Saturday, October 17, 2020




Lord and Taylor Cashmere 
It is officially 
"sweater weather"

Rain and gusty winds
power outages across the Island and The Gulf Islands
Tress and branches are down...
rain is hitting the windows sideways!

Timberland Boots
Vintage America Jeans

Dressing casually for comfort and warmth during the stormy weather.

I ran a bunch of errands...
had my annual mammogram.

Grocery shopping

Refill for our Method dish soap pump bottle
Joie silicone soft gentle scrubber
Bamboo brush scrubber for tough jobs

I use a vintage porcelain pudding bowl for these items beside our farmhouse sink.
Water drains away from the brushes as the bottom of the bowl has a raised pattern.

Super sponge cloths they last and last 
up to 300 times!
One towel replaces 15 rolls of paper towels
absorbs 20 times its weight in water

It surprises me how much better I feel when I get some new cleaning supplies.

Daily domestic chores are a big part of my routine.
Spending so much more time at home 
means that I cannot avoid seeing what needs to be done!

 ~ New Book ~
by Gill Paul 
She wrote a book that I recently read The Secret Wife
which I really enjoyed and highly recommend.

What are you reading?

Have you been watching any good shows on Netflix ?

We discovered The Duchess, a quirky British series which we are enjoying.

Also an older series, After Life written, directed and starring Ricky Gervais.
(Dark subject matter but quite brilliant and funny.) 

Doing it Ourselves, a French castle renovation by a British family is on You Tube.

I welcome your suggestions...

~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. The warmer sweaters are now in rotation here, too. I'm spending time this Saturday to do some thorough cleaning- it doesn't get done at all during the week. I am going to look up The Duchess - we really enjoy a lot of British television. Have you watched The Detectorists? It's very zany but we laughed a lot at the ridiculousness.

    1. I will make note of the Detectorists...we like an escape and laughter is always good for the soul!
      It is really foogy and damp...sweaters and down coats are already on replay!

  2. Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. Your snippets of your daily life inspire me - you seem to have a contentment that I strive for. Thank you for a lovely blog.

    1. Patricia, Thank you for those kind and encouraging words.
      Hope that you are keeping well.
      Stay Safe!

  3. I love sweater time. I just bought some new reusable scrubbers and some locally made soap.
    Daughter and I did our weekly Steveston walk so I bought some small household items. We have a shop called Scout that features B.C. made items. I just finished A Good Neighbourhood
    by Therese Anne Fowler. It was a drugstore buy but it was a good read. It dealt with racial prejudice. I'm watching the very silly Emily Goes to Paris. I like the setting and the clothes but the stereotypes and the plot are juvenile. I'm also watching The Good Fight, a TV sequel to The Good Wife. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. I enjoyed that silly Emily in Paris series...seeing Paris again even on the TV was wonderful! Decent tools and lovely soaps make our domestic jobs so much more enjoyable...and staying home so much we cannot sweep them under the carpet!

  4. It is finally cooling down a bit here too. Rain would be lovely but almost a miracle this time of year. I have been reading The Darkest Evening by Ann Cleeves, her lastest Vera Stanhope novel - I have enjoyed them all.

    1. Have you watched Vera on PBS?
      I love those mysteries.
      You'll be looking for sweaters soon if the weather is cooling off...California has really had a hot summer this year.
      Take care

  5. I love that sweater - bought my last Lord & Taylor cashmere sweater on sale last month in a beautiful deep plum.
    Last book read was "Singapore Sapphire" by A.M. Stuart - someone on another blog recommended it so picked it up from the library and read it all in one sitting - didn't got to bed until 3am! I have now ordered the sequel "A Revenge of Rubies" - it might be something that you would enjoy.
    I have started watching "Emily in Paris" - or at least skimming through it. I can't seem to concentrate on much at the moment. I tried the "Young Wallendar" series but it takes lace now and not 30 years ago so not sure why they called it a prequel. Can't say it's grabbing me. More and more I find myself watching documentaries or baking shows - "Sugar Rush" has been my go to mindless fun recently.

    1. Plume is a very rich shade...I bet it looks fabulous on you!
      Sinapore Sapphire and Revenge of the Rubies sound interesting...and any book that can grab and hold your attention until the wee wee hours of the morning is got to be good!
      Ina Garten's new cookbook Modern Comfort Food is keeping me out of mischief right now as I cook my way through it...we all need distractions to help us get through this pandemic.
      Take care Margie

  6. You are right - we need distractions. Just so hard to do anything. Love that you are wearing something other than sweatpants and polar fleece. That’s all I live in. When I do go out, I am wearing my black cashmere turtleneck and black jeans. I am reading lots. Just finished the latest Louise Penny book. It was soooo good. Also, I am half way through the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Windspear. I am enjoying A Well Plated cookbook by Erin Clark. Well, that’s my ramble. Love your blog. Very comforting.

    1. I have a new polar fleece jacket from Lands' End! I purchased it as a layering piece for the cooler walking weather that will envelope our area very soon.
      Wasn't that Louise Penny mystery fabulous? I loved that it was set in Paris but I did miss the characters from Three Pines!
      The Maisie Dobbs series is really good too.
      Am just about to read The Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan...hopefully I will not start baking cupcakes as a result!
      Take care

  7. I'm enjoying your blog, which I discovered this morning. If you like scenes of Paris and humor, I recommend the Netflix series Call My Agent or Dix Pour Cent (en français).

    1. Thank you for the Netflix suggestions. I love French films and enjoy "armchair travel" in France. Hope you are staying well.


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