Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend snippets and snapshots...

Our 40th anniversay weekend was wonderful.
As we met boating it seems fitting that we celebrate on the boat.
We were moored snugly at the Otter Bay Marina on Pender Island.

I brought along some boat flowers as we did not take the cats with us.
Our house and cat sitter, a good friend, moves right in and makes herself at home when we are away.
 She is a cat lover and takes excellent care of Pepper and Chester.

These cantilevered decks are shaded and offer a quiet spot to sit and read or sip a beverage.

Summer is time for swimming in pools.
 Otter Bay Marina pool just waiting for a swimmer...

A little shell with barnacles was left on the table.

Yucca flowers towered overhead...
I am just a tad taller than 5 feet so they were probably 6 feet high.
Apparently our warmer weather has contributed to their massive flowers this season.

Fancy drinks at lunch.
I love these sea green sealer jars as glasses.

Fish tacos for the Hostess.

Clam Chowder and a Burger for Mr. HB.

 Hope Bay is a short drive from the Marina and has a great gift shop, real estate agent, gallery, goldsmith as well as the fabulous and delicious Hope Bay Cafe.

I've been busy playing catch up on the laundry this week and have had very little time to blog.
There's been a luncheon with the gals and the meet and greet with a new baby and an outing with my Mother and sister and a few dinners to make and we have a funeral to attend.
 I have a long list of things to do so I musn't tarry long here...

I'll be back when time allows...
until then 
Be well and Be Kind


  1. Those fish tacos look scrumptious. I haven't been to Pender Island for a very long time but it sounds like you had a great anniversary getaway. Do you swim? We have two pools where I live and I seldom use them. I think that water-walking is a good alternative exercise. Have a happy week!

    1. I love to swim! I had a pool card at one of the local hotels and i used to do laps several times a week.They offered a water fit class which was a killer workout!
      If I had a pool in my complex I would be tempted to swim everyday.

  2. When you were working did you ever have the thought, "How will I keep busy in retirement?" I laugh when I remember how I worried about boredom. Now I worry that I won't have time to fit in all the wonderful things that retirement holds for me. Looks like your days are abundantly full. Enjoy.

    1. That thought crossed my mind on many an occasion...
      I now wonder how I found time to work!

  3. Looks like you had a lovely celebration of your anniversary. Your fish tacos look delicious. Enjoy puttering around your home and being with the people you love. I'm hoping the weekend weather is a little sunnier than today.

  4. Happiest of happies, dear Hostess.

  5. Happy 40th anniversary Hostess. What a milestone! We will be celebrating our 38th in a very few days. I love the photos from your celebratory weekend.

  6. What a wonderful time and Happy Happy 40th Aninversary! That is incredible!

    I love how you take care of all those small luxuries like boat flowers that mean so much and elevate everything

  7. What a lovely and relaxing time! I am ashamed to say I've never been to Otter Bay, although at least I've been to Pender. Those fish tacos look amazing. Be well, L!

  8. I'm glad you're having nice weather for your Anniversary Getaway. Happy 40th!
    It's positively fall like weather here in Schomberg.

  9. Yum, fish tacos! Looks like a wonderful getaway spot. Happy Anniversary!

  10. What a wonderful weekend. Happy Anniversary.

  11. Looks like a lovely way to celebrate your 40th . . . Happy year . . .

  12. Lovely photos - the food looks fabulous. Happy Anniversary!

  13. Hi! Just wondering about the logistics . . . if you took your boat to Otter Bay Marina, how did you drive to Hope Bay? Where did the car come from? Haha! I must be missing something! Sounds like a nice way to spend a day! :-) Emily

    1. Emiy you are very observant!
      Our son, wife and the grandchildren had their car so we hitched a ride with them.
      We did walk one time before and it was only about 45 minutes each way so it is walkable.

  14. Congrats on 40 years of marriage - that is quite a feat these days. It sounds like a lovely way to celebrate too.

  15. What a gorgeous way to celebrate your 40th!