Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lime Time

Home Sweet Home.

Our girls meet up was filled with laughter and good conversations.
We stayed up late and rose early, played bridge, cribbage, read and walked.
The mosquitoes were terrible!
I have about a dozen bites which are super itchy and have taken an antihistamine.

The washer and dryer are working hard and dinner is in the works but I had to sit down for a few minutes and catch up on my blog reading.
You can read the blogs I follow by scrolling down and checking out their links on the side bar,
they are a very diverse group and I am always searching for more interesting bloggers...
feel free to introduce me to your favourite bloggers.

I love limes...
freshly squeezed in a refreshing glass of sparking water on a hot summer day.

I am particularly fond of chartreuse green.

I recently made a shrimp 
stir fried with pea pods, red pepper slivers, fresh ginger, garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil grated rind,
and lime juice for dinner.
I loved the taste of all the flavours together...

A mesh bag full of limes is stored in the crisper section of the fridge.

Mouthwatering, delicious, and who says lemonade is the best summer drink?
I am thinking limeade is the flavour of summer.

A whisper soft French scarf with a smattering of lime.

Picture from the archives
(I am 30 pounds heavier in this image)

A gift from our friends who live part time in Auvillar France.

Lime light Hydrangeas

Our former boat, in the photo, a Mahogany 1957 Classic Chris Craft Constellation...

Lime Le Creuset...

Our Sea Ray looking toward Poets Cove Resort.
Smaller and much more compact and what I now refer to as  "A Go Fast!"

I'm trying to be greener with my food choices.
Organic and local and many grown in our own back yard.

Still on the kale bandwagon...

Wilted steamed baby bok choy...
packed with nutrients.
Try drizzling some balsamic "crema" over top of these and I doubt you will be disappointed.


These chairs are calling my name and I feel a cool beverage is in the offing.
Thank you for stopping by and visiting The Humble Bungalow.

I have had so much fun with my gal pals....
will be back soon.
Hope you are savouring all the goodness that life has to offer...

"If life gives you limes, make margaritas.”
~  Jimmy Buffett ~


  1. What a lovely, bright and happy post!
    thank you. Linda C.

  2. Sorry to hear you have mosquito bites. They are painful. Here in Ireland, there are no mosquitos. I love your scarf, that is a wonderful combination of colours.


  3. On the bbc today they said if a moquito bite has a red thread come out of it then you need to see a doctor so that is a thing to be aware of...Have you read the blog Manger by mimi thorrisson? I think you might really enjoy it.

    1. Will visit Mimi's blog and I'll watch out for those red threads...

  4. Wonderful post Leslie. I loved the lime hydrangeas--and your scarf. Pictures of your boat are always fun.

  5. Love the Lime theme . . .
    Lovely scarf . . .
    Liked the tall tin for flowers set near the photo of your Chris Craft . . .

  6. It sounds as though you had a lot of fun with your women friends. Thank you for the healthy recipes that you have been sharing. I am going to make the shrimp stir-fry and since I started WW I am always looking for ways to enhance the flavour of my vegetables. The lime colour with your white china is very effective. When I have a few extra minutes, I always like to browse your list of bloggers because there is always something interesting and visually delightful.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. From the lime green le Creuset to the lovely hydrangeas. I'm leaving for Cape Cod Saturday and I envision our Barnstable and Dennis to be akin to the area where you live. Of course, our hydrangeas are blues, pinks and purples, but they proliferate all over and are a welcoming sign that you have arrived on the Cape.

    Tell me, did you put together the shrimp stir-fry or did you follow a recipe? I am not an intrepid cook and usually rely on recipes.

    1. I made the stir fry using ingredients that I had on hand...just added some ginger and soy sauce for extra flavour. I am sure you could easily find a similar shrimp or prawn stir fry recipe online.

  8. Hostess,
    Beautiful all around. I found your blog several months ago, and I love it! Look forward to reading you always.

    1. Thank you Anne and Welcome!
      it's nice to have you here visiting the Humble Bungalow blog.

  9. What a nice homage to a wonderful color...oh, and that scarf ~ amazing!

  10. That is surely your color. What, may I ask, is a balsamic "crema?" Sounds delicious:).

    1. I buy it in the bottle and it is reduced thickened balsamic vinegar, very tasty and delicious. You might find it a Trader Joes or your local market and it is fabulous on melons or peaches as well as vegetables...

  11. I recognize that Lime Le Creuset! -- We just gave one to my son-in-law, a good-sized beanpot that he should be using in his old age (they're so expensive, but they really last!). Made your zucchini ribbon salad the other night, btw, and it was delicious! Thank you!

    1. I am happy to heat that you enjoyed the salad.
      The Le Crueset pots are pricey bit as you say they last forever...I always think I am "weight training" when I pick them up :-))

  12. As a lover of green, I enjoyed this post! In the summer lime green anything is the best. Especially love the scarf and we all need that stir-fry recipe!

  13. I really don't use a recipe...just add saute all the veggies and add the shrimp, lime juice, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime rind and ginger when the veggies are tender but not soggy.

  14. Lime green is such a refreshing color. I feel almost cooler just looking at it!

  15. I have never even heard of euphorbia. It's fabulous.
    My hydrangeas are also doing well this year. I think we have some limelight? I wish I knew the names of some of them so I could buy more. I only know we have Annabelle.
    I will put some pics of them on my blog, and hopefully you may be able to help identify them.

  16. There is nothing prettier than a bowl full of limes. I agree limeade is so good. Enjoy your day! Bonnie

  17. I love your posts and so happy you posted today....pleased you had a nice time with your girlfriends..and of course love the lime green pics and stories...could you tell me where you might have picked up those gorgeous white containers you keep your utensils in behind your stove...I have admired them so often so thought I might ask....welcome home and might hear from you again this long weekend sometime...

    1. I bought them on eBay. They are McCoy basket weave planters. You might find them in an antique store if you atre lucky. I have had them for many years and used them for poinsettias at Christmas before repurposing them as utensil storage.

  18. I love lime squeezed into Pelligrino -- my go-to summer drink. Love your scarf and the Le Creuset, and that stir fry sounds delicious! Pretty photos.

  19. Lovely lime greens! That reminds me of the time my daughter Kerstin, (Isla's mother) left me with 10 organic limes. I don't really like the taste of limes at all! But I put the call out to my bloggy friends and someone suggested coconut, lime bars. OMG those were delicious to the max. My daughter Chloe is on the kale bandwagon too. We try to eat organic and green as much as possible. Oh, and speaking of Chloe, she's got her own blog going (Clover, my pet name for her)...finally, after I threatened to stop renewing her web have a smattering of favourite gals on my website but I really need to update and expand my blog list. There are so many more gals I love to talk to and keep in touch with. Oh, can you believe it? Last week my friend Julie was in England and came to Oxford for a drink with me. We've known each other for 6 years and, while I live in Vancouver most of the time, and she lives in Denmark, we never could meet. It was a bit of an unbelievable dream come true. (she's on my blog role at moments of perfect clarity, and is about the most intelligent person I know), you might enjoy her blog.

    It's a bit cooler here in Oxfordshire today and I might pull out a beautiful pink, blue and green scarf I bought in Prague last month. I love scarves too...and euphorbias. There's a Wolfenii like yours trying to take over my Vancouver garden at the moment. :D Hope your weekend is looking bright and sunny on the West Coast.

  20. The word that comes first to mind from this post is 'fresh' - you sound so refreshed after your visit with girlfriends, and the lime green is so beautifully fresh!
    Le Creuset - I had a full set of brown pots that I passed on to my nephew when they became too heavy for my wrists. I kept the set of frying pans, though and a lovely large casserole - and the lasagna pan! Some things I just can't give up!