Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday's roses.....

The winds have blown in full and forceful,
the seas are cresting with white caps and waves....
it's a blustery warm wind that howls
and we have 4 cruise ships in our port today...

I've been shopping for a super special little Miss.
Isla is her name and her hair is that glorious shade of red of her Scottish ancestors.
She is turning 2 soon and there is a party planned, food, festivities, family and friends.

I had a very helpful Mummy,
a "Yummy Mummy" in fact that steered me in the right direction.

size 4
wee shoes
who does not love to buy when someone else gets a new pair of shoes at the same time?
love the glam and glitter!

Oh and we found some great stuff at the toy shop on The Avenue.
Hope she has fun with what we chose.

Gosh it's a busy day here in The Humble Bungalow...
weeding the garden.

I had to prune an errant branch that was dangling low and threatening to break off.

apricot and a fruity scent

can we agree on frothy?

she has a very sweet intoxicating nectar.

(if only I could remember her name!)

I am going to meet a new kitten tomorrow
a companion for Pepper
we like to rescue kittens.

This kitten is 9 weeks old and sounds like a sweet fellow.

Fingers crossed he is a keeper.
We've already chosen a name.....

stay tuned 
I may be introducing a new feline soon!

Hope that the sun is shining down on your patch!


  1. Those two years just flashed by, didn't they?! Happy Birthday to your sweet Isla -- Grandma shopping is such fun and those little Toms are delightful! Toddler chic!

  2. Sweet little shoes - shopping for a granddaughter must be such fun.
    It was a very windy day today. We were on the Avenue and side streets for the garagallennium - didn't find anything to bring home (thank goodness!) but had a good time meeting friends and chatting our way up and down.

  3. Those small shoes are just t o o cute!
    Waiting anxiously to see your new kitten. Have a nice Sunday.

  4. ooh a new kitty, how fun! Happy Birthday to Isla!

  5. Oh I hope your visit tomorrow results in a new kitten to love! So exciting. :-) I'll be witing with bated breath for your next post. xx

  6. Those Toms are so cute and your flowers are lovely!

  7. Your granddaughter will be all in the glam with those cute little shoes. Beautiful roses, loved the color. Enjoy the birthday party and the new kitty . . .

  8. Oooh, do you think Pepper will want a new kitten? That always concerns me for the 'First Cat'. And, cats can be territorial and then behavioral problems ensue in the future. But, how nice that you seek out rescues. I love your posts on the beautiful Pepper! Your flowers are gorgeous, too!

  9. My daughter who is 29 and a shoe size 9 has those exact Tom's, which she loves. Always has loved sparkly shoes since she was Isla's age. They're so adorable in that tiny size. I think maybe you should get a pair for summer - would be great with all your black and white!
    Very excited for you about the possible kitten - hope it works out.

  10. I love shopping for my granddaughter(s)- we just had a new granddaughter, Ronan, born May 1st. My other, Jasmine age 4, loves to get new clothes and dress up, but enjoys being barefoot and free as much. She would love those Tom's. The roses are lovely- wish I could grow them here, but the soil is terrible. Happy weekend.

  11. Such excitement at the humble bungalow! I can almost smell those roses, would love to just bury my nose in them. Looking forward to seeing the new addition to the bungalow family...

  12. What cute little Tom's and for such a special little girl. I can just see them on little feet ~ adorable. Looking forward to seeing the new kitten, I have been looking for one too, but so far the right one has come along.

  13. Aww, a new kitten. My two are elderly and declining, and I love them dearly. But I do miss having kittens. I used to foster kittens for an animal protective group, a great way to always have kittens without having the cats pile up. But it's not possible right now. I look forward to sharing yours.


  14. New kittens, roses, and silver shoes! The unbeatable triumvirate.

  15. A new kitten? Have you discussed this with Pepper? :)

    Always love to see your roses.

  16. A new kitty would be so fun! I bet your granddaughter would love playing with a kitten.
    I did not know Tom's had kids sizes...those are about the cutest little girl shoes I have ever seen. Good job Grandma!

  17. Those little silver shoes are adorable! Congrats on your new kitten. Can't wait to see pictures.

  18. Big news, and your granddaughter is growing so quickly! Eager to "meet" your new kitten. Are your cats indoor cats or are they allowed out?

    1. Indoor cats but outside on our gated sun deck in the good weather and supervised! We have many raccoons in the area and they are quite aggressive so we need to take care.

  19. Love TOMS! What a great cause! And that peachy color in your roses is gorgeous! My first time nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Betsy I am happy that you are popping in for a visit to the Humble Bungalow Blog.
      Hope you enjoy coming back too.

  20. Love those sparkly Toms! And they are especially darling in a tiny size! How fun to buy for a two year old!! Your roses are gorgeous!

  21. I enjoyed hearing about your granddaughter's upcoming birthday and your shopping expedition for a gift. Your roses are beautiful, as always! Have a great week!

  22. Have never heard of 'Tom' shoes but they are so cute,and Miss Isla will not be able to stop staring at her sparkly shoes. Ida

  23. If I had your green thumb, I would fill my garden space with nothing but soft pink, apricot and bright orange roses from David Austen. Alas, I have to buy them when I want something special.

    Sparkly shoes will put a smile on any girl's face. Are you a naughty temptress for little Isla?

  24. I just found your blog and immediately followed. I will look forward to your visit and comments.

    Those Tom's shoes are adorable. I was unaware they made children's shoes.

  25. Greetings Helen,
    I hope that you enjoy popping by from time to time.
    Frye make wee boots too and they are so well crafted that I might need to buy some of those when she's a bit older!

  26. That is so exciting you're getting a new kitty!