Thursday, December 3, 2009

Basic black

What to buy and wear for the holidays? So many choices!
I have been perusing magazines, looking for inspiration and at 50 something with a rather curvy shape I have been working overtime!
I am a minimalist and fundamentally a frugalist, and I have discovered that I gravitate to basic black. I have several LBD's, and feel I can accessorize them to suit my mood. An Hermes scarf, a velvet jacket, pashmina shawl, shoes, boots, pearls, or a stunning artsy necklace that will elevate and transport the simple and unadorned.
I recently purchased a pair of black jeans, a little bit longer to wear with heels or boots...and I have found a fun sequined top which I plan to wear under a black jacket for a more dressy event or under denim for a relaxed hipper event.
I'll add some scent, some red lippy, and modicum of attitude. At 50 plus I am not overly concerned about opinions from others, I am who I am, take it or leave it.
Enter and sign in please!


  1. What a wonderful blog! Found via Une Femme d'un certain age. I will return with more comments next time.

  2. Thank you Frugal Scholar! I will pop on over to your blog!