Thursday, March 4, 2021

Flower power, a birthday and a thrift shop find...

Cheerful Primulas on the front porch...
they were on sale at the garden centre and I could not pass them up!

I culled my out of season clothes and took them to the thrift shop.
While there, I quickly perused the kitchen area...
I spied this vintage chopping board and grabbed it.

It has a new home here in The Humble Bungalow.

A friend gave me these branches and they forced into flower.
Pretty pink blossoms which are the harbingers of Spring.
This time of year, when the gardens come alive, feels so hopeful.
There is a sense of renewal and energy...
spirit soars.

Crocus are blooming.
Pops of colour are bursting forth in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

A new Hellebore from the garden centre...
a frilly chartreuse green.

I plan on planting this in a bed with Black Mondo grass.
Think that the green and black colours will be a pretty combo.

Mother Nature's Paintbrush must have had a hand in these flowers.

 wake up 
smell the coffee
listen to the birdsong
feel the warmth of the sun
cocooning in my robe
after slumber
a new day


Feeling renewal and embracing a fresh year 

Cheers to 66!

Polenta coated mozza balls on a bed of spicy tomato sauce.

Salmon beets and baby potatoes.
Birthday dinner at Zambri's restaurant with my husband.

I had a martini 
did not count my WW points 
earlier I walked over 15,000 steps over 9.3km

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Happy Birthday, L! Dinner at Zambri's is the best way to celebrate - I swoon over their funghi pizza. There are no WW points on birthdays! I was just out for a walk along the construction zone, I mean Vancouver St and Dallas Rd - feels like every sidewalk is closed!

    It feels good to see all the blooms coming out. Those primulas are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Sheila!
      Zambri's is out go to place and has been for several decades. Love their food...I have never tried the funghi pizza...I must make a point of that in the future! No WW points on birthdays...I need to have a birthday more often :-))
      Vancouver Street is quite chaotic right now! Stay safe and enjoy your walks.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    The primulas are beautiful. I love the vibrant colors.

    1. Vibrant colours are so welcome after the grey and rainy days. I crave colour and make a point of finding pops of colour on my walks...fortunately there are more flowers in bloom and many of the cherry and plum trees are in blossom.

  3. Every photo made my heart sing! Thank you for the lovely post. xo

    1. Oh that is a lovely compliment! Thank you annette.
      Flowers do brighten up our lives.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! All those flowers look wonderful.

    1. Thank you Jeannine...hope that you are well and enjoying yourself.
      Take care.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Ginger...hope that the world is a better and safer place this coming year!

  6. Happy Birthday & welcome to the 66 club! Still snow and right now 9 degrees F here so I enjoyed seeing all your lovely flowers. Carol in VT

    1. ooh sounds chilly in Vermont! We are enjoying temperature at 7 degrees Celsius right now...good for walking but I am wearing my felt hat, gloves and down coat still!
      The seasonal flowers are such a welcome sight...Spring is on its way!

  7. Beautiful flowers make brighter days. Your dinner looks scrumptious. Happy birthday.

    1. Thank you Madame. I read your recent post about the book that you are reading for book sounds good...I have so many books that I want to read but am trying hard to walk more and sit less. I am finding the WW a bit slower at reducing my weight this time around...but hey I am 5 years older so I guess it takes more time!

  8. Oh that salmon looks delicious - I just love Canadian salmon. Happy Birthday! Your green bloom is fascinating, and I love the idea of the black mondo grass. You are the best at finding good things in thrift shops - the chopping board is beautiful. Take care.

    1. The green Hellebore is just one of the many varieties and I love that they are perennial and bloom early in the year and they keep blooming a long time. I have them in pots too so they are very versatile. The chopping board was a delightful find! Am very happy that I allowed myself a few minutes inside the shop to have a quick peek!
      Take care Patricia

  9. What wonderful photos - I do envy you the early Spring! And a very happy belated birthday.

    1. Thank you Margie. Early Spring gives us hope and we are most encouraged by the vaccines arriving and the programs are rolling out. Hope that we will enjoy more freedoms this summer after people get vaccinated!
      Take care :-))

  10. Can you tell me the thrift store where you can drop things off? WIN requires an appointment or drop off at Hillside Mall. Not always convenient!

    1. I drop mine off at the Cedar Hill Salvation Army or downtown VV location. I usually drop off at WIN but the appointment is not always convenient.

  11. Thanks. I hate making an appointment to drop off stuff. When I have a bag I want it gone!
    The service desk at Hillside takes clothing. Right near Marshall’s too. 😀


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