Monday, September 10, 2012

Tory Burch ~ Thrift Find of the Summer!

On our summer boating holiday we visited a Gulf Island that had a Thrift Shop
"Nu~to~U" which was only open 2 days a week.
My BFF and I went early before the 10am scheduled opening and stood behind a few locals in a line that snaked it's way out the door and down the steps. I thought to myself as we waited that this must be one fabulous shop if the locals were queuing well before the doors were open.

She's made with recycled finds
love that aluminum teapot cover
can you spot it?

This female form certainly was a conversation starter!

On my first visit I found a wee watercolour of roses
which I plan to hang on the wall of our guest room.

 a brooch with two scottie dogs made out of bakelite

On Labour Day Weekend 
lovely daughter and I paid this wee shop another visit.
This time we found ourselves way at the very bottom of the stairs with probably 20 people ahead of us.
Listening in to the local gossip was incredibly entertaining
I suppose living on a small island means that everyone knows what everyone else is doing!
(there was some pretty interesting chatter with some very personal details going public)

When they opened the doors there was quite a surge 
as people entered the shop and scouted out the tables and shelves
it was rather difficult negotiating the tiny aisles
and I spied a black handbag
that no one else seemed to be interested in...

I bought it!

supple leather
a simple style 
do you recognize the logo?

Tory Burch design
Dena Glazed Hobo Bag.

subtle details
well constructed

a mirror inside
zippered section
with pockets for keys and a cellphone

(the mirror still had the protective film on it)
I think this bag is brand new.

You can see it here  at Saks for much more than I paid.

After we shopped the Thrift Store we went grocery shopping and my Roots cross body bag's strap broke!
It must have been meant for me.
I have taken the Roots bag in for repair and in the meantime I am enjoying this Tory Burch Bag
and I am feeling a little smug about the fact that I did not have to pay the regular retail price of this bag.
It's a guilt free pleasure!

What have you been fortunate enough to find at a thrift shop?
What is your best score ever?

Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Best thrifted score: $3.99 for a Prada blouse at Value Village!

    Congrats on the new bag - it's gorgeous!

    1. Wow we need to have a shopping /dinner date sometime soon!
      Prada seriously fabulous!

  2. Is that the teapot cover at her neck? Love the bag. Peg - UI

    1. Peg the aluminum cover is masquerading as her breasts!

  3. Congrats on your gorgeous hand bag. The bakalite brooch is quite a find as well.

  4. You were fortunate, if you really were in a need of a bag.
    I only go to the flea market to sell something I want to get rid of.
    When I was younger, I visited antique shops religiously. Have sold everything I ever bought. It was fun as long as it lasted.

  5. What a fabulous bag! The simple design will probably give you years of use. The bakelite brooch is also a super fun piece.

  6. I use to have a scottie dog brooch when a child,they were very popular.
    It was the nearest I got to my own dog until I married.Glad you had a good weekend with your daughter. Ida

  7. I found a beautiful small oil painting, that I had cleaned and framed. It's really a treasure. Other than that, I've never found a thing. But I'm a good donator. Nice bag and charming brooch.

    1. I donate a lot too....
      Now my Mother is de-cluttering and clearing out her wardrobe. She is really enjoying passing on her garments. I'd love to see your painting...perhaps you'd email me a picture?

    2. Would love to - I'll try to do it today.

  8. I love your new TB bag...what a find. I keep on searching, but I have to say I don't have the luck or the eye that some of you seem to have when it comes to thrifting. I figure if I keep never know!

  9. Whoa--this bag was meant for you. After 20 years of thrifting, I have nothing to compare this with though I have found many treasures.

    1. Terri I love that look that you are wearing this week!
      I could never carry that off....
      if wishes were horse beggars would ride :-)

  10. That was a fabulous find Hostess! And cannot believe that people queue for the opening of a shop - how wonderful. Not found a huge deal I am afraid in 2nd hand shops to wear but I did find a lovely still life oil painting in Australia.. X

  11. Love the Scotty dog brooch!

  12. Hostess, you scored!!! Well done and certainly worth the wait. I L-O-V-E Tory Burch - you will L-O-V-E your new bag ... and your other purchases too! xxx

  13. Great find on the bag, but....that Bakelite pin!!!! Amazing!!!!

  14. One way to know when you've gotten a real bargain ...... If you spend less than $5 for a vase, it's a "vase." More than $5, it's a "vaz."
    I'd say the lady who scored with the Prada blouse was the big winner!

  15. No fabulous finds here. We don't seem to have the number of thrift and consignment shops in this area that you have. And I have never scored a real find. I did, however, get a sterling silver cuff recently at our consignment shop that I have worn and thoroughly enjoyed. So it was a "fabulous find" for me.

    When I visit Sunset Beach, North Carolina, I go to a shop called "Bloomingdeals." Love the name and love the shop.