Sunday, December 13, 2009


I find myself going into lots of different boutiques and shops at this time of year. It is when I am usually on a mission to find that "perfect gift" for someone, that invariably, I find that "perfect gift" for me!
I LOVE shoes, not killer tall heels, I prefer flats or kitten heels. I have been searching for a pair of red flats to replace my BCBG patent leather ones that I found at Nordstroms' in Seattle and completely wore out. Now you are probably wondering HOW can that happen to a shoe collector. Well, those little red gems put a bounce in my step and if I was feeling tired or had a challenging day ahead or if I felt like raising my happy meter well, I'd choose those little red numbers and VOILA Happy Times!
I am sad to say that I am still on the hunt for the new reds...why are they so elusive? In the meantime, I found some really cute brown leather Nine West flats that I didn't really know that I needed until I put them on!

Yesterday I was shopping on The Avenue, and found a soft mocha "Ca va de soi" tank made from Italian yarn. It feels like a cashmere jersey, so comfy! I love the fabrics that Ca va de soi use in their garments!

I purchased a black jersey pocket cardigan from Gilmour to layer over top of the tank. I will be layering multiple strands of pearls on top and I already have black pants and a black skirt so I am set for the holiday gatherings where I do not want to wear one of my LBD's.

I do not know much about the Gilmour company and can't find them on the internet. The small boutique had various pieces and all were just under the $100 price point. The designs are simple, the fabrics are soft and the color range was blacks, greys and taupes. The company must be small and quite possibly a local one.

I prefer to shop in small boutiques where there are helpful, friendly, and  knowledgeable staff. It was a pleasant experience trying on the garments.  The sales clerk knew her stock and what would work with my curvy figure and between the two of us we quickly had gathered up about a dozen "possibles" which I tried on, narrowing down the choices. I am pleased with my purchases and have signed up on their email list so that I will get advance notice of new stock and sales.

This is the same shop where I buy my lacy knickers! I have discovered what I consider to be THE BEST panty ever!  Hanky Panky  are a thong, and so comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors

Have you purchased a "gift" for yourself this season?

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  1. beautiful finds... I have not purchased a gift for myself this season- for some strange reason I am not in the mood to shop lately (VERY bizarre for me) but I'm sure it will return soon. I have bought some beauty items recently however...