anniversary to you two!! I love that ribbon top, such an interesting textural detail.

  2. Lovely wedding photo! Congratulations on 40 years of marriage! I would love to see a closeup portrait of you in your wedding gown.

    We will be celebrating our 38th anniversary this month.

  3. Happy Anniversary. 40 yrs is a long time nowadays! Congrats, because it is hard work to stay together. Your new shorts look great. I am a skirt person myself and haven't been comfortable in shorts since my late 30's. So I understand. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Happy anniversary, Hostess, and congratulations on your 40th! Your wedding photo is lovely.

  5. Happy Anniversary Hostess and Host . . .
    Love hearing your pleasant words about your young selves and love . . .

  6. Congratulations, Hostess, on forty years of marriage!

    My husband and I, too, were married on July 20!

    In the year 1985. We had 26 good years together.

    On November 16, 2011, he went to his reward, after a number of health challenges, including cancer.

    Each day is a precious gift. Thank you for helping us appreciate the gifts of joy and beauty that surround us.

    With every good wish,
    Honey Bee

  7. Love the shorts on you - they look great! Aw, happy anniversary, Leslie!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I really like the black shorts. They are lady-like and flattering. Your tops are lovely. Isn't it amazing how the years fly past.

  9. I don't buy shorts anymore, either. But, I have to say, the shorts look great on you! Maybe I should reconsider.

  10. Your shorts are very flattering, hostess. All your walking has done great things for your legs. I hope you wear them with confidence. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary - what a wonderful testament -- 40 years of marriage! Your shorts looks great and if the Fashion Police want to issue a citation, I suggest they try leaping over the side of boats in a dress first!

  12. 40 years! amazing and what a gift that is. PS you have good legs so you shouldn't be afraid of shorts!

  13. Happy 40th Anniversary!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and musings. I always look forward to your posts.
    All the best.

  14. The shorts look great. Your legs are good so wear your shorts with confidence.

    Congratulations to you and your hubby on 40 years of marriage. That's quite a feat!

    Keep up the good work with your blog. I love it!

  15. Happy, happy anniversary Hostess! And I wear shorts all the time. The very young are wearing them very short, so there is surely no scandal in our wearing them a little longer:).

  16. Happy anniversary, Hostess! Your shorts look great. I do not wear shorts. Skirts and skorts for me.
    Sarah in Michigan

  17. Happy Anniversary - love how you met, and that you both still love boating. Such a beautiful wedding portrait too.

  18. Enjoy your shorts - they look good on you. Best wishes on your anniversary.

  19. Happy Anniversary! Forty years - truly something to celebrate!
    This post is so very YOU, Hostess, just as I know you - a great eye for the combination of practical and beautiful. The shorts are great, and really the only practical thing for a boating holiday. Have fun!

  20. Leslie you look great in the shorts. You should run out and buy a few more pairs! Happy Anniversary to you!

  21. Happy Anniversary wishes, Hostess. Enjoy your celebration this weekend. Your shorts look great. I don't have any of them in my closet and wear lightweight long pants (rolled up ankles) on the boat. I damaged my legs with the sun when we lived in South America and I'm quite cautious with my skin there. Love the t-shirts you've shown. Casual and yet unique.

  22. A most delightful read my dear … ending with such a poignant love story!

    I think your shorts are most a delightful necessity in life … especially your boating lifestyle … which has been a dream of mine … for as long as I remember. I hang on your every descriptive boating word!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful life my dear!


  23. Great look! While I was reading your first bit, the first picture only showed up 1/2 way down so I thought you were wearing a pencil skirt because your top looks dressy. The sandals are perfect to finish the look with! Good combination! Happy Anniversary! Emily

  24. A glamorous boating enthusiast! Cheers!

  25. First of all happy anniversary. Love your shorts and particulary love white tops with black bottoms. You look just right in your shorts. I hope you enjoyed The Language of Flowers. I loved it.

  26. Happy wedding anniversary and congratulations on forty years! I know just what you mean about shorts. I don't wear them as they feel too masculine, but I live in jeans so where's the logic in that? I love yours on you; you've styled them beautifully. Maybe I'll get brave too.

  27. I was so sure I'd left a comment here with Congratulations on your 40 years of marriag. . . but it's not here, so somehow I didn't. Thought I'd said that '74 was a very good year, and of course we didn't think twice about wearing shorts then.And you're wearing yours very well today. Hope you had a lovely boating weekend with family.

  28. Happy Anniversary! Request: please do some of those 30 minute meals in your book and let us know how they turn out. In my experience, they are not real! Unless you use packaged stuff, frozen stuff, pre-cooked stuff, and if you only have one dish (i.e. no starters, no side dishes, no desserts, etc.) and if you rush through it all, then it's possible. But who wants to do that? I mean, I'm sure there is one or two recipes that really work . . . please let us know which ones if you've tried a few. Thank you so much!

  29. Happy Anniversary Hostess! It's interesting how fate plays out in our lives.
    I've only been married to my husband for 16 years; but we met back in1973. He lived in the house next door.
    We joke about the cliche,that he married "the girl next door".

  30. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! We celebrated our 25th this year. The shorts are lovely and really suit you.
    Cheers from Rita