Saturday, September 22, 2012

~ Bungalow Beautification ~

Living in a 100 year old registered heritage home comes with responsibility and means keeping on top of the maintenance and is not for the faint of heart.
There is always a long list of things that need doing and we take on a few projects every year.
Mr. HB has been quite busy around here in The Humble Bungalow this month. Besides priming and painting downstairs in the laundry room he's been working on the front porch.

Here is the new front door made by a talented local craftsman Percy, an exact replica of the former 100 year old one that was seriously delaminating. The hardware is new and in the Craftsman style from Classic Brass.

Mr. HB has been busy down in his workshop testing out stain colours to get just the look and shade that we like.

The original bevelled glass was saved and used in the new door.

Mr. HB painted the old house numbers black as they were corroded from the salty ocean breezes.
For the same reason we replaced the porch light...
had an arts and crafts style lamp suitable for the porch.

There will be a bus full of arts and crafts enthusiasts coming through our Humble Bungalow this month.
We have been busy cleaning, tidying and tending to the garden 
 putting our best face forward.

Do you remember the glove?

I read Faux Fuchsia's post this morning and was astonished to read that her "baby" is now 18 months old!
I remember clearly the day she announced that she was expecting him and it seems like yesterday.
Time marches on...

Chester napping and groggy after his surgical procedure yesterday.
Poor little fellow...
we had to entice him with treats so we could give him the pain medicine this morning.

When one adopts a rescue kitten part of the agreement is that you will have them spayed or neutered.

I am keeping him company and blogging from bed.
It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Hope that you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Sure wish I was going to be in the busload of "enthusiasts"! I know I'd be charmed by your lovely home, yard & gardens. Your new door & entrance is VERY "sharp"!

  2. Absolutely love the Craftsman style and your door is fabulous! No kidding when it comes to home stewardship... it is what it is and you do what you can. It is clear that you & Mr. HB joyfully tend to that responsibility. :)

  3. Oh your door is stunning. My house is a bit older than yours and absolute money pit, but I do love living in a little bit of history, we have the old servants bells and all sorts - now I come when called!

  4. Love the Glove!

    And the door looks great - those windows are so perfect.

  5. Blogging from bed is the best. Your home sounds terrific. I love older homes that have charm and history to them.

  6. How I would love to be on that bus taking a peek at the Humble Bungalow! Just adore that gorgeous pink door!

    1. Oh dear, the door should not look pink! I must have erred when I took the photo.

  7. Oh your door is stunning! Just beautiful. I'm sure Chester will be back to his energetic self in no time. Meanwhile, enjoy keeping him company!

  8. Desexed male cats are the most loving animals! I too am going to paint all our outside doors this year, next holidays- around Dec/Jan if not before!

  9. Charming don't see front doors like that very often.

    How fun to have a bus load of lookie-loos coming by the HB.

    Poor Chester. But it's the right thing to do. This way he will pay attention to you and not all the girl cats in the neighborhood!

  10. I love seeing the photos of your home. Lovely . . .
    Chester's curved front paws are so sweet. Sounds like he is enjoying a pampered recovery!

  11. Great to hear that you are keeping everything in tip-top condition. I too would like to be in the bus and see in person your cottage.
    Will the downstairs be ready by the time the visitors are coming? Stressful timetable for you and your husband.
    Wishing all the best. Your cats will receive lots of attention too!

    1. mette the downstairs will not be complete...
      I feel like we have let the team down but "it is what it is"...
      we hope the plumbers will return, if like last time they are still sunning themselves in some tropical hot spot!

  12. Are there many other houses in the area open to the public,we have open days where you can look round gardens,have never heard of going round the house. It takes alot of planning to open a garden,offer teas/cakes.
    I think you are very brave to open your's,sorry I would dislike people tramping round my house.

    Is your beautiful front door made of oak great craftsmanship.Ida

    1. The reason that we are on the tour is because I have been on the heritage foundation and my husband has been for over 15 years...we are committed to saving historic homes.
      Our home and garden are open to a select group of people who love arts and crafts.
      It is our first official bus tour...we have hosted many dinners and informal gatherings.
      Fingers crossed it goes well.

  13. The door looks fantastic...wish I could be there to take the tour.

    Poor little Chester, Miss Twiggley is due to go in next month and I am already dreading it. Hope he will be back playing soon.

  14. The door and the hardware are perfection. A bungalow by the sea and ocean breezes......heaven. I imagine that your kitty is feeling like his old self by now. He is a lucky little guy to have your company during his recuperation.

  15. Looks beautiful and how wonderful that Mr HB is very good at DIY too. Hope Chester is feeling better. X

  16. I have several books on bungalows/style. I have always liked Craftsman style. I have an old buffet that belonged to my Grandparents and a number of repro pieces. Your door is beautiful and I eagerly await seeing the finished product.

  17. Percy did a fantastic job with your new door. How nice that you were able to re-use the original beveled glass. Your entry way looks very inviting – the arts & crafts students are lucky to have a tour indeed. I hope Chester is on the mend. I’m sure he appreciates your blogging from bed – a little extra TLC. My puggy has never sat the same post his ‘snippety-snip’ – he sits off to the side. We have a giggle every now and then. Hope you are well!!! PS: Love the glove!

  18. I love your new door and what a brilliant idea to use the same glass. Our new, but old house has what I am assuming is the original door and I love it, but it sticks and has a few issues...ti be able ti preserve the glass would make me feel a lot better about replacing it. Yours looks beautiful!

  19. The dish washing gloves I've been using lately are lime green. I love the shock of color on my kitchen counters!

    Poor Chester - you've nipped him in the bud, or should I say buds. He should feel free to love the ladies more, now. I'm glad his human mommy is spoiling him this week.