Saturday, September 8, 2012

Soothing sights just steps away.

Life has been anything but routine here in The Humble Bungalow and I have needed to seek solace.
Things beyond our control that have upset the balance of calm and thrown us off kilter.
These events can only make us stronger and bind us tighter together as a family.

Looking for something to soothe my spirit I did what I usually do when life gets me down and I went outside and slowly meandered in the garden.

a cheery bunch of colchiums
tucked beneath a ginger plant
(also known as the Autumn Crocus)

here's the bloom on the ginger plant
looks very much like a lily
pretty ~ in ~ pink

speaking of lilies
here is a lovely orange day lily
sadly their blooms wilt after a day 
I have a mass planting of these against the north foundation of the Humble Bungalow
they've multiplied like mad

a flush of roses
this lovely rose whose name escapes me is a happy specimen
and never fails to please

Alliums which attract the bees like nobody's business
I like to use them as fillers for my arrangements.

a nod to blue
with this hydrangea
I have several blue hydrangeas in bloom

Recently I have fallen in love with hydrangeas
and have at 5 limelights in the front garden 
several blues in the back yard
 a few weeks ago I purchased an oak leaf hydrangea with a creamy lace-like pom pom flower.

It's comforting to know that they will grow and thrive in our clay soil.
They can be pruned and shaped which is convenient 
so that they do not take over the space where they have been planted.

Our reliable Jacob's Coat Rose
has been blooming all summer long
it is located just outside the back door
within easy reach
for picking and the necessary dead heading.

I feel the gloom has lifted ever so slightly
in just taking the time to look around outside 
getting some fresh air and sunshine.

I count on my garden to help me as I negotiate the often precarious journey of life.

What gives you strength in times of distress?
Where do you go to be alone with your thoughts and regain perspective when things go sideways?


  1. So sorry you are suffering distress. And yes, I like to take a tour of my garden always when I need peace. Even in the morning before the day begins, just in case.

  2. Leslie:My colchicum is also in bloom and it just seems to "pop" out of the ground and surprise me. I am still enjoying roses, even if the blooms are a we bit smaller, they are still lovely and fragrant. My hydrangea have given me such delight this summer.
    I now find joy in the smallest of things - life is just so wonderful. Love, Peg from Up Island

  3. I'm sorry for your stresses. They do just seem to pop up out of nowhere. I hope things get back on track for you very soon. Outside in nature I find peace, or if that's not practical, a very large, old, quiet library.

  4. So saddened to hear of your distress - a garden visit is a fine retreat. I like watching old movies, the sillier the better (Arsenic and Old Lace is a good one. Or on a different path, Rear Window). Walking or running. Getting a cup of tea and looking through all the magazines I can gather at the bookshop. Playing with the dogs and cats. And, when all else fails, crawling into bed and taking a nap.

  5. No wonder you find solace in your garden -- it's so lovely. Take care -- I do hope the stress passes without too much cost. . .

  6. Illegitimi non carborundum - nature is the best source of succour in times like these.

  7. Beautiful photos of your flowers, Jacob's Coat is stunning. Sorry the "life roller coaster ride" stopped by today. Early morning or evening solitary walks sooth my soul.

  8. Your garden is a place of beauty. I'm glad you can find a measure of comfort there.

  9. You share your days with us, calm or stormy, and we take pleasure and strength from your generosity of spirit. The garden, the out of doors, always calms me. I hope you will find peace of mind soon.

  10. I'm so sorry that life is distressing right now. Your lovely garden would soothe even the most jangles of nerves. Hope smoother sailing is just ahead.

  11. It was pleasing to read that after your meander around your lovely garden, your stress was lifted.
    Distress is an awful thing. It is best to get outdoors and do something.
    Your garden is beautiful a great place to find solace.
    I pretty much do the same, when i feel a little down. I love to water my plants and dead head them and think about re arranging takes me to better places.
    wishing you a happier weekend.
    hope you will be better

  12. My summer had its share of personal stressors and I would often retreat to my porch with a book. If I were near the ocean, that would be my solace. Hoping that your garden brings you respite- it certainly is lovely.

  13. Road trip! Nothing is more calming and exilarating at the same time than a road trip. Driving round on rural roads with no particular destination in mind, windows rolled down to catch the wind, the smell of the dusty road or the woods...

  14. Your garden looks like an amazing place to regain balance and strength during stressful times. I find that going for a long brisk walk helps to clear my mind. The ocean is my favorite place to walk, but hiking trails work too.

  15. I experienced a couple of days last week that necessitated a sit in the garden with the dog by my side looking at the glorious trees on our block. Staring at tall trees does it for me Hostess. Plus cleaning my home and decluttering lifts my spirits substantially.
    When I was younger I believed that reaching 50 would be a turning point in life where all of life's worries disappear., life and all it's mysteries and stress keeps on keeping on.

  16. I do hope you are ok and that, in time, your distress is long forgotten.

    When I need to clear my head, I like hop in the car and go for drive – no destination planned I’ll stop if/when something of interest calls out. The change of scenery can help. Sometimes you come across something, or someone, that provides you a little clarity.

    Hang in there and take care. xxx

  17. Your garden has uplifted my spirits. Thanks you for identifying the colchiums why just today I saw one in the park by my home and it looked so spring like among the fall foliage.
    I pray your tomorrow will be brighter and that all the blues will be blown away.

    Helen xx

  18. I am approaching your post analytically. Hope you won´t mind.
    For the 2-3 years I´ve " known " you, you have always showed an extremely positive side of yourself.
    By nature, I think that you are a positive person.
    If something upsetting comes along, you have a way to look at the bright side of the thing.
    Real life is not always positive. We just have to accept it.
    I think, that now would be a perfect time for you to " examine , study " your own emotions. Why are you feeling stressed/ blue. Let the feeling come, give time for it come.
    If needed, some professional help, like some discussions with a good therapist might help.
    Believe me, been there, am there, so I know what I´m writing about.
    When I feel terribly anxious, some physical work might ease my pain. I find hugging my horse very satisfying as well.
    But the real problems are handled with the help of a therapist.

    1. Mette has expressed this far better than I could,it took me many years to accept that life has many dark sides,and I had to examine myself not family/friends.

      BTW when 'black dog' is at my shoulder I now have the 'tools' to work with him,I sometimes take a drive,park/walk & maybe sit in a old country church stretching back to Norman times (I am not particularly religious) and somehow it helps put things back in perspective.

      This is just my own personal thoughts. I hope today you are feeling
      more at ease. Ida x

  19. Meandering with you through your flowers puts me at ease. No weeds to pull, mulch to scooch, pruning, lopping or dead heading to do. Feel better soon.

  20. Thank you for all your comments.
    Just to clarify I am feeling distress because someone I love dearly has experienced a loss.
    My reaction may seem out of character to my readers as I am an optimist by nature, like mette mentioned and she has been around for long enough to "know me." I do feel deeply when close friends and family experience troubles...
    I pop by with flowers and often a meal, it's all I can think of to help.

    I did consider not posting this topic as I felt a bit reluctant because of the personal nature of the post but I felt it illustrated something that one does not often come across on The Humble Bungalow Blog.
    Time will take care of things, I know this too shall pass.

  21. In times of stress I to find solice in my garden. You have so many lovely flowers blooming now, you are blessed with such a wonderful environment. Beauty is a great spirit lifter.

  22. Lovely flowers - especially the daylilies - mine have been steadily blooming (usually 1 bloom a day)! Have a good week.

  23. I can certainly understand your dear friend Lorna would have been 54 last week. On her birthday I took a long walk...nature helps, a little. Your garden looks beautiful in bloom.