Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday morning chit chat...

Lovely DIL and I hit the mall for her pre-birthday shopping last evening.
The weather was positively beastly so it was great to be under cover and the mall was quite quiet.
Two hours and a Starbucks latte later we had bagged a few bargains.

I found a new belt for summer season...
my other belt is from Olsen and I love it to bits.

it has a nautical safari vibe going on
~ ~ ~
African Queen meets Out of Africa
a belt that will be with me for a long time coming...

it very nearly was the belt that wasn't coming home with me
as it's tag had fallen off and the clerk had no idea how much it was so...
we scoured the displays, mannequins and shelves looking for another with a tag
and our search paid off for in the bottom of a wire bin lay another one with the tag!

a visit to the Clarins counter 
for the Wonder Perfect Mascara
and a bag full of samples
(I do love freebies)

I'll report on the mascara after a reasonable test drive.

Hail to Kale Salad 

Behold the magnificent Kale Caesar
it's delicious and so healthy.

I shared one with my sister when we all took Mother out for her birthday dinner,

I must get cracking as I have a busy day and the weekend is here 
it's a slew of domestics mixed with social events with friends.

If I don't say it often enough
I appreciate you stopping by and I do love to read your comments
 by sharing your thoughts you are expanding an ever growing network of friends
all gathered together in a remarkable cyberspace journey.

in gratitude
Your Humble Hostess
~ ~ ~


  1. I don't know what to do with kale, it's so rough and chew and spiny.
    My mascara right now is Clarins, I'm not sure which one, it's the most simple one as I loathe spiky black lashes.

  2. How funny, I'm eating a kale salad right now as I read this!

    Tabitha, remove the spines and the most leathery leaves. Chop the rest into ribbons, easier to eat that way, then toss with some dressing, sunflower seeds, and what have you.

  3. Great belt! Isn't it funny, how such a small accessory can perk up the wardrobe?

  4. Yesterday was a good day for shopping indoors. I like the belt. Enjoy your weekend activities.

  5. Pardon my popping in, Hostess, but wanted to say how clever to replace the romaine with kale for a Caesar salad. I think my vitamin levels have gone up just looking at your salad. I grow Tuscan kale which is a softer kale, so will have to try this. Have a good weekend.

  6. Interesting . . . I will have to try the Kale. Precisely why I enjoy visiting and receiving visits too. Ideas, friendships and wisdom abounds in this "air/wind!"

  7. Love the belt - it will make your summer outfits look more pulled together. I 've only cooked kale a few times so I'm interested to read about a salad. My recipes involved actually cooking it so I thought that was the way you ate it.

  8. Love your belt and the salad sounds delish!! Eating much healthier this summer.

    Have a great weekend!

    Art by Karena
    Artist Series 2012

  9. The belt so right for your Chris Craft days,blue/white stripey top belted with trousers/skirts...ship shape my hearties!!! Ida

  10. I think you're adorable, Leslie.


  11. Your belt reminds me of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Very nautical. Blogs have decided tonight's dinner menu. Deja Pseu's cilantro post = fish with a cilantro/lime marinade, accompanied by a kale Caesar salad.
    Thank you both.

  12. I've only ever tried kale with potatoes and cheese (DaniBP's recipe)....I might have to try Kale Caesar though!