Monday, March 30, 2020

Come along for a Walk...fresh air, scenery and some inspirational quotes.

My daily outing is a walk in the fresh air with beautiful scenery.

Serene looking intertidal area at the end of the beach.
Sea Glass is mingling with the rocks 
one only needs to peer closer to find some.

View across from Victoria to Port Angeles in Washington State.

Freighters in the distance are anchored and waiting 
for an opportunity to offload their freight or load up in The Port of Vancouver.

Many freighters anchor in among our Gulf Islands 
which has become a problem for many 
 they run their noisy generators.

The beaches are littered with driftwood from the winter storms.
Many people collect it and burn it in their fireplaces.
Some creative artists make things from the various pieces.

The BC flag flies on a tall pole at the edge of a cliff.

A heart of stones

Many families are seen at the beach
kids throwing stones into the ocean
moms and dads drinking coffee and reading books
dogs frolicking in the water retrieving sticks
people collecting wood
some, like myself, are searching for sea glass
some are constructing huts and shelters out of logs

Someone carved a face on the old roots of this vast tree.

Can you see the heart with wings on the tree stump?

On the way home 
I walked past a lovely garden with many whimsical accents.
The beds overflow with yellow daffodils and hanging planters are hung atop the fences
with cheerful purple and yellow pansies.

This face was attached to a tree...

In the quiet moments and a tea time
I've been thinking a lot about our current situation.

Staying home and staying safe.
Staying positive.

I reached out to some of our elder neighbours to see if they had enough food.
It turns out that they were running low on lots of things and had been trying to order groceries online for home delivery but could not log into the website.

Many stores are 2 weeks behind with their orders so I went to the grocery shop for them and dropped the bags on their front porch.

At the grocery shop we were directed to line up outside ~ a metre apart.
There were strips of green tape that indicated where we were to stand.

When people exited the store one at a time we were given a disinfected cart and allowed inside...
there were not many people inside and so we were able to grab the groceries fairly quickly.

We then stood on discs with footprints a metre apart waiting for our turn 
to put our groceries on the check out stand 
the clerks scanned our goods behind plexiglas partitions.

After each customer the check out was disinfected.

Some of you may be feeling anxious...
maybe you have been watching far too much of the grim news?

I only listen to two programmes,
the daily announcement from our respected BC Disease Control 
Dr. Bonnie Henry 
and the local evening news.

If I watch too much I go down a "rabbit hole!"

~ Self preservation ~
controlling my own reaction to things that I cannot control are key.

 some inspirational quotes with you.

Soap on a bed of rocks
Wash your hands.

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. 
Realize this, and you will find strength."

~ Marcus Aurelius ~

"When adversity strikes, that's when you have to be the most calm. 
Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on." 

~ LL Cool J ~

"Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands - and then eat just one of the pieces."

~ Judith Viorst ~

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. 
You are able to say to yourself,  I lived through this horror. 
I can take the next thing that comes along."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

Thank you for stopping by The Humble Bungalow Blog.

I'd love to hear from you and perhaps you can share what you are doing to keep yourself amused during these days and weeks of staying home cocooning.

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~ Be Well and Be Kind ~


  1. Lovely beach shots, L! I will look for the face and the heart/wings carvings next time I'm down there.

    It's such a weird world - I'm glad you reached out to your neighbours, bless you. We have a great group in our condo, all looking out for each other, and offering help. It reminds you of the best in people.

    1. We are all in this together! Kindness and community are so important especially during this challenging times.

  2. An ad promoting Mr. Trump for reelection showed up on my side bar. Is that on purpose?

    1. Oh my goodness! I have no idea why that would pop up? I live in Canada so that’s a mystery to me!

  3. How beautiful and restful is the seashore, and your photos are always a delight. Excellent quotes too, which give me something to think about. I am struggling with online efforts to buy groceries, as the few delivery slots are always taken when I look. Our major supermarket chains are finding it near impossible to cater to the new demands. Despite being told not to go out by our Prime Minister, I think we will have to just to get food over Easter. Gloves and Masks will most definitely be worn!

    1. We are not prohibited to go out for walks or get food at the grocery stores. Self distancing is carefully managed and practised. The grocery stores are swamped with demands here too! Seniors are permitted to shop an hour each morning T 7 am before the rest of the customers are allowed inside. I could go at that time but I like sitting in my chair sipping my coffee and reading!
      Take care Patricia.

    2. Keeping appropriate distance and good handwashing are the most effective ways to protect us. If you have masks/gloves, there are shortages in many fire departments, ambulance services, etc. - you might want to call them and consider donating them as Dr. Bonnie Henry and others have been asking.

  4. You are so blessed to have such a glorious place to walk, the pictures are absolutely stunning. My daily walk now consists of the circumference of my property...16 cycles equals two miles, a little boring but safe.

  5. After reading your request for what we are doing to keep ourselves amused, I noticed a drawing just below. "Lovely, someone has done a cartoon. Great idea." Reading more closely, it was an that said "How to improve saggy jawline." THAT'S what some of us are doing...

  6. Your pictures are beautiful and relaxing. It was very thoughtful of you to help your neighbors out during this stressful time. The schools are closed where I live and I am busy homeschooling my 3 children. It keeps my mind busy and off current events. I avoid the news right now. It's too stressful.

    1. Our schools are closed and plan to be until next September. Online schooling is in the planning phase so many will now be studying and learning at home. I'd love a sous chef who can practise their math skills using measurements for recipes! Have fun!

  7. Thanks for the interesting pictures and the wonderful quotes. I've always been a quote collector - they've helped me at various points in my life. I continue to work - both from home and in the office when I need to. I work in the school district administrative offices. Few people are in, but some of the work can't be done at home.

    1. I hope that you continue to be safe in your workplace. My husband has been going into the office checking on those who are remotely working at home. They have conference call meetings so people are not putting themselves at risk.

  8. I just went down THAT rabbit hole before reading YOU!
    DEEP breath.
    Don a CAFTAN and make a COCKTAIL..........
    I had to leave the house today.......way too many cars out and people walking everywhere.....TOO close to each too!DO THEY NOT GET IT?

    1. It is pretty easy going down that rabbit hole with so much out there on the tv, radio and social media...I need to keep my self calm during these crazy weeks!!
      Stay safe

  9. The beach is a perfect place to find peace and some beautiful little pieces of art too. Your photos are lovely and a great way to take our minds off everything at the moment. I am gardening and tidying up our yard in preparation for winter which is just around the corner here. Our local garden nursery is doiong on line ordering so I am thinking of putting an order in for some winter flowering plants to brighten up the back yard of our bungalow. We are self isolating here but there are still some who are not doing the right thing so the Premier of our state will probably start locking down more places. At our airport we had some baggagehandlers tested positive so luggage is being disinfected now although internation flights are only coming in with Australia citizens trying to get home. Most of our borders are closed too. Stay safe.

    1. I would love to go to the nursery...especially at this time of year when the gardens are bursting into bloom. I hope that we will be able to peruse some of the garden centres here soon...
      We all play an important role in stemming this virus. Staying home and keeping our distance from others is imperative.
      Stay safe Rosie

  10. Lovely words and photos. I always find your blog so peaceful and love the inspiring words. Thank you kind Hostess, and please stay safe and well.

    1. Enjoy your weekend Patricia...hope you are finding things to keep you occupied and distracted during your home time.

  11. Thank you for the lovely walk and for your blog.

    While I appreciate you mentioning the freighters, It is completely inadequate to categorize the problem of freighters as " many freighters anchor in among our Gulf Islands which has become a problem for many as they run their noisy generators." This gives the impression that this is a "nimby issue" for those lucky enough to live on the Coast. This is actually an environmental crisis - these freighters are backed up in the pristine wilderness because of very poor shipping laws and management; in most cases they are mooring for free and come here specifically because they do not have to pay. In addition, they are not carrying essential goods, but rather carrying many goods which we neither need nor should be buying (junk made in China which will soon become part of our landfill problem) and are having a devastating impact on both the water, air, wildlife, and the future of this part of the planet. If your readers want to educate themselves on this very serious issue for all Canadians, and why it is far beyond noise for those lucky enough to live on the coast, they can go to and take concrete action to stop these environmentally destructive practices.

    1. Thank you for the background information on the shipping industry.
      We should make every effort to consume less and recycle...

      Make Do and Mend!


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