Friday, April 3, 2020


Waterfront walks along the seafront are the highlight of my day.

The scenery is beautiful and there are always things to see...
gulls, eagles otters swimming in the Salish Sea near the shore.

There are creative people among us who are cheering us up by painting rocks.

This is one of several rocks that have been popping up on the concrete railing along the waterfront. 
The rocks left last week have been "adopted" by people passing by.
I was tempted to take one but thought not...
I appreciate the bright and cheery rocks 
they made me smile.

Our daffodils and blooming.

Rich yellow and orange mingle together in harmony.

The mini tete a tete flowers are putting on a fabulous display.
These are sold in pots early in the Spring for a reasonable price and I bought a flat of them for under $25 and popped them in the garden with hopes that they will multiply over time.

The deer do not eat them 
so they can be planted out front of The Humble Bungalow.

The deer love tulips so I have a few in pots on the front porch.

Our star magnolia is blooming 
the petals are a stunning bold white that glows.

So delicate and fragrant.

Afternoon Tea with a treat.
Stemmed ginger shortbread from Edinburgh Scotland.

This book deals with sensitive subject matter...
it is a rather disturbing read.
I have three much "lighter" themed books on my shelf waiting to be read.

What are you doing these days?
Are you working from home?

We went outside on our front porch last night and banged pots and pans...
making noise 
in support of all the hard working medical staff that are on the front line .

Most of our neighbours were out there too.

Have you seen Pluto's  announcements on You Tube, Instagram and Facebook?

Stay Home and Stay Safe 


  1. Pluto is so funny! I participated in an inspirational poetry "chain letter" this week and I have been receiving bits in cheer from from friends of friends. I added another bird feeder to the balcony today. A friend of mine is still volunteering to do food distribution at the Food Bank. The number of clients is increasing. I've decided to add a monthly donation to help them as there is going to be unemployment in the retail, hospitality and service sectors for a long time.
    The senior's coordinator at the community centre phoned my mum to offer help if she needed it. Our church and my book club are using Zoom for meetings. I start the morning with Justin
    and have become a fan of Dr. Bonnie and Adrian Dix. I am now able to leave the apartment but I am quite content to wander the gardens. We really can't know how long this will last but it is important to follow the rules and to stay positive. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. I like to listen to Dr. Bonnie Henry too...she's calm and is doing a fabulous job with her daily messages. A musician in Qualicum Beach has written a song about her and it's quite good. I think she should get a medal for her contributions during these challenging days.
      Zoom has been helping a lot of people stay in touch. My friend whose granddaughter had a virtual birthday party were linked up on Zoom so all could participate in her celebration.
      We are safest at home. I venture out for walks but stay far apart from others and I do grocery shopping once a week in a very controlled environment.
      Enjoy your weekend Madame.

  2. We are sheltering in place at our farm in Texas. While it is a beautiful place to be, I have to admit that we are a bit stressed out. We have plenty of food for now---but are looking forward to make sure that we have food and avoid going into grocery stores as we are close to 70 years old and at risk for this virus. Most of all, we are thinking about our far flung family and friends and hoping all of them will remain healthy. We are sad that our country (the United States) dropped the ball totally for preparedness.

    1. I think everyone is stressed out right now...this is a very dangerous and unusual situation. Hope that you stay safe in your Texas farmhouse...nice to hear that you have lots of food and I imagine you have some acreage to wander around and stay safe while getting fresh air.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. I "work" from home - on my crafts for my Etsy shop and am also a Plexus Ambassador. But I can still do errands and go to my chiro appointment 3x/week. The only thing that is annoying - besides a lot of stores not open & dine-in restaurants - is having church at home live streaming instead of going there. Waiting for that to change! ;-)

    1. I am surprised you are allowed to go to the chiropractor appointments! All those close up services were stopped several weeks ago here in BC. We all have to be patient and do what the medical professionals tell us to do to stay safe.
      Take care

  4. Your photos are beautiful, Leslie. The beach is such a great place to walk. I like finding painted rocks and always leave them, too, for others to find. My tete a tete daffodils are putting on a show this year, too. Such a cheery sight that we all need these days.

    I'm figuring out how to teach on line and am learning a LOT about new technology tools. I guess an old dog can learn new tricks!

    Have a good weekend.

    1. I was thinking about all the teachers reinventing their programs to deliver them to students online. I hope there is a technical support team helping create and trouble shoot this new way of teaching. Good luck!

  5. Your garden is beautiful. The daffodils remind me of William Wordsworth’s poem by that name. The first time I saw a daffodil was in the Lake District in the UK. We don’t see daffodils in India.

    All of us in India too on March 22, banged our pots and pans, rang our bells and clapped in gratitude for all those serving in the front lines. Now tomorrow April 5, we will be shutting the lights in our houses, and lighting candles in solidarity to fight the evil virus.

    1. I like the idea of lighting candles...we are still banging the post every evening at 7 pm.
      We are living in strange times and all working hard to stay safe and save the lives of our family, friends and neighbours. The world feels like a smaller place right now with all of us united against the virus.

    BE WELL.........XX

    1. That basket is for my recycling...we keep the blue boxes downstairs so this is an easy way to load up bottles and cans etc before we take them downstairs.
      I love baskets...I may have way too many but it is hard to part with them as they are so versatile. Good luck with your basket hunt!

  7. Beautiful photos as always - people started leaving painted rocks down near the lake a couple of years ago and its always fun to go looking for them - sometimes there seems to be a theme to them.
    I can do a bit of work from home but there isn't a lot that I can do as the church is closed. I update the website and send out emails and next week I'm joining with a few others to do a phone around to check on everyone in the congregation. We have over 400 members and most should be fine but we just want to check in. The ministers have managed to do services via Youtube for the past couple of weeks so they intend to continue with that.
    I'm finding non-fiction easier to read at the moment as I can dip in and out - can't really concentrate on a plot line right now. I'm currently enjoying "Book Girl" by Sarah Clarkson - I love books about books!
    It is a grey drizzly day in Toronto so not even tempted to go out for a walk. I managed one yesterday morning early as I had to take out some garbage and post something so added in a walk. It was cold but sunny and the few people that I saw all kept well away. I will go out for another one early on Monday morning. I really miss not being able to wander all over the city. Found some virtual walking tours so I'll have to be happy with those for now.
    Stay well.

    1. Sounds like you are keeping busy and staying positive. Spring weather and the sunny days are certainly a tonic and I have been enjoying the flowers. I just finished reading Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng and really enjoyed it.
      Take care Margie

  8. Oh, your daffodils are beautiful and the miniatures are wonderful, they come back and multiply and don't seem to be so messy to deal with after they bloom, if this is what this year looks like next year will be amazing!

    Take care and stay well.

  9. They are quite pretty aren't they? Cheap and Cheerful.
    The taller daffodils are really messy once they are finished blooming...a small inconvenience for their beautiful display.

  10. What a beautiful place you have to walk, Bonnie, it must be very uplifting. We are confined to our house and garden and will be for the foreseeable future as virus deaths are in the cities and towns around us. I haven't managed to get any food delivery so far although we have been promised a weekly delivery because we are in our late seventies. Meanwhile we are working our way through the freezer!
    These are very sad times. Keep safe, keep well.

    1. Good luck with the food service! I have been shopping for our neighbours and ourselves once a week. We are not on complete lockdown...we are permitted to go out form walks as long as we socially distance and weekly grocery shopping is allowed but safety protocols have been put into place...there are currently not enough delivery services to serve all of our residents.
      Stay safe and I hope you are enjoying your garden during these difficult times...
      Loved the Queen's message she is such an amazing monarch.


  11. Pluto is one of my new heros too. What a time. Trying to stay informed without being overwhelmed. The Queen's speech was very uplifting I thought even as I teared up. Not going to speak about our leadership in the US right now except to say I am not suprised and definitely not proud.

    1. I adore Pluto and the posts are so uplifting and funny!
      HRH does an admirable job and has done so for her entire life...she's a stoic and strong woman and a fabulous role model.
      We are fortunate here in BC and Canada that we have informed expert doctors and leaders guiding us through this crisis...most people are following orders and our Covid 19 curve in BC is looking like it may be flattening.
      Stay well and be safe Stacey.

  12. What beautiful beach and garden photos. It looks like you can still go to your weekender by the sea, which is wonderful. In Australia we are no longer permitted to leave home even to go to a beach house for Easter. Everyone is locked down, and we cannot leave our State or country. Gardens are such a solace in such times. Your magnolias are glorious! Nearly all shops, cafes, hair-dressers and similar, are now closed. We are having groceries delivered, and our only short excursion, masked and gloved, is for fruit and veg from an organic outlet. It is a weird existence, and I do feel socially isolated! Must ring a friend tomorrow :) Take care.

    1. Our cottage is not an option until we get the all clear from the Heath Authority. The ferries are running only essential service and the island is not a place to get sick as there is only a small clinic with 3 doctors and a few nurses. We have been told to stay home...we will miss the time over there but must do what the experts advise to flatten the curve and stay safe.
      Take care Patricia...


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