Tuesday, April 7, 2020

New things...

Here we are in Covid-19 Crisis isolation

in week 4, or is it week 5?

Some days when I wake up I am not sure of the day!

Fortunately the birds are singing and the sun is shining
Spring flowers are in bloom and life goes on...

perhaps in a different way 
but nevertheless
we are able to stay snug in our home.

Things have changed...

Hearts in the window in support of our front line workers.

Each evening at 7pm we go out onto the front porch and bang pots and pans.
Our neighbours are participating with gusto.

It gives me goose bumps listening to everyone who joins in to make this racket!
We are a solid community united in spirit.

The daffodils are putting on a magnificent display.

King Alfred Daffodils are sold by the box early in the Fall.
We grabbed a box of 100 and my husband planted them out front in The Humble Bungalow Garden.
The deer do not eat them so we can enjoy their bright sunny blooms.

We listen to the reports from our BC CDC Health Authority
Dr. Bonnie Henry shares the latest numbers of cases here in BC.

She tells us which community has new cases
how many people are in hospital
 those who are in intensive care
those who have recovered
most people who have the virus 
are at home in quarantine.

Bonnie is the voice of reason and is very calm.
We look to her for leadership at this time.

She reminds us that we need to stay home to stay safe and to stop the spread of the virus.
She encourages us to be social but do so virtually.

Dr, Henry has become a hero and I hope that when this is over the province honours her in some significant way.

Snowflake Snowdrops are quite tall...
we purchased 5 pots of bulbs from a farm stand a few years ago and I have my fingers crossed that they will multiply.

I love the wee chartreuse dots on the frilly petals.

I absolutely LOVED this book!
I read it in two days.

How are you managing during your time at home?
Have you been cooking and baking or getting creative?

What are you reading?

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~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Thanks for the garden tour. The color of the daffodils are wonderful. Had a vase of jonquils from the supermarket a few weeks ago. Loved looking at them every time I hung out in the kitchen. I love the chartreuse dots on the Snowdrops. We still have snow on the ground, melting, but still there. A cold wind from the north, despite the sun, reminds us that in Vermont, spring is NOT around the corner just yet. A possible snowstorm on Thursday, just to make sure we are humbled! I have been sewing simple cloth masks for one of my daughter's college friends who works in a homeless shelter. They have just requested more as their supply is running low. Glad to oblige. I am glad that Dr. Henry is reassuring you all with her expertise and leadership. Our Governor has done a terrific job and most Vermonters have complied with his directives. As of the 6th we have had only 22 deaths, mostly elderly patients in long term care facilities. Be safe and be well. Carol in VT

    1. Sewing those masks will help so many people...I love how you are helping others. It is a time when we all need to work together in harmony. Kindness is never out of style.
      Sounds like your Covid numbers are low which is good news. We are hearing positive comments about our efforts to flatten the curve but we understand that until a vaccine is developed "our former normal" will not be possible.
      Stay safe Carol

  2. You are so fortunate to have kind, competent and efficient leadership. Thank you for your post with its beautiful photos. We are doing ok at our house. We are hunkered down for the long haul.

    1. We are "hunkered down" here too!
      At least there are sunny days and flowers in bloom to elevate our spirits...feeling grateful for so much right now.
      Hope you are finding some fun things to do during your home time.

  3. The days pass. I think it is Week 4. I have been home 3 weeks tomorrow. Justin Trudeau told Canadians to return home on March 12. I really admire Dr. Bonnie's clarity and calm. I'm reading the Hilary Mantel book right now and stitching. Every morning, I choose a favourite travel photo and post it on Instagram. I feel happy looking at the photos and I feel gratitude for having so many opportunities.

    1. I had to laugh when Dr. Bonnie Henry admitted that she cut her own hair!!!
      Apparently people are cutting and colouring their hair as it is one of the top stressors of isolation.
      I am enjoying your Paris photos on Instagram, thank you for sharing.

  4. I've never seen snowflake snowdrops - they are lovely! Your photos are always a feast for the eyes. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Jeannine.
      Take care and stay safe.

  5. Lovely to see the flowers. The daffodils are just starting here. The weather has been gorgeous and sunny and I've spent time every day in the garden preparing things for spring. Dr. Henry is amazing. She's so humble and has done an amazing job helping flatten the curve. In Ontario we are paying a lot of attention to her efforts. I loved Little Fires Everywhere too. The porch photo is so cheery. Stay safe! Xx

    1. I heard that Ontario had a spike in covid cases today...hope that you are staying safe and cocooning in your home. It is a sunny morning here and the skies are a brilliant blue...it is showing how dirty our windows are looking!! Must do something about that!

  6. Loved "Little Fires Everywhere"! It was my choice for my bookclub. All enjoyed it.

    1. It was an excellent book...have you read her other books?

  7. Dr. Henry is such a calm and reasoned voice. I do enjoy her updates. It was fun to hear her mention that she'd resorted to cutting her own hair a bit today. We go out and bang pots and pans with our neighbours, too. It sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I think it's the unity and solidarity that we can experience in the midst of difficult times.

    1. That was a lovely message yesterday from Dr. Henry...I laughed when she admitted to the hair cutting and her apology to her hairdresser!
      The community efforts are really quite amazing...The Rapid Relief fund is helping so many...especially with food delivered to the school grounds for families in need and the meals served to the doctors and nurses and staff at the hospital. These gestures speak volumes about the dedicated citizens who care...

  8. Oh, your flowers are looking so pretty. The array of daffodils must be amazing and next year even better. I love the idea of you and your neighbors saluting the health care workers. I am gardening, cooking, making masks and just trying to cope. I am very proud of what our governor did early on to mitigate the spread of the virus if only the federal government would have done the same.

    Take care and stay well.

    1. I am so envious of creative seamstresses like yourself...if I had a sewing machine I would join in...but I would actually need to buy fabric which I don't have on hand.
      Keep up the good work and enjoy your days in the garden.

  9. JUST LIKE NEW YORK BANGING AWAY AT 7pm........maybe I should do THAT?!!
    I am reading a wonderful book by SUSANNA SALK AT HOME IN THE COUNTRY SIDE WITH DOGS!

    1. I have seen some other books by Susanna Salk...I must see if I can find this locally.

      We are noticing that all levels of government are all focused and united on one thing
      (the war on Covid) and for the time being any animosity or criticisms have been absent...
      especially as we are all craving calm and normality.
      We will get through this but I believe life will be quite changed, our priorities are bound to be different.


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