Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scents and (S)cents-ability


I love fragrance and have a few favorite scents.

Lavender, maybe my #1 in my repertoire of scents. I grow it in the garden and have sachets in my bedroom and bureau. Soaps are a great way to enjoy Lavender. Harrods makes one that lasts a long time and scents the bathroom. (or your lingerie, if you keep it in the drawer with your lacy knickers!)

Rose, not from a bottle, but from a bloom, Abraham Darby, Jude the Obscure, Constance Spry, Gertrude Jekyll, among others. Citrus, heady, old fashioned, and sweet.

Beeswax candles as they warm and illuminate. I have enjoyed scented candles but I always come back to beeswax. I buy them locally, they are a Humble Bungalow staple.

Coffee, especially in the morning! French or Italian.

Fresh boughs, balsam, cedar, pine and fir. Crisp simple and earthy.

Potted paperwhites, strong, heady and sweet.

Scents are evocative, they bring back memories, mother wore Shalimar, my father Old Spice,  and my grandmother Noxema!
One Christmas I received a gift set of Evening In Paris, cobalt blue bottles of eau de toilette and parfum and that was the beginning of my journey into the world of scent.
I have worn quite a few, some that come to mind are Ma Griffe, My Sin, Paris, Rive Gauche, Tresor, L'air de Temps, and 24 Faubourg.

My mother wears Chanel #5 exclusively now.

What scents speak to you? Have you travelled the heady world of parfum?

 Mulled wine scents and intoxicates the bungalow as it steeps on the stove.

Recipe for Humble Bungalow Mulled Wine
1 large orange studded with 12 whole cloves
2 tbsp. brown sugar
3 tbsp. demerera rum
24 ozs. dry red table wine
Roast orange studded with cloves for 30 minutes in 350 degree oven.
In a large pot heat the wine until almost boiling, add the sugar, rum and the clove studded orange. Simmer on stove top to keep warm.
Ladle into heavy glass mugs.

I have doubled this recipe when hosting an Open House. Popular and inexpensive...scents and (S)cents -ability!

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