Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bungalow Dinner and Decorum

I am hosting the Annual Christmas Dinner at the Humble Bungalow. I now need to polish the silverware and get the groceries!
My organic free range turkey will be ready on Wednesday morning at the butcher and I have just realized that I need new dinner napkins. So tomorrow I go shopping!

The table will be set with the gilt edged Royal Albert china in Lavender Rose, the crystal will be the Flamenco pattern, the flatware, Rogers and Co. Silvery Lace circa 1974...the year of our marriage!

I am happy to host, I love my family. It will be loud, there will be laughter, and so much chatter that one cannot catch it all.

We have Christmas crackers, wear the paper hats, read the jokes and trade the wee prizes.

On the menu:
English Cheddar, Gone Crackers, Italian Olives, Candied Smoked Salmon Candy

White and Red BC VQA wines
Turkey Stuffed with Bread crumbs and Giblets with Sage
Whipped Potato Bake
Sweetlet Peas
Maple Baked Sweet Potato Dish
Roasted Brussell Sprouts
Baby Roasted Carrots
Scissor Buns
English Trifle
Coffee, Tea, Drambuie, Bailey's
Rum Balls, Scottish Shortbread
followed by
a reading of the individual "fortunes" in the Christmas Crackers

And possibly games!!

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