Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Levi's Men's Jeans ~ Thrift Shopping

I bought a pair of Men's Levi's Jeans.

I've been looking for a vintage pair of Ladies Levi's for several months.
 The thrift shops have had none in my size...
but there seems to be oodles of men's Levi's.

Customers are not permitted to use the change rooms in most of the thrift shops 
so I used my sister's favourite technique to figure out if they would fit.

You take the waistband and wrap it around your neck...
if the ends meet in front of your neck and not choking you 
they will fit at the waist.

Hips might be a bit trickier 
 I took a chance and had the option of returning the Levi jeans if I kept the receipt which I did.

They fit!

Love the details on the Levi's

Grommets Galore

When I was a teen we wore boys jeans.
Wranglers, GWG and Levi's.

Women's jeans were not available in Victoria during the 1960's 
they were just coming on trend towards the end of the 60's.

Denim has been a wardrobe staple for many decades.

I had hoped to find a pair of iconic 501's 
these are 514's

Love the pocket details
so classic.

So now I need to style them in a more feminine way...

My first thoughts are:

I have a lovely satin black camisole with lace edging which I can wear under a cashmere sweater and 2 or 3 inches of lace peeks out at the bottom.

A classic crisp white shirt with pearls, red lipstick and red ballet flats.

A plain Tee tucked in to the jeans with a cashmere cardigan.

I own two lace tops
one in ecru and one black which could both work.

I can also do the "Canadian Tuxedo."
(AKA double denim)
 choosing from my two denim shirts and/or my denim jacket...
add a sparkly vintage Sherman rhinestone brooch to the jacket.

I think this look would be fun with some leopard or red cowboy booties.
(I do not own either but it will be fun to see if I can find some)
Maybe some Converse trainers?

Have you been shopping for something off your usual radar?
It might be a Covid thing?

Fashion should be fun so perhaps that is why I bought these.

Maybe someone will be calling The Fashion Police!

I love seeing what Linda V. Wright on Instagram wears in Paris.
She owns a very chic shop Crimson Cashmere
she sells luxurious cashmere and tres chic accessories.

Do you follow her feed?

Would you push the fashion envelope and dabble into the world of menswear?
I'd love to know more!

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~



    1. I must keep my eyes open for a mens cashmere sweater! I'd love a soft grey one...clever you Elizabeth, thank you for the tip!

  2. I used to wear boys/unisex Levi's as a teenager and young(er) adult as well! Bought my first pair at an army surplus store in downtown Boston and used to wear them with a black leotard or a fruit-of-the-loom pocket T-shirt (also menswear), and Keds sneakers. Thought I was the coolest cat :~). Looks like you made a great score!

    1. Sounds like you were a very "cool cat" I remember wearing leotard tops too and I never took ballet!

  3. I've never shopped in menswear but maybe I will have a look - when our shops open again!

    1. I know women who wear the white tees from the men's department...tuxedo jackets and men's crisp white shirts.
      Hope things improve so we can all enjoy shopping again.

  4. Thank you so much for the measuring tip! Who knew?
    I love menswear and used to wear a lot of it in my 20s/30s. It might be time to make a return to that style now!

    1. My sister showed me this trick once when we were at Costco and saw pants for sale and no change rooms in sight! Good luck with your adventure into men's wear!

  5. It’s funny you posted this right now because I’ve decided to start looking in the men’s jeans section on my next thrift trip. I just bought a pair of Loft boyfriend jeans.....the real thing, not the ones that say boyfriend but they’ve skinnied down the legs.....and I really enjoy the fit. Then it occurred to me I should hit the men’s jeans. Better late than never.😉

    1. I never even considered returning to men's wear until I had exhausted the jeans section in women' was quite a fortuitous discovery!

  6. I think these jeans will look great on you. As a hippy girl with a tiny waist and wallet, I shopped for vintage (we called them "used" back in the '80s) men's jeans when I had a spare $20. I could not afford new women's jeans and I could not find used women's jeans. Levis did not fit me, but Wrangler did. Later, after my teenage son outgrew his jeans and I had outgrown mine ("baby weight" even though both of my kids were teens) I "stole" his for gardening and painting! Carol in VT

    1. Oh I love your story...such a fun find to be able to wear your son's jeans. My son is much smaller than I am so I could not ever squeeze into his old jeans!!

  7. Please post pics of how you style these! It is an interesting challenge.

    1. It will be an interesting challenge as I don't have a well lit mirror where I can snap IPhone pictures!!!


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