Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orange and blue boxes

What is it about packaging?
It is quite possible that I am impressed by packaging. Last year I purchased a gift for my lovely daughter in law from Tiffany's. It took me at least 30 minutes to choose the gift and nearly as long for the clerk to wrap and package said item! I was very impressed by the deft hand that the clerk exhibited when she so elegantly and precisely folded and tucked the tissue and slipped it into that blue envelope before placing it into the blue box and then tying, with out help, the ribbon into a bow! (I did offer to place my thumb on the ribbon to assist her in bow tying but she did not need it!)
One holds their breath opening a gift from Tiffany's. The multi wrapped and beribboned blue box cannot be rushed. Hermes orange, Cartier red, Tiffany blue they hold us captive for a few seconds or minutes, like the icing on the cake.
It reminds me of pass the present at a children's birthday party. The game where there are many layers of wrap and various boxes within boxes that are passed child to child and each one opens a layer until at last there is one layer left and whomever unwraps the last layer gets what is inside.
In the movie Love Actually, there is a shopping scene where Alan Rickman is purchasing a necklace and it is lavishly packaged, flowers, (they look like dried roses) are added with a flourish, lavender is sprinkled on top and before the process is complete, Alan mentions something to the clerk, played by Rowan Atkinson, "and I suppose you want to sprinkle it with chocolate buttons"!
Are we mad about the process of packaging?
I bought a gift at a local shop which specializes in Burberry items and quality garments. The price tags were removed, it was double wrapped in fine tissue, a gold seal bearing the name of the shop was affixed to the tissue, and was then gently placed inside a glossy black box and more seals were affixed to the bottom of the box, which was then tied up in gross grain ribbon and placed into a thick shiny, crest emblazoned carrier bag!
Is it all about the packaging?

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