Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walkabout...and the California Cat connection...

I thought you might like to tag along on one of my walks...
the weather was a wee bit wet

misty and sprinkling
not wet enough to wear a hood or put up an umbrella...

fear not you won't get damp.

street tiles are disappearing

some quicker than others!

arts and crafts bungalows are frequent in our neighbourhood

gardeners are passionate around here
and the gardens are a feast for the eyes

granite pillars and stonework 
are popular

lovely flowers line the streets

some homes are larger

some smaller

some have been made into suites and condos

the evening was quiet
 I only met a handful of walkers and most had their dogs on a leash

this poppy stopped me in my tracks...
pretty and pink.

The Humble Bungalow is softly quiet
life is ticking along in time with the tick tock of the clock
night is drawing nigh and the street lights are aglow...

it's time to crawl under the warm duvet 
settle in for some luxurious slumber
sweet dreams

tomorrow is another day...
and Chester is an early riser
5:30 - 6:00

I found out that Chester is from sunny California...
he and his mom and his 7 or 8 siblings along with another mom and her large litter were 
rescued from 30 degree temperatures
near a freeway 
close to a cat shelter
they have hopped over the border and are looking for homes.

No Passports
are needed!

I am so happy that Chester has landed on his feet
so close to mine...

Chester drinks from the tap like Pepper does!

Don't get me started about not being responsible pet owners...
SPAY and NEUTER your animals.

Just in case you are wondering how the transition is going...
they were face to face tonight
a low growl from Pepper
a submissive hunker down from Chester.

They have their own spaces...
they are sneaking around.

Pepper has eaten most of Chester's dry food
Chester has tried to eat Pepper's food but the kibble is far too big!

Pepper has eaten gobs of Chester's wet food

They are co- mingle ing
all looks good so far....

if I get more than 6 hours sleep tonight I will consider myself lucky!

(as I type...Chester is on my lap and Pepper is a stones throw away)
wish me luck
I am very tired.....

I am seriously close to calling in sick...


  1. Hi Hostess, have just been catching up on your posts and am delighted to hear about the furry new addition to the bungalow. Chester is adorable and I think you are wonderful to give him a loving home.

    Do street tiles signify a street name?

    1. The tiles are indicative of the names of the streets.

    2. Ah I've never seen street tiles before, they are really quaint.

  2. Such a cutie that Chester of your´s!
    I´ve never seen houses like the ones you are showing. Interesting!

    1. Arts and crafts originated in the UK after the Victorian age and then spilled over to North America and Australia.

  3. Love the bungalows. We have a few historic sections in Los Angeles with craftsman bungalows and I love seeing them and all the wonderful colors.
    Chester is a real cutie. Glad they're co-mingling.

    1. Yes, i was just going to say that I've ten that style a lot in Venice, LA

  4. What an enchanting neighborhood, such charming houses and the gardens are lovely. Thanks for taking us with you.

  5. It looks like a wonderful place to walk. Arts and Crafts bungalows are my favorite style home. So much personality. I always have my eye out for one. I actually have a board on pinterest dedicated to bungalows and cottages. Thanks for allowing me to tag-a-long. Love reading about the cats. Bonnie

  6. You have a beautiful neighborhood. Those houses are wonderful! You have inspired me to start walking in my neighborhood in the early evening. Such a relaxing and inspiring thing to do after dinner. Have a great weekend!

  7. Chester, you are welcome to visit my house in California any time you want to.

    Love Green and Green homes as well as humble bungalows.

    1. Greene and Greene homes are over the top!
      We were treated to a personal guided tour of Gamble House when we visited Pasadena, Ted Bosley was the director at the time. Ted and Dr.Robert Winter, an arts and crafts specialist, who lives near the Arroyo in the Batchelder home toured us around for hours. We fell in love with Bungalow Heaven.

      California has so many bungalows one could never see them all!

    2. That must have been a wonderful experience! I'll have to ask Mr JW if he knows the gentlemen you mentioned...he was on the board of directors for the Pasadena Museum of History a few years ago.

  8. This sounds strangely like having a newborn in the house :) He is a cutie so I'm sure the lack of sleep is worth it (hopefully it won't last too long!) Beautiful homes and gardens, what a lovely place to walk.

  9. What a great walk and wonderful colours on those first Arts and Crafts. We have loads of that style here in the East Bay but noone is as vervy with their paint colours

  10. What a cute neighborhood. It reminds me of a certain area in Sonoma. There are the cutest bungalows there.

    A California kitty, huh? How funny!

  11. My vet told me that one cat had to be younger (so the older could have bee nthe parent) for the meld to go as smoothly as possible. Hang in, he is adorable.

    1. There have been many more friendly encounters in the past few days and we are well on our way to being a happy 2 cat household!

  12. I enjoyed this walk with you - very cool shoes!

    The story of Chester makes me want to cry. I don't know why, but cruelty to animals is someting I just can't tolerate - the stories, the pictures, everything about it breaks my heart. I'm glad Chester is going to be fantastically spoiled like Oliver Twist. Tell Pepper to be generous! I'm sure they'll meld very soon.

    1. Many Thanks Rebekah
      I like these shoes too and they are great walkers...
      Josef Siebel makes great footwear.

  13. Welcome to Chester. He looks to be a sweety, but oh my the energy that these little ones can have. Pepper is probably wondering if he missed the meeting where he could have vetoed the adoption!!
    Peg - will send an email to you regarding getting together for tea.

    1. Pepper is becoming much more tolerant...
      l will look forward to your email.
      Hope your accommodation is comfortable and that the treatments are not too invasive.

  14. Thanks for taking us along on your walk! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I want to live in that 1st home pictured.

    I enjoy your blog very much.

  15. Lisa I just popped over to your blog.
    You've got some tempting clothes in the latest polyvore!