Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two reasons I HAD to go shopping.

You might be curious why I needed a reason to go shopping.
Trust me I do need a legitimate reason.
I have been avoiding the shops because we are knee deep in renovations and are having an identical newly crafted  front door made to replace our 100 year old door which is delaminating.

First off I've been down with a cold and my head has been stuffed up and fuzzy.

I managed to stay in bed for two days and then got up and about thinking I was cured....
until I went to do a load of laundry ~ black clothes.
My mind was obviously still foggy as later I discovered that I forgot to check the pockets.

When I went to hang them up to dry I was shocked at what I saw...everything was covered in small white bits of Kleenex, yes people I had left all my spare tissues in every pocket of every garment and I think there must have been a total of say 10 tissues which simply was a snowy disaster. As it turns out I was able to rewash the load several times and spin in just the air cycle the garments before attempting to de-lint and hand pick off the bits which were resistant after 3 washings. Not all garments dress and one top were down.

The second reason that I needed to go shopping is that we do not have doors on our bedroom closet and Chester attacked and shredded my basic black tunic top the very one that I wear several times a week to school.
It's rather disconcerting staring at a knit jersey top that has holes and runs in the fabric trying to figure out if it can be repaired and salvaged.

Which takes me back about 20 years when I came home from work to find our adorable kittens Stickley and Teco had had a shredding party of their own and were swinging in large holes that they had made in our imported Scottish lace curtains that hung in the living room windows...these were so pricey that I did spend many evenings attempting to stitch them back together...but they were never the same and as soon as the cats matured and I could afford to, I replaced them!

My new purchases are hung up on a higher rod and I've left only sturdy denims on the low rod for the time being.

think of this plain tunic as a layering piece
a backdrop for want of a better term

I'll show you what I will be pairing this simple top with...

all with medium weight leggings in black

This one replaces the lint top that ended up in the rag bag.

Both pieces are made of sustainable Bamboo by the Vancouver Company Gilmore.

I'll be showing you the new door soon
it has been installed but still needs to be stained.

Percy, is the talented artisan who crafted the door
he salvaged the original bevelled glass and the end result is brilliant!
Stay tuned.
~ ~ ~

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  1. Oh how wonderful to have an artisan who can do great work, I die inside a little when something here goes wrong as we have to call in the National Trust.
    Fab hankie box!

  2. Sorry to hear about the kitten attack on your closet. The new items are lovely though.

  3. Those kittehs!! They're inadvertent shopping enablers! I do like all of your choices though, think they'll fit beautifully with the rest of your wardrobe. And can hardly wait to see the new front door...

  4. When we first got Harry, he liked to chew the ends of the sleeves of my jackets. I am still not sure how he got in the closets to do it, but he did. Thank goodness he no longer does that.
    Your wardrobe pieces look to be great layering peices for winter.

  5. Yikes! It's pretty clear why some retail therapy was in order, and it looks as if you did an admirable job of it -- I hope it helps you feel better while you wait for the cold to clear, the Kleenex bits to disappear, and the beautiful new door to guard your threshold. Take care!

  6. Are you going to put closet doors on? Animals wreak havoc with closets I've found. Glad you were able to replace your black tunic ~ isn't it strange how often it's our wardrobe workhouses that get ruined in weird accidents or ways?

    1. We will put doors on when we renovate our bedroom but that's probably a few years away...
      I agree Kathy, some of my favourite things have been ruined by random accidents or laundry disasters!

  7. We must be living in parallel worlds, Hostess! I’ve been sick as a dog since Thursday and have had some whopper household disasters. I wish I had the energy to hit the shops! Your new fashion purchases are lovely. When we renovated our home, we had the original 1890 door stripped back to the original wood – it’s the color of honey. Can’t wait to see yours soon! Take care!!! PS: Tissues in the wash are evil! ☺

  8. oh I have done that how many times....left tissues in my pockets and did laundry...Hubs has done that too! arrghhh such a pain trying to pick those little bits off the clothes.

  9. Been in your position with the laundry several times too, except it did not give me an extra excuse to go shopping.
    Seems, that you have created a very united wardrobe, where you are able to mix and match your clothes in a way which suits you.

  10. Has happened here,but as I have no black clothes the mishap was easily shaken/picked off.
    I think you urgently need wardrobe doors especially with black items they pick up dust easily.

    Did you manage to get all your replacements in one shop?

    Wishing you a stress free week.Ida

    1. Ida I did source both items in the same shop. It's a large place full of clothes but most of the items are way too bright and patterned for me...I do love their Gilmore Bamboo line though.
      The wardrobe doors are on my wish list!

  11. Do you have a particular brand of leggings that you like? I just bought a longer, slightly boxy grey sweater and thought of trying leggings with it. Never tried leggings before. Or I might try a pair of skinny jeans if I can find a brand that flatters.

    1. I have had various brands and prefer to go with a heavier rather than lighter knit. I currently have and's End ankle zip leggings, I think they are from their Starfish collection. I bought a pointe knit "no name" brand from a chain store last season when they were clearing out their winter stock and I'll be wearing these on colder days with my boots.
      I've seen quite a few fabulous skinny jeans this season in the shops too. Have fun shopping!

  12. If Chester were a dog I'd kill him. But since he's a cat...

    Lately I've been pursuing accessories instead of clothing basics because my body weight is in flux again. But I need to find a pair of jeans at some point. I need to get a cat so some clothing shredding can occur.

    1. It's funny what we put up with when it comes to our beloved pets!
      I find the skinny leg and larger top works and I am no skinny mini!

  13. Those are great pieces to add to a wardrobe!

    I am planning a shopping spree in Nov. because my body has changed and reshaped itself since I turned 50 (two years ago) lol. My taste have changed too. I have been a lover of wearing black since years ago spending 19 years working in cosmetics. But I am now obsessed with wearing white on top. It brightens my face and looks great with gray hair. I also like soft and light muted cool colors to accent black.

  14. Kleenex - why don't they make them so they don't shred???? Sorry about the cold, and as I started chemo this week, you and I can only visit this way, but I enjoy this type of visit too. Tell me about what leggings you buy and how you wear them, please.. Peg - UI

    1. Currently I wear Land's End ankle zip leggings from the Starfish collection.
      I did buy a no name brand heavier pointe knit from a chain store last season...I'll wear these with my equestrian styled boots when the weather gets wet and cold. I wear longer tops that cover my derriere and upper thighs when wearing leggings. For me they work well at work and at play!
      I've seen some very decent ones at The Bay this season and they have some great tops too.

      I hope that you avoid all these nasty colds that are out and about.
      Take care,

  15. You just have to have a black tunic, it's like (as my mother used to say) a ham in the fridge! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  16. Yes a ham in the fridge, great advice as there is so much one can do with a ham!
    I just got off the phone and learned that Mother is cooking a small ham for her dinner this evening!