Monday, December 28, 2009

Lazy Monday and Luxury, or what it means for me as opposed to what the dictionary defines it as...

This morning I slept late after our 12 hour road trip to pick up the Pedigree Pram. I must admit that I have been excited and am now a wee bit tired.
I made myself an egg nog latte and sat in front of my laptop and read all my favorite blog posts before showering! Pure luxury to stay in my robe and relax, something I normally do when waking in a hotel and ordering room service. Another luxury!
 I made a big brunch of bacon, eggs and toast and then Mr. L and I went for a brisk walk. We are fortunate to live in an established older area of the city close to the ocean and yet near town.  It is remarkably quiet in our neighborhood, birds being the cacaphonous symphony of sound we most often hear. There is a large and historic cemetery nearby where we enjoy walking under the canopy of trees and noticing the variety and details of the headstones and family plots.
This afternoon we have spent sitting in the bungalow living room warmed by the fire reading our books and nibbling on wine sausage, pickles, cheese and crackers. More luxury, bliss in fact.
The simple tick tock of the hall clock and the Westminster chime every quarter and the hours marked feel luxurious to can be material things, goods, items, service.

Luxury, for me is the gift of time, spent doing things that I love with someone I love.

Luxury defined:
A good or service that is not considered a necessity but is considered as something that brings pleasure or happiness. For example, an individual might purchase an expensive automobile because of the status and comfort that it will bring, though a used car would suffice for traveling purposes.

Mr. L,  someone I LOVE gave me a very romantic gift this year, something luxurious that I would not do for myself... it involves travel, a hotel and dining out! Destination: Tiffany's! I will be choosing a silver bangle to add to my collection. I have an assortment of them, which I wear as a group. Mr. L could have easily purchased a bangle but he knows me well and knows that the packaging and ambiance of Tiffany's is all part of the gift!

Simple luxury, or decandence? What defines luxury to you?

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