Monday, June 25, 2012

Nature's antibiotic...Hail to Kale Caesar recipe included.

Did you know that garlic is Nature's antibiotic?
It can keep those blood sucking vampires at bay too...
We grew a crop this year and Mr. HB has harvested the crop and braided it for storage and easy access...

hung up to dry by the sink
I think it looks quite arty
perhaps even Italian

The simple Caesar salad recipe follows
substitute kale for the romaine.

Wash and spin dry a bunch of kale
remove the tough ribs and tear into bite size pieces
place in a salad bowl.

Our fundraising cookbook from 1992

I was the Parent Advisory President that year and we were fundraising crazy back then...
chocolate sales, fruit by the box, chicken breasts, cards and giftwrap, hot dog days, the annual Spring Fair
and let's not forget those evenings in the smoke filled cage of the local casino counting out money!

We bought a computer lab with 30 brand new state of the art Mac's
and we gave each classroom teacher $150 a year for incidentals and paid for fun days and field trips
as well as special events for the entire school to enjoy.

Those were the good old days 
when our children were young and we had masses of energy and time to share.

My cookbook is falling apart 
the kids have grown up and flown the nest.

It's just us and the cats now...

It's a wonder that I even get a blog post written...

someone is very sleepy...

I am so smitten with Chester
he is just a bundle of loveliness!

I have permission from our son Stewart to share an image that he took of their one and only garden rose...
and it's a stunner.

a song from one of my favourite all time movies...
have a listen and walk down memory lane with me.

Mr. HB and Mother are both down with a nasty cough and cold.
Apparently it is making the rounds and many people are home 
sidelined with boxes of tissues and cough syrup.

Nin Jiom 
is on the job in both our households...

Personally I think there is a better time to get a cold
that would be winter
no one likes to be sick come summer...

I do hope Mother rallies as we are planning to zip off to Seattle in July for some fun, food and shopping.

Hooray it's my last week of work until September!
I am delighted...

Hugs, health, and Happiness.
(and a Happy Birthday shout out to Natalie!)


  1. Wonderfully white garlic, it looks Italian - like.
    A sleeping cat is almost as charming as a sleeping dog ; )
    Hoping, that your family will be well soon

  2. Your caesar salad with kale sounds wonderful. I will have to try it. And how great that you grow your own garlic. You must be so excited to be done for the summer. Sounds like you have some exciting vacation plans coming up. Enjoy!

  3. Your garlic braid is lovely and will flavour many meals.

    That nasty cold/cough made its round in our home recently, too. It was rather severe, but short. Hope Mr. HB and your mother soon recover.

  4. Lots of Summer colds/coughs around here to,hope everyone takes their garlic.

    Like the Queen garlic never passes my lips,garlic breath urgggh never.
    As they say each to their own.Ida

  5. Like your garlic braid, whiskers curled paws, Kale recipe, beautiful Rose photo. I hope your mom and hubby are cold free soon . . . Enjoy some happy "no work" days!

  6. what wonderful garlic, think of all the great things you can put it in.

    Chester is so pretty, and he really seems to want to help you with this post! Very cute.

    Hope everyone feels better son for the trip. Have fun!

  7. Garlic is always in supply here as we love it's inclusion in recipes and it's great for treating colds & flu.
    Oh the days of fundraising I remember well Hostess, every year I would bake cakes for the school carnival cake stall. Over the years I must have baked hundreds,
    Thank you for your lovely comment about my kitchen L, I got a little choked up reading it because you would have seen many homes on blogs so it meant a great deal to me.

  8. I hope you mother is soon feeling much better so that you can have a wonderful time together in Seattle.
    Garlic and onions - good medicine!

  9. Chester is a snuggly little ball of furry cuteness!

  10. Perfect for a home made veggie cocktail too!

  11. Gorgeous garlic, and thanks for the recipe. Hope your mom and Mr. HB make a speedy recovery, dislike summer colds intensely. That photo of Chester is so precious.

  12. Chester is completely adorable. I'd probably be pestering the poor thing with kisses and snuggles while he's trying to sleep (which I still do with my 12 year old cat) - who can resist that sweet little fuzzy thing?

  13. Thank you for the recipe. Do Pepper and Chester sleep together yet?