Sunday, June 3, 2012

Purple Haze...

Purple alliums are standing tall and the bees are buzzing noisily about...

Purple Alliums 
attract bees 
and butterflies.

Floppy headed blouse-y roses
Madame Gregoire Staechelin

Isn't she lovely?

Purple alliums
I'm loving them as much today as I did when I planted them a few years ago.
They've obviously been happy as they have multiplied like nobody's business.

buzz buzz
a worker bee at work

I love purple with chartreuse...

Trying to capture the bees in their frantic zig zag motion
proved to be difficult.
They didn't even seem to notice me as they were so intent on their work.
"Busy as a Bee"
 (fits them to a Tee)

clematis in full glory...

The acacia tree has been felled
it gave us years of shade and grew too tall to be easily managed on a city lot.
The arborist advised us to plant something a little less aggressive
so we are trying to find an apple tree to plant in it's place.

The John Grieve variety is top of the list and the tree service is trying to locate a specimen for us.

Looking forward to some cozy fireside chats warmed by her wood
in the winters to follow.

Mr. HB might need to rent a splitter to tackle this job.

Bees like to fly right up inside these wee trumpet shaped foxglove flowers.

Foxgloves are biennials
they pop up in places that surprise me
as I do not remember them being close to where they are blooming now.

"Bloom where you are planted"
Mary Englebreit

I have been glued to the BBC 
 have been watching all the pomp and pageantry that is The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Kate looked radiant in red and well let's just say that The Queen rocked her party!

Sweet dreams....


  1. Your garden is wonderful! I've carted 5 bees safely out of the house this weekend and plopped them onto flowers to calm down and get their strength back, they are too furry and lovely to be squished.

  2. Yesterday must have been flower day! I was breathless over the purple allium I saw in a stunning "secret garden" I had the privilege to see.
    Your photos are beautiful!

  3. Such beautiful flowers and yes, the rose is absolutely gorgeous. Is clematis a shade plant?

  4. I have all my clematis plants in full sun. There may be varieties available for shady spots any decent nursery will be able to help you find something to suit the conditions.

  5. Very nice photos! Love all the flowers you show.

  6. My sympathies for your husband with the wood work.
    The rose is so pretty.

  7. I loved the flotilla - it was a little unnerving to see Prince Charles swaying to and fro to the music, though. He looked very much like his dad.

  8. I was also glued to the TV and loved it all. The flotilla was amazing. And Kate looked so pretty in that red outfit. Your garden is beautiful.

  9. Fox gloves - one of my favourites and they can move about the garden with reckless abandon! They are easily moved about too, and I like to hear the sound of the bees deep in the throat of these flowers.
    Isn't our queen lovely. No one does pomp and circumstance better than the British!
    We have a maple that is slowly losing ground, and I would like to reoplace it with a beech - the tall cylindrical type!

  10. Your garden must be such a source of peace and refreshment for you. Your flowers are lovely. I was able to watch todays festivities and the queen looked radiant. An amazing woman and what a magnificent spectacle.

  11. What beautiful flowers. It is so hot here in Kansas that rarely do we have any flowers this beautiful.
    I watched some of the festivities and what fantastic pagentry. The Brits really know how to do a Jubilee. So colorful and entertaining.

  12. I Always love your garden photos, particularly your roses!

    I'm in plans with a local bee farmer, apiarist? to develop 30 acres of meadows we have here, on the Oak Ridges Moraine; in The Happy Valley Forest. The land is pesticide free, with many natural springs, and is a safe space to nurture bees.
    I have a passion for bees, and have since I was a child. I did my first public speaking assignment on bees, (remember those, in elementary school?) I only wish I had started all this years ago.

    My family are also loyal Royal Watchers. I was surprised when my ninety-one year old mum told me she doesn't like to hear anyone speak badly about Prince Philip. lol I guess he too; does have his fans!