Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A quiet week in February ~ Walks, snow, books, and home decor finds.


Creamy white Ribes 
with a smattering of chartreuse
Blooming in The Humble Bungalow Garden.

It has been pretty quiet this past week here in The Humble Bungalow.
Lots of walks, reading, mindful eating ~ counting my WW points.

I read this gripping crime drama book by Jane Harper.
She is an accomplished author and wow can she weave a murder mystery!

The snow has melted in our neighbourhood...

Blue skies, crisp cold temperatures and a lonely snowman on the beach.

We walked at Butchart Gardens on Sunday.

I cannot remember ever visiting the gardens in the snow.
I know that there was an icy Christmas when we visited to see the Festive lights.

Yes those ponds are frozen!

A wee snowman in The Japanese Garden.

I posted a picture of this vintage bureau on Instagram.
I purchased it from Karin at Kay's Korner in The Cook Street Village.

It fits well in our laundry area and is so much neater than the open shelf unit.

I have stored my knitting "stash"
needles and patterns 
in the two lower drawers
 my garden apron, secateurs and gloves in the top drawer.

A wonderful purchase that has given me a lift!

Speaking of changes
while tidying and de-cluttering in The Humble Bungalow...

I have repurposed two silver champagne buckets.
Feeling restless, and as a result, the need to refresh and fluff our surroundings.
Spending so much time at home has definitely made me look closely at what we have and what is lacking.

New bedding linen, a hall runner and the bureau are examples of change.

Laura Ashley coverlet and pillow shams.
Pepper our older cat approves!

I had a strange dream last night...
(my dreams are frequently weird)

I was in the make up department and was trying on dozens and dozens of lipsticks.
The clerk running to all the cosmetic counters in search of the perfect shade.

When it came time to choose I told the clerk to wrap them all up!

Think I know what might have fueled the dream...
Yesterday when I removed the mask that I wore at the grocery store 
I discovered that it was smeared with red lipstick.

Thank goodness that they are washable.

What is new with you?

Just finished...
Lisa Jewell has done it again...
a thrilling page turner.

Now I need to find a new book.
What do you recommend?

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~ 


  1. I love that white Ribes....we’ve popped a dark pink one into a container on the terrace and I’m looking forward to the pollinators it will draw....a few weeks away, but still, the anticipation builds...
    Your new dresser is so well suited to that space! Have you read Anthony Horowitz’s Susan Ryeland mysteries? I’m reading the second in that series right now (first was Magpie Murders and this one is Moonflower Madness)...I think you’d like them.

    1. I love seeing the plants that you have growing on your deck and thought it very clever to plant in the olive oil tins! I have used them for outdoor floral arrangements in the summertime but never planted anything in them...maybe I will now!
      I will see if I can reserve those books at the public library. Thank you Frances, enjoy your week!

  2. What a great post! You have been busy, and I like the stylish results. The silver champagne buckets in the kitchen are inspirational! Just fabulous... The black painted bureau is very appealing too. I have also just read The Dry, and enjoyed the tangled web of intrigue - as well as the fact it is set in my country. Wow, walking in those snowy gardens looks terrific - cold but absolutely beautiful. Happy walking, and take care.

    1. Thank you Patricia...I just noticed that you published a new post...will head over as soon as I respond to your comment.
      The Dry has apparently been made into a movie...can you imagine those scenes? My imagination went wild when I was reading her book...and she has more for us to read! We'll have to fasten our seat belts for the crime drama!

    2. The movie stars Australia's Eric Bana and has been on in Brisbane for a couple of months. I have not seen it because my husband is not keen, so like you, I am imagining filming those scenes! Did you guess the culprit? I sure did not :)

  3. Also read the Lisa Jewell book; it was good! She can be counted on for an entertaining mystery.

    We just read Ragged Company by Richard Wagamese for our book group and it was such a good book! Heart breaking at times. It tells of a group of homeless people that shelter in a movie theatre during a cold spell; a well-to-do man they meet there becomes their friend and mentor. It was gripping. This is a Canadian author that I hadn't heard of, but will look up more of his books.

    1. Lisa has a great imagination...I am riveted to the chair when I read her books and the chapters pass so quickly as I am drawn to the characters and the plot! Richard Wagamese's books are very popular and all very timely and sensitive topics.
      Take care

  4. Watch out for the film The Dry......

  5. I will see if I can find it locally or online.
    Thank you Lady Jicky!

  6. I'm going to read Jane Harper after I finish my current Donna Leon book. That dresser is really classic. I visited Kay's Korner last summer. There are so many interesting pieces of furniture
    and decorative items. I would be tempted if I lived nearby. I have been thinking of getting a toile coverlet for our bedroom. I really like the look. We've got creamy white furniture and Balboa Mist walls so it does create a nice French look. We can dream!!! I have the most vivid dreams these days. It's like going to the movies. Did you hear that Louise Penney and Hilary Clinton are writing a mystery together? Apparently, it will be released in the fall. How long do the Ribes bloom? I'm looking for perennial plants that will provide colour for a lengthy period and that have attractive foliage. Would they work in a container?

    1. I hope that you will come back to visit after things settle down...I would love to meet up with you for lunch or tea. I did hear about that planned will be interesting to read it when it is available.Our ribes has been blooming for several months already and if memory serves me they bloom well into Spring. Our is in a large container and we will be replanting it as it is probably 10 years old now and wanting a bigger space.
      Enjoy your weekend Madame.

  7. For a while now I've been reading Donna Leon's books. They are all set in Venice, where she lives, and she really knows how to present the culture and atmosphere of this place. They inspired me to visit Venice a couple of years ago and I now too love the city.

    1. I have read several of Donna's books, all good reads. Venice liiks like a charming place to live. We didn't get to see that city on our last trip, lucky that you were able to visit!

  8. I CANNOT RECOMMEND A BOOK.......its been awhile since I read one!
    I keep my wooden spoons and other kitchen accessories in CHAMPAGNE JUGS TOO!Even the paper towel roll fits perfectly!
    ADORE THE DRESSER.............I have a fetish for them!NO MORE ROOM but my eye still seeks them out!

    1. Oh maybe your blog is where I got the idea?
      I really have no more room for roses in the garden but am always buying more!!!

  9. Lovely photos. The Ribes is beautiful. I've read The Dry and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. That book is still with me...I keep seeing the carnage...and feel the dry heat!

  10. The Ribes is so lovely. Have you read any Ashley Weaver mysteries? They are cozy and set in the 1930s, I believe. Easy reading. I'll look for the Jane Harper book in the library. Sounds fascinating.
    I still wear lipstick under my mask - it makes me feel more completely dressed, and also moisturizers my lips. As you've said, the masks are washable!

    1. I have not read any Ashley Weaver mysteries...I have read quite a few of the Maisie Dobbs books also set in earlier times.
      I feel like I need that pop of colour that lipstick provides...perhaps because I wear very little make up?
      Enjoy this sunny weekend weather!


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