Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Horsing around (my neck!)

Hermes does equestrian better than the rest.

I have ridden a horse although it seems long ago. My sister rides, and jumps and has had a passion for ponies as long as I can remember.  She trains young riders and has a home with a barn and paddocks on the property. Owning a horse, or horses, is a lot of work, not to mention the cost!
 I have not ridden since, at 6 months pregnant, I was thrown off. I was shaken up but not hurt. (Baby was fine)
My idea of riding a horse now would involve a horse drawn carriage!

 I found this Hermes scarf in a local consignment shop. I have no idea why it was there when I happened to pop in and browse.
It was a fortuitous find indeed!

Designed by Hubert de Watrigant, entitled "Real Escula Andaluza Del Arte Equestre."

The colors are vibrant, the classic hand rolled edging is superb. It truly is a work of art by an amazing artist, produced by experienced Hermes craftsmen and women with their dedication and high standards of quality.

I like to wrap this around my neck to add a splash of color to my simple white T and jeans.

        It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must also know how to fall. -- Mexican proverb

What have you "fallen" for ?

Was it  an expensive or frugal purchase and how do you feel about it?

I love a bargain or a fabulous find, luxe for less fits in the Humble Bungalow best!


  1. I love horses. There are three across the street from our house who communicate daily with our two dogs. It's wonderful.

    I am going to make a huge confession here: I do not own a Hermes scarf. Was given one once, didn't like it and -- are you ready (?) -- re-gifted it. I gave it to my best friend and she knew, but still. . .

    Thank you for your lovely visits.

  2. That was a wonderful gesture to regift the Hermes! I applaud you for finding someone who would appreciate and enjoy it.