Friday, June 29, 2012

OOTD among other things...

Do you love a dress in a pattern or a solid shade?
I am partial to black, black and more black.
It hides a multitude of sins.

Besides all my LBD's,
I have a couple of reliable patterned dresses which I can pop on
and in a flash be out the door.

One such dress has had oodles of wear and is still going strong,
 the pattern is a marriage of unlikely colours,
daubs of colour that look as if they have been splashed on by a paint brush.

I have owned this dress for several years
when I bought it it was on sale 
 the CPW (cost per wearing) 
down to just a few pennies!

I wore a Sherman pin that I've had for eons,
a co worker said it reminded her of a coral reef in Hawaii 
where she and her husband went scuba diving.

I used to wear brooches everyday
I think that was before I discovered scarves and when my only strand of pearls was a small faux pearl choker.
Change is the one constant...
preferring real to faux
I have very little in the way of jewelry.

I do love how fashion conscious younger women accessorize.
They are not afraid of taking risks and seem to have a sixth sense of what looks great.

Vickie is one amazing blogger and she is on the cutting edge of fashion

~ ~ ~

I will be opening this bag soon...

I purchased this as I have been seriously craving some crunch, sour and salt...
as the end of term closes I plan to indulge
(the first in over 2 months)
 naughty yes, but I feel I have more than earned them...

Poppy patterned Mikasa vase
I snatched it from the free pile from down the street
it's just waiting for some fresh cut flowers...
~ ~ ~
The cats have been racing around the bungalow
most of the time they are friendly.
Nose to nose greetings are common

Pepper has been keeping Chester in line when he gets too rambunctious
Chester likes to run full steam ahead, pounce and leap on Pepper's back...
a swat lets the little guy know he's out of line.
 ~ ~ ~
I have been arranging flowers for the year end ceremony this week
tick tock the term is coming to a close...
~ ~ ~


Who knows what the months will bring....


  1. I love my black dresses.....but I also love a good pattern. The key is finding a good one; most patterns I don't love. The pattern of your dress is lovely!

  2. The pattern on your dress reminds me of the fall scenes in some Group of Seven paintings.
    I hope you have a lovely long weekend, after the excitement of the end-of-year at school. I have been up and down every street in your neighbourhood and nearby neighbourhoods, looking at open houses, with an eye to down-sizing. If you hear of anything......

    1. I will keep my ears and eyes open and email you if I hear of anything!

  3. I wear a black dress about once a year, I find it such a negative colour but I do prefer plains to patterns.
    The vase is stunning, very Lalique like.

  4. I usually gravitate towards color and pattern in my dresses. I have always loved floral prints. But I am always searching for the perfect LBD because I know that is supposed to be the most flattering. Enjoy the summer!

  5. Pattern or solid on dresses? It would depend on the color, pattern, design and the occasion when/ if needed.
    It must feel wonderful to start a vacation, enjoy it!
    Hopefully the weather will be to your liking as well. Over here, we are waiting for higher temperatures.

  6. I favor solids and rarely wear a pattern on any item of clothing, except on scarves. I think patterns look funny on me.
    You must be so excited to be beginning your vacation. Enjoy those chips - love me some crunchy, salty snacks.

  7. I tend to be a plain Jane,all makes me look like 'death warmed up' British saying!

    Funny how sometimes we crave savouries or sweet items..never hurts to have small pieces of what we crave.

    Happy Summer days.Ida

  8. Love your brooch, and WOW, that vase was a great find. I'm gravitating back to a uniform neutrals: white black and denim with a little pop of color here and there. Your black and white ensembles have inspired me!

  9. I tend to head toward black as well. My favorite combination is black and white, but I will venture out with other colors as well. I like to accessorize with color. I will slip on a pair of orange sandals, etc.

    Yesterday was my last day of school. I will return in mid August to begin preparing for the fall. I hope you have something wonderful planned for the summer. And please go have your pop chips, I know you deserve them.

    Sorry for the delete. I had far too many typos. My hand, eye and brain coordination must be taking a break as well:)

  10. I guess both, not that I wear dresses much. My LBD is a vintage Pierre Cardin and has some ivory trim which makes it less somber I think. For the summer I have an ivory dress, and a few with patterns that I like.
    That vase is gorgeous - what a great find in a "free pile" ~ very Lalique. Enjoy your vacation and please update us on your renovation.

  11. My dresses tend to be solid and I do have two "go to" little black dresses. One dress was kept for special occasions. However, since reading some of the blogs, especially The Vivienne Files, I have been dressing up and dressing down my latest black dress addition. It served me well on a trip to Boston last weekend where we met my son for cocktails and light dinner (black dress casual) and for an anniversary dinner (a little more dressy). But I am thinking about moving away from black. It was not a flattering color on me when I was young. I looked better in warm colors. I question whether it should be preempted by another neutral. My hair is blonde now (actually very grey), but when young it was chestnut brown. Those were the days. Suggestions welcome.

    1. I love black dresses and if you feel the need of some colour I' 'd suggest investing in a beautiful scarf.
      You could mass pearls together for a warm glow which would look lovely with your hair coloring.
      A Pasmina in a flattering shade would be an elegant accent item.
      If you really are bored with black then you need to listen to what your heart and mind are saying and branch out!
      Getting dressed should be fun.

    2. I am not so much bored with black dresses, but concerned that the color might wash my complexion out. I am very fair. But your idea of massing pearls or a pashmina might be the answer. I remember someone telling me to keep flattering colors near the face. Your suggestion would work very well with softer accessories at the neck. If I got rid of black, half of my wardrobe would have to go! Not economically feasible. Thanks for your advice.

  12. I can't imagine life without black dresses and just bought one more, a gauzy, simple one perfect for our 30C+ weather! FInd i get tired of prints and wear them so much less, and yours is delightful- so I should rethink that!