Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet Chester The Humble Bungalow Kitten

Wow life is so different when you adopt a kitten!
It's like having a newborn again.

We are transitioning the introduction carefully so as not to upset Pepper too much.
They both have separate litter boxes, dishes, beds and scratching posts.
I have set up a safe room for our new little bundle, and he is wee at 1.8 pounds!

It's fun having a kitten in the house but the place is a mess and I have my arms full.
Just getting a meal on the table has it's challenges with a little one underfoot.
Stepping slowly and carefully as Chester darts after balls and toys that litter the carpet.
Chester is fond of being held and must feel safe snuggled up close listening to our heartbeats
and gazing into our eyes.
He's precious and loves to nuzzle up under my chin
 and he has taken to giving me a few sandpapery kisses with his tongue.

I read that the ticking of an alarm clock wrapped up in their bed helps as does a hot water bottle.
The clock is on the job but I have not yet tested the water bottle.

Chester at 9 weeks


I may be posting shorter posts and less often for awhile,
hope you'll stick around while I am busy elsewhere.

I typed this post with one hand while Chester slept on my chest purring contentedly!

Look how lovely Constance Spry is looking today.

Until next time...
take care.


  1. Chester is so cute. Have fun playing and cuddling. xx

  2. your constance spry is beautiful. Life with a kitty or puppy is full on!

  3. Adorable, although with a name like Chester, handsome might be more appropriate . . .

  4. Darling! Such gorgeous markings! Will be very interested in updates on how Pepper is adjusting to the new 'wild man', as kittens are darling terrors!! Please do post as many pictures of the fab felines as you are able.

  5. He absolutely adorable. So glad you rescued him, and hope it's an easy adjustment.

  6. Congratulations!
    Chester is perfectly wonderful. I like cats with stripes : ).

  7. Oh he's adorable! I'm sure he and Pepper will soon be fast friends. And your roses are stunning!

  8. Chester is just lovely! Congratulations on your new family member, and good luck with the introduction to Pepper!

  9. He's so cute and I love his name. Enjoy

  10. He's adorable - and as a "busy" breed, I bet Pepper will really enjoy having a feline playmate. You will also enjoy having Pepper and Chester burn off energy together rather than one being led astray by boredom...

  11. What fun! Kittens are so delightful. As is Constance Spry -- I'm surprised to see how far ahead your garden is -- my Constance won't be in bloom for at least another week, probably two.

  12. Tabbies are my favorite...welcome Chester! But love to Pepper first, of course :)

  13. What a great name,was there a special reason for the name?

    Yes,like all babies he will keep you busy!! Ida

  14. ida,
    We liked the sound of the name, no other reason...
    I do not know anyone named Chester.